Chapter 136 Eternal Rule

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A moment later, someone could not help but exclaim again.

“Not good! This flame… this flame can’t be extinguished!”


The expressions of the others suddenly changed and began to turn solemn.

Soon, more than one person discovered the problem.

“This flame really can’t be extinguished.
Elder Netherworld, what should we do?”

“Elder Netherworld, save me! I don’t want to die!”

The evil cultivators began to panic because the might of the flames had already begun to erupt.
Their bodies and even their souls were beginning to burn.
“Ah! Save me.”

Screams began to rise as the flames became stronger and stronger, swallowing the cultivators and not giving them any chance of survival.

Nearly half of the cultivators were suffering in the flames.
Then all got burned alive into ashes by the flames.

This heart palpitating fear and despair simply caused others to be unable to see a trace of hope.

“Elder… Elder Netherworld, what should we do?”

“What’s there to panic about?”

Elder Netherworld’s expression was gloomy.
He looked at his subordinates and was so furious that he almost vomited blood.
After all, the number of his subordinates had decreased by half again.

What made him even more furious was that his pants were also stained with this strange flame.

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“I followed Lord Demon Venerable everywhere when I was 80 years old.
What have I not seen before? A mere flame wants to scare me? How laughable! I’ll just use my Heaven Devouring Demon Art! Hah!”

The Heaven Devouring Demon Art was a top-grade Saint Realm cultivation technique of the Demon Sect and a cultivation technique he personally learned from the Demon Venerable.

It was thanks to the might of this cultivation technique that Elder Netherworld could become one of the top experts of the Demon Sect and become famous in the Great Zhou.

Elder Netherworld circulated the spirit energy in his body and activated the Heaven Devouring Demon Art.
He wanted to suppress the strange flame like an expert and make it unable to injure him anymore.

However, after continuing for a moment, the flames not only did not weaken, but they also started to show signs of spreading.

“Elder Netherworld, it… it’s getting bigger!”

“Shut up!”

Elder Netherworld berated angrily and increased his strength of the Heaven Devouring Demon Art to the limit.

“Heaven Devouring Demon Art, swallow! Hah!”

With a shout, the surrounding spirit energy seemed to have been absorbed by a black hole as all of it surged crazily towards Elder Netherworld’s body.

It was even to the extent that the evil cultivators standing around Elder Netherworld felt the blood essence in their bodies surge incessantly, wanting to leave their bodies and become Elder Netherworld’s nourishment.


The golden flames remained motionless.
Instead, they continued to grow and began to spread towards Elder Netherworld’s thigh.

It was as if it was not affected by any power and only wanted to burn the living being it was attached to into ashes.

The evil cultivators trembled.
Such a confrontation was simply not something they could imagine.

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Seeing Elder Netherworld’s expression turn uglier and uglier, everyone endured the fear in their hearts and advised, “Elder Netherworld… why don’t… you cut it off? It’s all charred.”

Elder Netherworld’s old face could not help but twitch fiercely.

To be honest, it was not that he did not want to cut it off, but that he could not.

This flame was very strange.
It did not only burn the body, but also the soul.

In other words, if he were to cut it, he would even cut off a part of his soul.

If he did not have that much flesh, he could have grown it again with the help of the natural treasures.

However, if the soul was gone, even if the flesh grew back and the soul was missing, it would still be useless.
Then, it would really be gone.

Only those with a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation would be able to find a secret technique to repair their souls.

However, how rare was a Martial Monarch Realm expert? It was basically no different from being impossible.

As one of the three top experts under the Demon Venerable of the holy Demon Sect, if news of this got out, wouldn’t everyone in the world laugh at him?

At this moment, someone shouted, “Elder Netherworld, it seems to be spreading faster.”

Elder Netherworld’s expression changed drastically.
He looked down and indeed, the flames began to spread on his body.
Moreover, as the area of contact increased, the speed of its spread became faster.

If this continued, even his soul would be devoured.

“Damn it, give me the saber! Give me the


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One of his subordinates hurriedly handed over a Heaven Realm weapon.
Elder Netherworld gritted his teeth and circulated the Heaven Devouring Demon Art to directly cut off the part of his body and his soul.

The golden flames carried his flesh as they fell to the ground and burned.
It was unknown if Elder Netherworld felt heartache or really pain as he staggered two steps back.

“Elder Netherworld! Are you alright?”

Two of his subordinates hurriedly went forward to support him.

Elder Netherworld gritted his teeth and said coldly, “Of course I’m alright! It’s just a small matter! As a man, my goal is to take over the world! It’s fine for me to lose such a small amount of meat!”


Everyone immediately revealed respectful expressions.

“Elder Netherworld, you’re really a hero of the current era!”

“To be able to follow a hero like Elder Netherworld, I can die without regrets in this life.”

“Elder Netherworld, should we hurry back to the Demon Sect now?”

Elder Netherworld snorted.

“Return? If I return just like this, won’t I be mocked by the entire Demon Sect? The Great Zhou Imperial Family actually dares to scheme against me.
If I don’t let them have a taste of my strength, how can I still have the face to call myself one of the three top-notch experts of the Demon Sect?”

“Could it be that Elder Netherworld wants to return?”

“Of course not! I’m not that stupid.
In the Imperial City, there are many experts.
Won’t I be courting death if I return?”

“Elder Netherworld, do you…?”

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“Hmph! The Great Zhou will definitely send experts to kill me.
I only need to wait for them to come and teach them a lesson.”

“However, our troops are already insufficient to resist the Great Zhou troops.”

“What’s there to be afraid of?”

Elder Netherworld smiled coldly.


“This entire mountain is filled with cultivators who have just been killed.
Their resentment, filth, hatred, killing intent, and blood aura… are all left in the air.
I only need to set up a grand array and fuse these powers into our bodies to completely increase our strength in a short period of time!

“What’s most important is quality and not quantity.
The Great Zhou might not be our match.”

After a pause, his gaze landed on the golden flames covering the entire mountain.

“Moreover, those stupid bastards from the Great Zhou even sent such a powerful divine flame to us.
We can collect it and let them suffer.”

“I’ve already observed it.
This divine flame only burns living beings and doesn’t burn things.
I can use a secret treasure to keep the flame and keep feeding it living beings to extend the fire.
As long as the fire does not get destroyed, it can naturally be used limitlessly.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up.

“As expected of Elder Netherworld, you’re so magnanimous.
After thinking for a moment, you decided to come up with a plan to resist the Great Zhou Empire.”

“We can rest assured.”

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