Chapter 75: Chapter75 The Grand Entrance

Su Bei was full of energy tonight.
And with all her exquisite features, she looked so beautiful and stunning.

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After the makeup artist put makeup on her, her face showed an implicit classical oriental beauty.

Cadri, who was very satisfied with her, said, “Go ahead, beautiful oriental girl.
Go to the stage and show your oriental charm.”

In the audience, Su Xingfu, Xu Zhiqin, and Du Luo were excitedly waiting for Su Huixian to come out.

Su Xingfu and Du Luo had seen countless big shows.
But this was their first time to see Su Huixian on the stage, so they were full of expectation.

Xu Zhiqin was in high spirits because she had also heard about what was going on between Su Huixian and Su Bei.

Su Bei was trying to steal something from Su Huixian? How dare she!

Her short-lived mother was dead.
What else could she do?

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As long as Su Huixian could step on the international stage, their status in the Su family would become more stable.
Then the marriage to the Du family would just be around the corner.

Once her reputation rose to the top, the Du family would forget the fact that she was the daughter of a mistress, right?

Xu Zhiqin flipped through the brief introduction in her hand and whispered to Su Xingfu, “Hubby, our daughter is coming out soon.”

Well, Huixian is always excellent,” Su Xingfu replied with a nod.

Du Luo also smiled and chimed in, “Huixian has been working very hard.
She practiced until late at night every day.
She only deserves to be here.”

At this moment, Lu Heting sat in the corner with a slight frown on his face.

According to the brief introduction of the show, Su Huixian would be the next to come out.

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He wondered how Su Bei was doing backstage.

Although he knew that she was a smart woman, he couldn’t be rest assured until he saw her appear on the stage.

Actually, he had a little regret.
He shouldn’t be sitting here.
Perhaps he should have gone backstage earlier to help her deal with everything.

With the rhythm of the music, a model from S Country appeared on the stage.

A veil covered her face, but the well-tailored dress that wrapped her body revealed her long, slender, and straight legs.
She emitted the aura of both modern and classical beauty.

Following the beat of the music, she started to walk on the catwalk confidently.

Seeing her come out, Lu Heting felt relieved.

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Others might not be able to recognize her.
Maybe they all thought that she was Su Huixian, whose name was written on the brief introduction.
But for Lu Heting, this woman’s face had been lingering in his heart for five years.

So as soon as she showed up, he immediately knew that she was Su Bei.

He couldn’t be prouder of her.

His woman was really amazing, beautiful, and very good.

The exclamation and applause from the audience made his heart swell with happiness.
He wanted to tell them all that she was his woman.

She performed so perfectly that he felt excited.

On the stage, Su Bei also saw Lu Heting at a glance.

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He always kept a low profile and stayed in places with few people.

But even if he sat in the corner, his brilliance and aura still stood out among the crowd.

There was warmth in Su Bei’s heart.
She felt so good to see that he was there.

The smile on Xu Zhiqin’s face widened as she exclaimed, “Hubby, how wonderful our daughter is!”

Su Xingfu nodded secretly.
It seemed that what he did was right.
This international stage only belonged to Su Huixian.

For him, Sue Bei just couldn’t accept her stepmother and stepsister, so she made trouble all the time.

How could she fit this stage?

Du Luo also had the same thought.
‘Su Bei is too arrogant and willful.
She is only willing to accept the glory on the stage, but she doesn’t know how much effort she needs to make behind it.
Only Huixian understands the relationship between effort and gain.’

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