Chapter 101 The Dumbfounded Li Changsheng

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Just as Li Changsheng thought that Lu Xiaoran was joking, Lu Xiaoran suddenly took out a painting from nowhere.


The moment he saw this painting, Li Changsheng could not help but frown.

He had already lost his cultivation.
Therefore, he was unable to tell the abnormality of the Mountain and River State Painting at once like ordinary experts.

However, as a former expert, he more or less had some sharp senses.

This painting was not simple.

However, thinking about it carefully, this kind of thing seemed to be very normal.

After all, if Lu Xiaoran did not have any skills, he would not dare to boast and take him in as his disciple.

Just as he was thinking, Li Changsheng suddenly felt that the scene beside him and Lu Xiaoran had changed.

Suddenly, they had left the strictly built Imperial Palace and arrived at a deserted area.

There were mountains and rivers here, and the spirit energy was abundant.
Purple energy came from the east, making this place have a different flavor.

However, the problem was not this.
What was strange was that Lu Xiaoran was able to bring him here in an instant.
This teleportation technique was also something he had never seen before.

“Master’s teleportation technique is indeed mysterious.
I’ve wandered in the martial world for more than a decade and have encountered many strange people, but I’ve never seen such a teleportation technique.”

Lu Xiaoran looked at him strangely.

“Teleportation? I didn’t use a teleportation technique.”

Li Changsheng was stunned.

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“If it’s not a teleportation technique, then how did we suddenly arrive here? Or is this an illusion formation?”

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat speechless.

“This is also not an illusionary formation.
We are inside the Mountain and River State Painting, which is also the painting I just took out.”


Li Changsheng’s eyes widened.

“Master, could it be that you’re joking with Changsheng?” “How could I be in the mood to joke with


Lu Xiaoran said angrily, and Li Changsheng’s back was already starting to sweat.

It was common knowledge that spatial-type magic weapons were unable to absorb living beings.

However, Lu Xiaoran’s painting was actually able to suck in two living humans.
Moreover, looking at the space inside, it was so huge that it had already formed a small world.
How was this even a Dharma treasure?

Wasn’t this a Martial Monarch Realm weapon?

What a joke! Lu Xiaoran actually had a Martial Monarch Realm weapon? Who was he?

Before Li Changsheng could finish being shocked, Lu Xiaoran had already engraved a spirit gathering formation to help gather spirit energy.
The spirit energy of the Mountain and River State Painting relied on absorbing the spirit energy of the outside world and then spreading evenly throughout the entire space.
Therefore, Lu Xiaoran still needed to use the spirit gathering formation to help gather the spirit energy

Because he was afraid that Li Changsheng’s body would not be able to take it, Lu Xiaoran did not use 100% of his array formation engraving strength.
He only used about 60%.

However, because his attainment in array formation engravings had recently soared, the current 60% was already equivalent to 70% of his original skills.
It was also considered quite impressive.

“This array… Hiss…”

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Li Changsheng looked at the array Lu Xiaoran had engraved and his scalp instantly turned numb.

Formations could be seen without cultivation.

Therefore, with his experience, he could naturally tell how profound and exquisite the array formation Lu Xiaoran was carving at this moment.

This array formation was even a little better than the array formation of the Azure Lotus Sword Sect.

It had to be known that despite both being first-tier sects, the Azure Lotus Sword Sect’s array formation strength was much stronger than the Black Tortoise True Sect.

Only a colossus of the Great Zhou Imperial Family’s level could surpass the Azure Lotus Sword Sect.

However, who was Lu Xiaoran?

He was only an unknown cultivator!

However, the level of the array formation he engraved was really shockingly powerful.
It had already reached a heaven-defying level.

Lu Xiaoran did not think much of it.
Since he had already accepted Li Changsheng as his disciple, there was naturally no need for him to hide anything from Li Changsheng.

At this moment, he began to throw those precious materials into the array formation in a certain ratio.

The materials had just entered the array formation when they were shattered by the spirit energy.

This move shocked Li Changsheng again.

Although he had never refined pills before, he could tell at a glance that Lu Xiaoran’s concoction technique was extraordinarily precise.

Some jobs could be done by everyone in the world, but there were only a few people who could do it well.

From not being able to do it, to having basic skills, to then developing top-notch skills.
It was a difficult process.

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After Lu Xiaoran threw the last ingredient into the array formation, a dense chaotic nine-colored light lump had already appeared in the array formation.

These were medicinal herbs that were mixed with the spirit energy of the world, creating an extremely nutritious gas.
Even if a martial artist was at risk of death and their body was broken, they would still be able to survive with this nine-colored aura.

To put it bluntly, it was a holy medicine for healing injuries.

Li Changsheng estimated that the healing would start soon.
After all, at this point, he was only left with the task of going in to repair his injuries.


However, Lu Xiaoran did not move.
Moreover, he was still lowering his head and frowning.
It was unknown what he was thinking.

A moment later, just as Li Changsheng was about to lose control and ask Lu Xiaoran, Lu Xiaoran suddenly looked up and clapped his hands.

“Got it, use this.”

Li Changsheng: “???”

Just as Li Changsheng was feeling puzzled, he suddenly saw Lu Xiaoran take out a small porcelain bottle from his sleeve.

This small porcelain bottle was completely white jade and shone brightly.
It was obvious that it was extraordinary.

Before Li Changsheng could react, Lu Xiaoran had already opened the small porcelain bottle.

In the next second, several medicinal pills suddenly flew out of the small porcelain bottle.
They emitted a golden light and flew in the air.

Li Changsheng was instantly stunned.
His jaw almost fell to the ground.

This… this… this is a Martial Monarch Realm Pill, right?

Was he dreaming?

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Or was he seeing things?

Lu Xiaoran actually had a Martial Monarch Realm Pill?

Was this a joke?

Martial Monarch Realm Pills were also an extremely rare existence in the ancient times.
In the present, they were almost even rarer.
It was not easy to find a few in the entire world.

Even if there were, it would have long been monopolized by those top-notch forces.
Where did Lu Xiaoran get this thing?

Moreover, he had several of them at once, not just one.

This guy was simply despicable!

“Master… Master… this… this is a Martial Monarch Realm Pill, right?”

Out of disbelief, Li Changsheng could not help but ask.

Lu Xiaoran teased, “Oh, not bad.
you could even tell at a glance that this is a Martial Monarch Realm Pill.
As expected, your talent is not bad.”

Hearing Lu Xiaoran admit it personally, the last taut string in Li Changsheng’s heart completely broke.

What kind of master had he come across?

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