Chapter 692: A Vicious Plan

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Old Master Tang looked at Su Bei and said, “Child, I don’t want to hurt you or make you feel distressed.
Go do your work.
Come look for me if you ever feel tired.”

The old man’s love and protection touched Su Bei, and her eyes turned slightly red.

Old Master Tang did not disturb her any further.
After speaking, he left with his assistant.

Director Guo Feng said to Su Bei, who was in a daze, “Okay, we should go film now!”

After this incident, more than half of the people in the crew who previously slandered Su Bei had disappeared.
This had always been the case with people.
They admired the strong.
In the end, those who were truly capable remained in the crew.

However, Zhou Yao was still very unconvinced.

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The character she was playing was an unruly young lady.
There was nothing she could show with such a role.
Therefore, when the video of Su Bei’s acting was posted on the internet, there was no discussion about her.
The only ones discussing her said that she deserved to be beaten up, that Ni Huang beat her up beautifully, and other such comments.

If she were to play the role of Ni Huang, the character itself was already so outstanding.
Would she not be able to defeat Su Bei?

She pinched her palm and found Fang Yourong.

When Fang Yourong saw her coming over, she sighed helplessly.
“Zhou Yao, you should’ve looked for other casts to join sooner.
Su Bei’s video this time has completely crushed you and she has gained a foothold in the crew.”

Her tone was regretful, but she also felt that she was useless.
She couldn’t even handle Su Bei, who was not a professional.

“Sister Yourong, can’t the investors give it a try and see if there’s still a chance?” Zhou Yao was really unwilling to lose this role.

“It’s not that I don’t want to help you.
Sheng Tang is also one of the investors.
You should know Su Bei’s identity, right?” Fang Yourong asked.

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Zhou Yao walked out dejectedly.
She had worked so hard for so long.
Was she going to lose to Su Bei just because she didn’t have an investor like her grandfather? She wasn’t convinced.

Director Guo Feng’s assistant walked toward her and said, “Zhou Yao, you can leave the set now.”

“But my scenes aren’t done yet?” Zhou Yao asked.

“Director Guo Feng said that the scene with you and Su Bei yesterday was shot perfectly and can be directly sent to post-production, so there’s no need to reshoot.
Hence, you’re done with your scenes.” The assistant smiled and said, “I envy you.
We still have to stay in this studio for a long time.”

Zhou Yao’s expression was ugly.
What was there to be envious about? For a character like that to appear in a few scenes and be scolded, she had completely become Su Bei’s foil.

She went back to pack her things and left.
As she was packing, she saw the diagnosis report that Fang Yourong had received that day.
She had not thrown it away.
She even kept the folder that was used to pack the parcel.

She originally intended to throw it away but she carefully looked at the sender’s information.
She seemed to see the word ‘Su’? Why was the handwriting so similar to Su Bei’s signature?

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She carefully compared it and it was really Su Bei’s signature.

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Could it be that this diagnosis was a prank sent by Su Bei to Fang Yourong?

Zhou Yao suddenly had a vicious plan.

Since Su Bei had done everything herself and presented all materials to Zhou Yao, wouldn’t she be a fool if she didn’t make use of it?

As she thought of this, Zhou Yao immediately repacked the package and sealed it before walking toward Fang Yourong’s waiting room.

“Sister Yourong, this parcel looks like a contract, so I didn’t dare to open it.
I brought it over for you..” Zhou Yao handed over the parcel.

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