Chapter 733: The Life Of A Rich Man Is Boring But Blissful

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Could it be that he was dreaming when Lu Heting and Lu Weijian were sitting in the office and told him about it?

When Lu Weijian saw the photo, he finally remembered and said, “Her? There are no changes.
Just continue as before.
Do your job well.”

What about the future of Young Master Lu’s family?

He really didn’t expect that a man as serious as Mr.
Lu would be such an… irresponsible jerk!

No, no, no.
Lu wasn’t a jerk.
He was just overly sentimental.

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The life of a rich man was really boring but blissful!

If Li Qisheng hadn’t reminded him, Lu Weijian wouldn’t have remembered who Jia Shiyun was.

Now, he remembered.
Wasn’t she the fiancee of the doctor who operated on Gun Gun?

Back then, when Gun Gun was brought back to the Lu family, he suffered from a very serious heart disease.
Many doctors said that he could not be cured.

At that time, the whole family thought that Gun Gun would die prematurely.

Fortunately, a young doctor appeared.
Despite everyone’s suspicious gazes, he operated on Gun Gun and the child fully recovered under his care.
The entire Lu family, especially the elders, treated him as an honored guest of the Lu family and were willing to satisfy all of his requests.

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However, he didn’t ask for anything on his behalf.
He only begged Lu Heting to let his fiancee Jia Shiyun join Di Xing Media because it was her dream.

She even requested the Lu family not to tell her the truth.
They wanted her to think that she had fought for it with her own ability.

Lu Heting naturally wouldn’t reject such a small request, so he agreed immediately.
Together with Lu Weijian, he personally instructed Li Qisheng.

“Sigh, this doctor is so devoted.” Lu Weijian lamented.
“She’s so popular now.
I wonder when she’ll marry the doctor.
Anyway, my sister-in-law is still in Sheng Tang Entertainment.
There won’t be any conflicts with her.
It doesn’t matter.”

Weijian, what did you say?” Li Qisheng felt that his words were too profound for him to understand.

“It’s nothing, it’s nothing.
Manager Li, go ahead and do your own things.” Lu Weijian waved his hand.
Since he had already promised the doctor about Jia Shiyun’s matter, he naturally had to keep his promise and wouldn’t spout nonsense.

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That night, Tang Yue’s jewelry, jade, and antique fair was still open for business.

Although it ended badly last night and Su Bei stole all the limelight, unexpectedly, there were more people at the fair tonight than last night.

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Tang Yue felt much better.

However, what she didn’t know was that the reason why there were so many people tonight and why some of them were even more respectable than last night was because Di Xing Media had held a high-profile investment press conference last night!

Many people who missed out on it last night came here today.
They hoped that they could get to hear some good news as those who came last night.
They hoped that they would be able to see the higher-ups of Lu Group!

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However, to everyone’s disappointment, there was no press conference tonight.
Only Tang Yue’s fair was still on-going.

Therefore, they had no other place to go but here.

Tang Yue finally heaved a sigh of relief..
Tonight’s event had made up for last night.

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