Chapter 640: Cold Attitude

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Therefore, compared to Liao Xintong and Su Huixian, Su Bei was nothing in the shop assistant’s eyes.

Liao Xintong raised her chin and smiled.
“Go entertain that customer.
We’ll take a look at these calligraphy works first.
If there’s anything we like later, we’ll come and ask you for advice.”

The shop assistant in charge understood that they wanted him to send Su Bei away before they chose to buy something.

With Su Bei here, she was obviously a hindrance.

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The shop assistant smiled and said, “Miss, what would you like to see? Our shop has everything.
Which artwork do you want to see? Or what do you want? I’ll introduce you to them.”

Even if he wanted to send her away, looking at her beauty, he might be able to fork out some money.
Even if he wanted to send her away, he had to earn some money first.
Therefore, the shop assistant in charge did not casually send Su Bei away.

“There’s no need for a specific masterpiece.
I just want something that’s pleasing to the eye,” Su Bei said in an even tone.

“Oh, then what’s your budget? I can recommend works to you according to your budget.
For example, take a look over here.
This kind of work is worth tens of millions.
The middle ones here range from two million to five million.
Over here, they cost around a million.
These ones over here cost thousands and tens of thousands,” the shop assistant said casually, only introducing the price and not the work at all.

He didn’t believe that Su Bei would know anything.
Even Liao Xintong only knew a little, let alone Su Bei.

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Su Bei had some understanding of calligraphy and casually looked at the works.

She quickly realized that those so-called works that cost millions or tens of millions were just to fool those rich people who were trying to be elegant.
It was claimed that they were real works from ancient times, but how could those real works be here in such a place?

Most of the truly good stuff, like those that were misplaced and ended up in this kind of shop, would be kept by the boss to be sold for a high price.
They wouldn’t casually display it.

To be able to find some of the best quality items here, one had to take a good look.
One had to have a good eye.

Therefore, she quickly went past the works that were extremely expensive but did not have much real value.
Instead, she went to the pile of calligraphy that cost tens of thousands.

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A gift for Grandpa didn’t need to be expensive.
However, since Grandpa was knowledgeable in the art, she had to choose the best quality even if the calligrapher wasn’t famous.

The shop assistant in charge saw that there was really nothing to gain from her, so his attitude instantly became much colder.
He said, “Feel free to browse.”

Su Bei did not mind and looked seriously at the pieces that were not placed very carefully.

Some of the works were just average, but that didn’t mean that they were worthless.
Perhaps it was because the person who wrote them wasn’t famous yet.

Su Bei was browsing when a noble young man walked in.

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He was wearing a matching white traditional outfit, but it had been modified, so it looked modern and had the nobility of an ancient nobleman.
However, his cloth shoes and coarse pants made him look as ordinary as Su Bei.
In the eyes of others, he was just an ordinary person..
He did not look like someone who could afford the expensive works in the shop.

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