Chapter 105 Second Goal

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Li Changsheng smiled and said, “Master, you’re mistaken.
This sword technique is an inheritance I obtained in the ruins of the Heaven Separation Sword Saint.
Its level is not low and it’s a mid-grade Saint Realm cultivation technique.
However, although it’s a mid-grade Saint Realm cultivation technique, this sword technique’s sword technique is very tricky.
It’s even a little stronger than the secret technique I previously cultivated—the high-grade Saint Realm Azure Lotus Sword Technique.”

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat speechless.

“In the end, it’s just a Saint Realm cultivation technique.
Be good and listen to me… Let’s not cultivate that thing.
It’s a waste of time.
I have a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm sword technique here.
Take it and cultivate it first.”

Li Changsheng’s face instantly twitched fiercely.

Martial Monarch Realm sword technique.

It was already not bad if the entire Great Zhou Empire had one or two Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques.
In the end, this master actually obtained a Martial Monarch Realm sword technique.

Coupled with the Azure Thearch Longevity Art he had just displayed, he was simply trampling the entire Great Zhou.

However, thinking about it carefully, his master even had a God Realm Sword Soul.
Wasn’t it normal for him to have a Martial Monarch Realm sword technique?

Thinking of this, Li Changsheng was no longer shocked.

However, when Lu Xiaoran handed the Azure Lotus Sword Art to him, he was shocked and petrified again.
“Azure… Azure Lotus Sword Art?”

The Azure Lotus Sword Art was a secret that was not passed down to outsiders.
It was said that 10,000 years ago, the ancestor of the Azure Lotus Sword Sect had once relied on it to kill countless Martial Monarch Realm experts and establish the Azure Lotus Sword Sect.

Unfortunately, because the 21st sect master of the Azure Lotus Sword Sect had been killed, the Azure Lotus Sword Art had also been lost in the martial world.

This also led to the decline of the Azure Lotus Sword Sect.
Otherwise, the Azure Lotus Sword Sect would not be inferior to the Great Zhou Empire at all.

Lu Xiaoran nodded.

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“That’s right, it’s the Azure Lotus Sword Art.” “Master, where did you obtain this cultivation technique?”

Lu Xiaoran chuckled.

“Your master has a lot of cultivation techniques.
Learn this cultivation technique first.
After you cultivate to the perfected realm, I’ll teach you other cultivation techniques.”

Li Changsheng’s face twitched fiercely again.

Now, he no longer only respected Lu Xiaoran.

He now felt that Lu Xiaoran was simply too abnormal.

He was simply ridiculously invincible!.

After imparting the Azure Lotus Sword Art to Li Changsheng, Lu Xiaoran took him out of the Mountain and River State Painting.
Then, he arranged for Li Changsheng to stay in a separate room so that he could cultivate quietly.

After all, Li Changsheng’s cultivation would also increase his own cultivation.

Lu Xiaoran went off to cultivate his Trinity True Eyes.

With this thing, the speed at which Lu Xiaoran could unleash cultivation techniques was simply too fast.
It was simply a necessary tool for killing and robbing.

It would be a pity if he did not cultivate it.

He first fused the Ten Directions Everlasting, which had the ability to detect, into the Trinity True Eyes, allowing it to have the characteristic of seeing through everything.

From now on, it would not only be illusions.
Lu Xiaoran would also be able to see through all kinds of attack formations, defensive formations, and even the other party’s combat weaknesses.

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Secondly, he fused the Great Void Chaos Steps.
After smelting the Great Void Chaos Steps, Lu Xiaoran already had the ability to instantly arrive at any place that his eyes could see.
His speed was even a little faster than when he used the Great Void Chaos Steps alone.

This trace of strength could not be underestimated.
This was because the Great Void Chaos Steps were already extremely fast.
It was simply as difficult as ascending to the heavens if one wanted to increase one’s speed by even a little.

But now, with the help of the Trinity True Eyes, Lu Xiaoran had done it.

In the end, Lu Xiaoran spent a week learning the Traceless Illusion.

Then, he mixed the Traceless Illusion into the Trinity True Eyes.

In this way, the Trinity True Eyes had the ability to create illusions.

With the enhancement of these three cultivation techniques, the Trinity True Eyes had already advanced from the low-grade God Realm to the mid-grade God Realm.

It was slightly weaker than the Sword Soul.
However, it could still continue to evolve.
This was its advantage.

Lu Xiaoran originally wanted to fuse the Indestructible Golden Body into it and increase the defensive ability of the Trinity True Eyes.

Unfortunately, Fang Tianyuan had yet to cultivate the Indestructible Golden Body to the perfected level.
He had only cultivated 50 to 60% now.
Without cultivating the cultivation technique to the perfect realm, he was unable to fuse it with the Trinity True Eyes.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran could only give up and start to work on another matter.

On the other side, in the study of Purple Peace Imperial Palace.

“I didn’t expect Wuxia’s master to really have some skills.
He’s also good at setting up array formations.”

King Zining stared at the secret report in front of him and spoke with interest.

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In front of him knelt his confidant—Zhui Feng.

“Your Highness, the secret report said that Lu Xiaoran had once obtained the 32nd place in the Black Tortoise True Sect’s array formation meeting.
However, the array formation he set up in our Imperial Palace is able to easily injure Second Young Master and even kill him.
Looks like this person is used to hiding his true cultivation.
His true strength might be a little stronger than what we know.”

“Everyone needs to hide their true strength.
If he did not have any powerful abilities, Wuxia would not have been stupid and acknowledged him as her master.”

After a pause, King Zining continued, “Tell Wuxin to get in touch with this Lu Xiaoran.”


After Zhui Feng retreated, King Zining stared at the secret report on the table, his eyes becoming even more solemn.

The other elders of the Heaven Demon Sect participated in the first two matches of the twenty rounds.
Their scores were around the hundredth place.

On the other hand, when it came to Lu Xiaoran, he had been ranked in the 30th place for 18 matches in a row,

This number was not simple.

It had to be known that an array master might know how to set up illusion formations, but he might not be good at defensive array formations and attack array formations.
Similarly, he might not be good at enhancing array formations…

However, Lu Xiaoran could reach the 30th place for every array formation.

Was it only because he was an all-rounded array master?

It was definitely impossible.
This was because even if his results were very balanced, the other people’s results would not be equal.

The only explanation was that he knew everyone’s results.
Therefore, according to everyone’s results, he made up a result that was not dazzling but also not embarrassing.

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This guy had such perfect control of his scores at such a large-scale competition.

Thus, it meant that his attainment in the path of array formations was probably countless times stronger than that first place, Xiao Bei!

“Wuxia, what kind of master have you taken in?”

King Zining rubbed his temples and sighed deeply.

On the other side, Lu Xiaoran also walked out of the room after cultivating the Trinity True Eyes.

In this month, the cultivation levels of Yun Lige and the other two did not increase very quickly.
Previously, Li Changsheng had also increased to the first level of the Void Reversion Realm all of a sudden.
It will be impossible for him to increase his cultivation limitlessly.
This month, his cultivation level had only increased by a realm level.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran was still at the eighth level of the King Realm now.
This made him very depressed, and he felt like…

“It’s impossible for me to level up in the short term.
I should think about the second hot shot first.”

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