Chapter 150 Only Number Four Is Famous

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Shaking her head, Qin Zimo stopped thinking about this annoying matter.
After all, not everyone was as charismatic as Lu Xiaoran.

She only needed to work hard to improve herself and advance to the Martial Monarch Realm to pursue her Lu Xiaoran.

“Let’s go.
We’ll also head into the depths of the Ancient Forbidden Area to find opportunities that belong to us.”


The three of them from the Black Tortoise True Sect also quickly entered and disappeared at the entrance with the crowd.

In front, after Ji Wushang and the others arrived at the depths, Lu Xiaoran immediately began to issue missions.

“Ji Wushang, Ji Qingshan, and the others, begin the trial immediately.
The trial in the Ancient Forbidden Area focuses on killing demon beasts.
The more you kill, the higher your ranking will be.
If you can suppress the crown prince and his siblings in this trial, your prestige will greatly increase.
This can prevent you from being disliked by those old fellows behind the scenes from the Imperial Family when you challenge them.”

The elders behind the Imperial Family did not care if one was the crown prince, the siblings of the crown prince, or heirs of the imperial palaces.
They only cared about talent and cultivation.

In order to nurture an outstanding person into an emperor, not only would one need to provide the other party with authority, but one would also need to provide top-notch resources to increase the other party’s cultivation to the Emperor Realm.

Therefore, the emperor of the Great Zhou was not only the emperor, but also an Emperor Realm expert of the Great Zhou Imperial Family.

When a new crown prince was outstanding enough… for example, if he broke through to the Shattering Void Realm first before the age of 50… he would be appointed as a new emperor and receive the resources of the Imperial Family.

The old emperor would enter that Elder Group and follow in the footsteps of the previous elders and become a hidden guardian of the Great Zhou.


Everyone replied.
Lu Xiaoran then looked at his disciples.

“The few of you, help them kill the demon beasts and use them to increase their ranking.
I’ll go set up first.
When Lin Fei is alone, we’ll swarm over and kill him.”

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“Understood, Master.”

Among the four of them, Li Changsheng took a deep breath and clenched his fists slightly.

It had been three years, an entire three years!

He had been crippled for three years and had been silent for three years.

For the past three years, he had been living like a piece of trash.

Now, with his master’s help, he had finally risen.
Moreover, he had cultivated to the first level of the Creation Realm and had even obtained a God Realm Sword Soul!

Li Changsheng’s name would finally spread throughout the Great Zhou again!

However, at this moment, Lu Xiaoran threw him a ring.

Li Changsheng: “???”

A strange question mark instantly surged in his head.

“Master, what is this?”

Lu Xiaoran said calmly,

“This is your cloak, hat, and mask.
There are various array formations engraved on it.
Not only can it help you hide your identity, but it can also help you increase your combat strength.
From now on, you have to wear it every time we fight.
In addition, you’re not allowed to say your name.
You only have a code name.
You’re Number Four from the Avengers Alliance.”

Li Changsheng :”…”

“Master, can I not wear it?”

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“No problem.
Just tell me if you can take the beating.”

Li Changsheng saw that Lu Xiaoran’s right hand had already begun to shrink into a fist.
He immediately activated the ring and put on his cloak, mask, and hat.

“The material of this shirt is very soft.
It’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
If possible, I hope Master can give me another


“Stop talking nonsense.
If you dare to take it off in the battle, I guarantee that I’ll beat your ass until it blooms.”

Then, Lu Xiaoran said to Ji Wuxia,

“Wuxia, you won’t need to wear the outfit this time.
This is because you’re a princess of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.
If you wear the same clothes as Lige and the others, it will be easy for others to deduce our identities.”


In the next second, Yun Lige and Fang Tianyuan both put on their clothes.

After assigning everyone their tasks, Lu Xiaoran dismissed them.
Only then did everyone immediately disperse to hunt demon beasts.

There were two types of people who came to the Ancient Forbidden Area.

The first type was those who wanted to find opportunities.
There were many opportunities in the Ancient Forbidden Area, such as Dharma treasures left behind by predecessors, medicinal pills… or some natural treasures that already existed in the Ancient Forbidden Area…

These opportunities were extremely beneficial to one’s cultivation.

These people were mainly the Holy Sons and Holy Maidens of the various first-tier sects.

Their resources were inferior to the resources of the royalty, so they could use this opportunity to obtain a large number of cultivation resources.

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The second type was those who came here to kill demon beasts and increase their ranking.

These people mainly consisted of the crown prince of the Imperial Family, his siblings, and the descendants of the various imperial palaces.

They had rich resources, such as some extremely rare natural treasures.
They had everything, including the things that cultivators from other sects could not get.

Therefore, they only needed to kill demon beasts to prove their talent to the Imperial Family’s Elder Group.

Moreover, by killing demon beasts, one could also obtain demon crystals, beast skin, blood essence, bone marrow, and other resources to refine medicinal pills and forge weapons.

Another extremely important reason was that low-level demon beasts were worthless.
High-level demon beasts were also too dangerous.
If one was careless, it was very likely for one to die.

This was also why only the crown prince, his siblings, and the descendants of the imperial palaces dared to play the game of hunting demon beasts.

Their cultivation levels were already stronger than the Holy Sons and Holy Maidens of the various large sects.

Strength was the foundation of their actions.

Of course, this did not mean that the others would not fight demon beasts.

When they encountered an unavoidable battle, they also had to fight.
Demon beasts would eat people and would not reason with them.

Another situation where they had to fight was when the demon beasts were near the opportunity.
Then, they would also have to fight demon beasts.

At the same time, outside the Ancient Forbidden Area, the kings of the Great Zhou and the sect masters of the various large sects were quietly guarding the Ancient Forbidden Area.

They looked very much like parents who were waiting outside the examination hall.

The only thing that could relieve their boredom was the two ranking boards on the Void Gate.

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The one on the left door was called the Heaven Ranking.
Almost all the spots recorded on it were between the crown prince, his siblings, and the descendants of the imperial palaces.

The door on the right was called the Earth Ranking.
Most of the names recorded on it were Holy Sons and Holy Maidens of the various large sects of the Great Zhou.

This did not mean that the Ancient Forbidden Area could monitor everyone’s actions.
It was just that everyone who entered would receive an identity token that belonged to them.

When killing demon beasts, the identity token would record this matter.

At the same time, if one died, their name would disappear from the rankings.
This would also help the elders outside understand the situation of their children or disciples at any time and anywhere.

The best seats outside the Void Gate were naturally reserved for the few kings of the Great Zhou.

King Zining was also among them.

Sitting beside him was King Tianyun.

The two of them had an ordinary relationship in the past.
However, a few days ago, they both participated in the expedition against Elder Netherworld.
Coincidentally, both of them had lost an arm in that expedition.

In the end, because of this, they quickly warmed up to each other.

They were clearly from different mothers, but they seemed to be so close.

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