Lu Xiaoran did not say anything.

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If the Heaven Demon Sect was in trouble, his Zhishui Peak would also not have a good time.
It just so happened that he could also be at ease by participating in the repairing of the array formation.

“Alright, since the two of you have not objected, it’s decided.
After that, the two of you can go to the sect’s treasure vault and extract some spirit stones to repair the array formation.”

Li Daoran replied dejectedly.

“Alright, that’s all for today’s gathering.
Meeting dismissed.”

Hearing the sect master’s words, everyone immediately felt relieved.
It was as if they had completed a mission.
At this moment, they all scattered.

Li Daoran gritted his teeth in anger.

“These bastards ran faster than rabbits.
They’re simply disrespectful.”

Lu Xiaoran consoled, “It doesn’t matter.
Someone has to do it anyway.”

“What’s the use of being angry?”

Li Daoran was somewhat speechless, and Lin Jie advised,

“Stop complaining.
Whether it’s a blessing or a disaster, you can’t avoid it.
Since the sect has already chosen you, you should just carry it out properly.
Learn from Xiaoran and be aware of the big picture.”

“What else can we do? The sect master has already announced it in person.
We can only work.”

Li Daoran complained for a moment before following Lu Xiaoran to the sect’s treasure vault.

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This place contained all the precious items of the sect.

The two of them went directly to the Elder Room.

“It’s Daoran and Xiaoran.
Come, sit and have some tea.”

“So the two of you have accepted the task of repairing the sect’s array… This is an honorable and difficult task.”

Li Daoran could not help but feel bitter, but he still braced himself and said, “Everything is for the safety of the sect.”

“That’s right.
It’s our Heaven Demon Sect’s fortune for you juniors to work so hard for the sect.”

Li Daoran waved his hand.

“Seniors, you’re too kind.
Let’s talk about serious matters.
Repairing the array formation requires spirit stones.
Please help me and Xiaoran get 800,000 high-grade spirit stones so that we can start repairing the array formation.”

As soon as he said this, the elders immediately frowned.

Isn’t this number a little too big? We are taking in more and more disciples every day.
The cost of buying medicinal pills and whatnot is increasing day by day.
It’s really difficult to take out 800,000 high-grade spirit stones in a short period of time.”

“Then… give us 400,000 spirit stones first.
Let us start work first.”

After Li Daoran reduced the number, everyone was still not happy.
Instead, they frowned even more, and the displeasure on their faces gradually deepened.

“Daoran, it’s really not easy to take out the spirit stones of the sect for the time being.
How about this? We’ll transfer them to you in two days.
How about that?”

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Li Daoran’s face darkened.
He was not stupid.
How could he not tell that these seniors were fooling him?

How long would this take?

If the sect master blamed them, he and Lu Xiaoran would definitely be unable to bear the consequences.

Just as he was about to flare up, Lu Xiaoran grabbed his arm and pulled him behind him.

Li Daoran was somewhat anxious, but Lu Xiaoran shook his head slightly, indicating for him to not get into a conflict.

Then, Lu Xiaoran smiled and walked forward.

“Seniors, I’ve calculated in detail.
This repair of the sect’s grand array requires a total of 2 million high-grade spirit stones.”

Hearing this number, the elders’ eyes clearly revealed a glimmer.

“Oh? Why do you need so many spirit stones? It’s more than double what Daoran calculated.”

Lu Xiaoran smiled and said, “800,000 spirit stones is enough to repair the array formation.
However, since you elders here have helped in the design and provided the spirit stones, you will naturally need some compensation.
That 1.2 million spirit stones is the reward for all of your hard work.”

As soon as he said this, the elders’ expressions became even more satisfied.

“Aiya, Xiaoran, that’s not good.
How could the few of us get so much labor fees?”

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.

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“It’s not much, not much at all.
Dao Ran and I are both newbies and aren’t very proficient in array formations.
Won’t we all have to look up to the few elders?”

Their faces turned red and they smiled.

“Aiya, since you’ve already said so, Xiaoran, we can’t be stingy.
How about this, I’ll give you two a total of 2.4 million high-grade spirit stones.
After all, repairing the array formation requires a lot of energy.”

“You’re welcome.
We’re all working for the sect, so it’s only right for us.
Here are 1.2 million high-grade spirit stones.
Please count them.”

An elder threw a storage bag over.
Lu Xiaoran swept his divine sense over it and casually retracted his sleeve.

“What’s there to count? The seniors have all been in charge of the treasure vault for many years, so it definitely won’t be wrong.
The two of us brothers will go and do our work first.
When we have time, we’ll come and drink tea with the seniors.”

After bidding the elders farewell, Lu Xiaoran turned around and directly pulled away the dumbfounded Li Daoran.

Seeing the two of them leave, the few elders could not help but stroke their whiskers and smile.

“I didn’t expect Xiaoran to be so good at assessing the situation!”

“In comparison, Daoran is much worse!”

“Looks like we should help Xiaoran more in the future.”

After walking out of the treasure vault, Li Daoran still did not react.
He stared at Lu Xiaoran like a fool.

“Xiaoran, isn’t… isn’t this blatant corruption?”

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Lu Xiaoran rolled his eyes.

“Can you not be so harsh with your words? What do you mean by corruption? This is called helping each other out! Let’s all get rich together.”

“Well, we still didn’t need 2.4 million spirit stones, right? I originally calculated that repairing the array formation will only cost us a total of 790,000 spirit stones.
I even added in our pay of 10,000 spirit stones for the work.
But look at you guys, you guys actually came up with the number 2.4 million, three times the original amount! Do you know how tragic our deaths will be if the sect master finds out?”

Lu Xiaoran shook his head speechlessly.

“You’re thinking too much.
In fact, the sect is not ruled by the sect master alone.
All sects are established by several senior elder families together.
The few elders in charge of the treasure vault were arranged by the various families in the sect.”

“One of them belongs to the Grand Elder’s faction.
Do you think the Sect Master will dare to punish him?”

“Moreover, we’re not being corrupt.
We’re seriously working for the sect and repairing the array formation.
Repairing the array formation requires spirit stones, alright? As long as we make sure the numbers match up, the sect master won’t be able to find out.
He’s not a god.”

“Damn, is this how this works?”

“Of course! If we don’t give them any benefits, do you really think we would be able to finish this job?”

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