In the depths of the Great Zhou Royal Imperial Palace, Purple Yang Hall.

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In the depths of the silence, the Great Zhou Emperor in the dragon robe sat on the dragon chair with a bent body.

A few more white strands had appeared on his temples.
The battle for the crown prince had already entered the final moment.
Tomorrow would be his son’s final battle with Ji Wushang from the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.

Based on the current situation, if nothing unexpected happened, Ji Wushang would almost definitely obtain the final victory and become the new crown prince of the Great Zhou.

He did not know why Ji Wushang was so powerful and was able to break through to the Creation Realm in a few days.

However, he knew that once Ji Wushang ascended to the crown prince’s position, it would be almost impossible for his bloodline to reclaim their former position in the Imperial Family.

After being reduced from the royal imperial bloodline to an imperial palace king bloodline, not only would they lose power, but they would also lose resources on the path of cultivation.

Without these resources, the status of his descendants would become lower and lower until they became ordinary people.

This was not an exaggeration.
The Great Zhou had been established for ten thousand years.
In this long period of time, the Imperial Family had almost never experienced any unrest.
However, countless imperial palace bloodlines have faltered.

In fact, the descendants of some of the early imperial palace king bloodlines had already become commoners.
Their cultivation levels were only a little stronger than ordinary people.
In the Imperial City, these people were only able to obtain ordinary official positions.

If his bloodline lost the position of the crown prince, it would only take one or two thousand years for them to falter.
His descendants might not even be able to maintain their imperial palace king bloodline status.

After another one or two thousand years or another three to four thousand years, his descendants would even become ordinary people.
They would only be able to obtain insignificant official positions and nothing else.

“The Purple Peace Imperial Palace needs to be eradicated.
At the very least, Ji Wushang needs to be eradicated.”

Just as the emperor was feeling worried, a voice quietly landed in his ear, making his body suddenly tremble.

In the depths of the Purple Yang Hall, an old man in a white golden robe slowly stepped out.

The Great Zhou Emperor immediately walked down from the dragon chair and cupped his hands.

“Father, why did you come out of the forbidden area?”

The Grand Imperial Sire swept his gaze over him and slowly walked up the steps towards the dragon chair.

“If I don’t come out now, this bloodline will lose the throne.”

The Great Zhou Emperor revealed a guilty expression.

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“I’m useless and didn’t teach Tianming well.”

“This is not your fault.
Tianming’s talent is very good and he’s also very hardworking.
His cultivation is already very good.
He only encountered a demon-level genius like Ji Wushang.”

After a pause, he continued, “However, we can’t let him take the throne.”

The Great Zhou Emperor raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Tonight, I’ll make a trip to the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.”

“What? This won’t do! Father, you’re currently the Grand Elder of the Great Zhou Empire and definitely can’t participate in this matter.
If you participate, it’s very likely that you’ll be punished by the Elder Group.
The Great Zhou Imperial Family has an ancestral rule.
If they did not do anything wrong, no imperial bloodline is allowed to harm the other branches.
If you don’t do well, the Elder Group might even… kill you.”

The Grand Imperial Sire smiled coldly and sat on the dragon chair, stroking the handle.

“I’m an Emperor Realm expert to begin with.
The Great Zhou Elder Group won’t be able to kill me so easily.
At most, they’ll imprison me.
I’m also in seclusion all year round.
There’s no difference.”

However, once Ji Wushang died, no one in the Great Zhou could resist Tianming.
The Imperial Family would still be in our hands.

This is a deal that will only benefit us.
No matter what, it will not be a loss for our Imperial Family.

The Great Zhou Emperor shouted with a trembling voice.
He did not expect to have to sacrifice his father to tide through this danger.

However, his father was right.
The throne could not be lost.
They needed to firmly control it in their hands.

“Do you need me to do anything?”

“Of course.
You’re the Emperor of the Great Zhou.
Right now, the entire array formation of the Great Zhou Imperial City is under your control.
At midnight tonight, think of a way to activate the array formation of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace so that no one can enter or leave.
As long as you can give me half an incense stick of time, it will be enough.”

The emperor knew very well that killing Ji Wushang was not that easy.

The old king behind the Purple Peace Imperial Palace was also an Emperor Realm expert.
If he could not get through the old king, it would be impossible for him to kill Ji Wushang.

