Chapter 804 Introduce Me

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Madam Lin smiled and said, “This bracelet is beautiful and comfortable to wear.
I’ve gotten used to it after wearing it for a few days, so I can’t help but wear it all the time.
Everyone says that jade is good for nurturing people, but when you send it to jade, it’s really the best among the best.
It’s the most nourishing.”

The two of them chatted happily.

From this conversation, the two sides were able to get closer to each other and understand their common direction of cooperation.

Madam President was busy, so she didn’t stay for long before leaving.
However, it was obvious that Madam Lin had left a good impression on her by wearing the bracelet.

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Madam Lin’s friends were all wealthy ladies from the capital city.
Some of them heard that Madam Lin had damaged the bracelet during the car accident.

Now that they saw she was still wearing the bracelet, they couldn’t help but ask curiously, “Madam Lin, didn’t you break this bracelet? What happened? It’s fixed just like that?” Madam Lin was in a good mood and happy to show off in front of everyone.
She smiled and said, “That’s right! It’s all thanks to a friend of my daughter.
They repaired this bracelet! Take a look and see, it’s like brand new!”

Everyone was extremely curious and hurriedly looked at her outstretched hand.
They held up her wrist and looked at the bracelet seriously.

“Oh my, it’s exactly the same as how it was when it was brand new! I really didn’t expect someone to be so capable to repair it to this extent.”

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“That’s right.
Once jade is damaged, it’s very difficult to repair.
Which craftsman has such skills?”

“Madam Lin, you’ve received a great blessing.
The Lin family and Madam President are fated.
Please introduce us to the craftsman.”

Madam Lin was happy to mention her daughter on such an occasion.
She smiled and said, “I’ll have to ask my daughter, then.
It’s her friend.
I really don’t know who it is.
Daughter, quickly come over and tell these aunts which craftsman repaired my bracelet.” Lin Wenyu had no choice but to stand up and say with a smile, “This friend was just doing it for fun.”

The rich ladies said at the same time, “Wenyu, don’t hide these good things.
I also have a diamond necklace that’s old and broken.
I can just throw it away, but this necklace was a gift my husband gave me when we got married, so I can’t just throw it away.
It would be great if someone could repair it.” Another rich lady added, “That’s right.
Although we have a lot of good items and it doesn’t matter if some are broken, there are a few things that we have sentiments for.
It’s inevitable that we won’t be able to let them go after wearing them for a long time.
It would be great if they can really be repaired.” “That’s right.
Wenyu, help us ask your friend.
Just treat it as your friend doing us a favor.
We won’t mistreat them.”

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It was not convenient for Lin Wenyu to mention Su Bei’s name to everyone at this time.

However, since so many wealthy ladies wanted to know, it meant that there was a demand.
When she left the banquet, she gave Su Bei a call and mentioned this matter.

Su Bei was trying to make Feng Cheng famous now and also increase her own mall’s popularity.
She told her, “Wenyu, Feng Cheng and I have already set up a studio called Ruyi Studio.
We’ll start providing repairing services later on.
If anyone asks you, just tell them to come to Jingbei Square later on.”

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