Chapter 761: Lu Heting’s Identity

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However, he hid his strength and did not show it at all.

Old Master Tang had changed his opinion of Lu Heting a long time ago, but he couldn’t say it out loud.

Tang Yue raised her wine glass and said with a smile, “Grandpa, no matter what, we have to thank Uncle Du for what happened today, right? It’s all because Uncle gave us a chance to turn things around.
He also allowed us to defeat the Ou family today!”

Du Guoshou quickly smiled and said, “Not at all, not at all.
It’s all thanks to Old Master’s own abilities.
Otherwise, how could we have settled today’s matter? We should show our respect to Old Master!”

“We should thank both of you,” Lin Shulian smiled and said.

Su Bei and Lu Heting also raised their glasses, but everyone just smiled at them and did not take them seriously.

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Old Master Tang could tell that Lu Heting was trying to keep his identity a secret, so he didn’t say anything.

Coincidentally, Lu Heting received a video call from Gun Gun.

He whispered a few words to Su Bei, apologized to everyone, picked up his phone, and left.

$u Bei could clearly feel everyone’s attitude toward Lu Heting at the banquet.
She was even more determined to work harder and eam more money in the future.
She wanted to stand at the top of the industry and change everyone’s opinion of him!

Seeing her slightly pursed lips, Lin Shulian looked at her kindly.
“Su Bei, are you sure you’re going to be with this man?”

Du Jinghao heard this question and looked up at Su Bei.

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Is there a problem?” Su Bei asked.

“Tjust don’t want you to suffer.
Forget it.
There’s nothing much to talk about when it comes to dating.
But when it comes to marriage, you have to be careful.
Only when your families are compatible will you be happy,” Lin Shulian said eamestly.

Although Ou Huanwei didn’t want Su Bei to be with her son, now that Du Guoshou had made a contribution, she felt that she had the status and position to educate Su Bei.
She said, “Su Bei, your mother is right.
With your status, it’s best to find a young master from a wealthy family.
A man like your

boyfriend is superficial.
How can he give you a happy life in the future? Il introduce you to a few men someday.
I guarantee that they’ll all be better than him.”

“Thank you, but it’s alright.” Su Bei directly rejected.

However, Ou Huanwei was unwilling to give up.
“To young girls like you, love is the most important thing.
You only regret it after suffering a loss.
However, it would be too late by then.
Also, it’s time for you to let go of your profession.

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“I’s better for young girls to be ina more professional line of work.
It’s not becoming of ladies from noble families to show their faces outside all the time.
Let’s not talk about anything else.
Jinghao has a few friends who do business at home.
I can introduce them to you—”

“Mom.” Du Jinghao frowned and interrupted her.

“I didn’t say anything wrong.
I’m doing this for Su Bei’s own good.
What’s there not to say? You cant rely on love for a lifetime.
Also, when those poor guys are middle-aged, they’ll easily abandon their wives and look for young women.
This is also an open secret—”


“Aunt,” Su Bei interrupted her.
“I don’t have any plans to date now.
You don’t have to worry about me.”

“Aren’t you in love?” Ou Huanwei asked in disbelief…

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