Chapter 665: Because You’re Su Bei, You’re The Best

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Lu Heting pondered for a moment.
“After the fashion week, your modeling career would have reached its peak.
Even if you receive long-term collaboration work with luxury brands, it’ll only be icing on the cake.
It won’t push you to another peak.
As everyone knows, after passing the peak, there’ll be a slow decline.
Since you’re interested, I think it’s a good choice to make a new career move at this time and change the focus of your career.”

“Do you really think so?”

“I think you can do anything.
In my eyes, you’re a shining star.
The commercials and short films have proven your ability to act, haven’t they?” Lu Heting played with her hair and looked at Su Bei seriously.

The woman was multi-faceted and talented.
Her development was restricted in the fashion industry.
Furthermore, she used a short year to reach the pinnacle of this industry.

Lu Heting knew she had unlimited possibilities awaiting her.

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Su Bei smiled and said, “Do you trust me that much? I didn’t know I was so good.”

“Because you’re Su Bei, you’re the best.” Lu Heting waved the script in his hand.” Do you want to take a look?”

“Sure,” Su Bei replied immediately.
She ran to heat up two cups of milk, turned around, and sat on the sofa.
She nestled in Lu Heting’s embrace and read the script seriously.

Guo Feng really thought highly of Su Bei.
He had been trying to work with her again for such a long time, so the script he chose for her was suitable for her.

Su Bei and Lu Heting read the script seriously.
The more she read, the more excited she became.
She clapped her hands and said, “It’s really not bad! I like it! I can do it!”

“We’ll talk about it after you finish reading it.” Lu Heting pressed her excited little head into his arms and let her continue reading.

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“My blood is boiling!” After finally finishing it, Su Bei’s little face was filled with excitement.
“Can I call Director Guo now?”

Lu Heting laughed.
“Didn’t you say you were afraid you wouldn’t be able to do it since you didn’t take any acting lessons?”

“Are you mocking me? Let me tell you, Lu Heting, you’ll lose your wife like this!”

Lu Heting hugged her tightly.
“I wouldn’t dare.”

“Then I’ll call Brother Yue Ze first.
He must have a lot of plans for me.
If I take on a movie now, he’ll be caught off guard.”

Yue Ze was indeed shocked when he received the call.
“Su Bei, all your current arrangements are still based on your modeling career and your international career.
Your current work has already been arranged for the next half a year.”

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“I see…” Su Bei did not know that she had been invited to so many things.

What she did not know was that Yue Ze had filtered through many offers.
Otherwise, there would be more work to do.

“If you want to act in a movie, give me the script.
I’ll discuss it with President Tang and push back all your work.” Yue Ze tried his best to arrange work according to Su Bei’s preferences.

This was specially ordered by Old Master Tang.

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Now, her status was different.
She was no longer an ordinary artist in Sheng Tang, but a rich young miss.
She had more autonomy in her work.

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“I’ll have to trouble you, then.
I’ll bring you the script tomorrow.”

After putting down the phone, Su Bei put up a victory hand sign and smiled at Lu Heting.
“I think it’ll be settled!”

After the four fashion shows, she could start her career in film.

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