Moreover, the assassination time definitely could not be long.
Otherwise, once the Elder Group appeared and several Emperor Realm experts attacked at the same time, how could the assassination be carried out?

In any case, as long as he killed the threat of Ji Wushang, the others would naturally go with the flow.
No matter how angry the Elder Group was, there was nothing they could do.
The future throne would definitely still belong to Tianming.

At the same time, on Lu Xiaoran’s side, after a few days of waiting, his cultivation finally broke through.

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Second level Supreme Realm!

He had already broken through to the Supreme Realm a few days ago and then broke through to the second level of the Supreme Realm.

This was all due to the hard work of the disciples.
Because the time flow in the Mountain and River State Painting had been reduced, their duration of cultivation was equal to at least three months!

Three months was enough for them to break through many levels.

“I’ve finally become a Supreme Realm expert.
Tsk tsk, I’m one step closer to the Martial Monarch Realm.”

Lu Xiaoran smiled and shouted for Wang Cai.

“Coming, coming, Master, I’m here.”

“Open Yun Lige’s information panel for me to see.”

“Alright, Master.
It’s being generated.”

Soon, Wang Cai generated the interface information of his disciples.

Firstly, Yun Lige had already reached the perfected tenth level of the Void Reversion Realm.
He was only a step away from breaking through to the Creation Realm.

Wuxia had already broken through to the third level of the Creation Realm.

It seemed that the greater the difference in talent, the greater the difference in cultivation.

The further one progressed, the more things depended on talent.

Without talent, so what if you comprehended the perfected realm of the cultivation technique?

If one failed to comprehend the Martial Dao True Intent sufficiently, it would still be difficult for them to advance.

This was even after all his disciples had eaten the Divine Concentration Pill and the Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pill.

The Divine Concentration Pill increased their talent, and the Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pill increased their comprehension of martial arts.

Because of these two factors, they were able to advance quickly.

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Fang Tianyuan was already at the seventh level of the Creation Realm.
As for Li Changsheng, he had reached the Shattering Void Realm and was currently at the fifth level of the Shattering Void Realm.

The speed of their improvement was so fast that Lu Xiaoran could not help but be somewhat surprised.

In fact, according to normal logic, the higher one’s cultivation level was, the slower their advancement speed would be.

However, Fang Tianyuan and Li Changsheng really went against common sense.

The speed of their improvement was actually faster than Yun Lige and Ji Wuxia.

Lu Xiaoran could not help but be puzzled.

In the end, after careful observation, Lu Xiaoran discovered a few things that were very strange.

The first was that Li Changsheng absorbed the spirit energy very quickly..
Lu Xiaoran vaguely noticed that this should be due to the Sword Soul in Li Changsheng’s body.

The Sword Soul was at the God Realm and had already surpassed this world.
Perhaps because of this, Li Changsheng’s growth went against common sense and the increase in his strength was greater than Yun Lige despite him being at a higher level than Yun Lige.

The second was Fang Tianyuan.

Lu Xiaoran vaguely discovered that a purple ape phantom seemed to have vaguely appeared in Fang Tianyuan’s body.

This was because he could sense a power that transcended the mortal world from the little ape phantom.
This meant that the little ape phantom was also at the God Realm.

Could it be another God Realm soul?

Could this divine soul be the reason why Fang Tianyuan’s cultivation increased even faster than before when he was at a lower level?

“Wang Cai, are you still there?”

“Yes, yes, Master, I’m here.”

“Why would a soul also be born in Fang Tianyuan’s body? Isn’t he a mortal?”

“This is because Master gave him the Divine Concentration Pill.”

“But didn’t you say that the Divine Concentration Pill is used to increase one’s talent?”

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“The Divine Concentration Pill is indeed used to increase one’s talent.
However, this so-called increase in talent of the Divine Concentration Pill is actually meant for one to develop a divine soul… However, this is only for the cultivators who have already shed their mortal bodies and evolved to become gods… To put it bluntly, as long as one’s talent increases to a certain level, it will be very easy to activate the divine soul.
If one’s talent is insufficient, they will definitely be unable to condense a divine soul.”

It seemed that this divine soul was still very important.

Lu Xiaoran estimated that these were methods of the gods.

Ordinary humans might not be able to cultivate it even in the mortal world.

For example, Yun Lige and Ji Wuxia did not have these now.

However, this was also good.
If Fang Tianyuan could condense a divine soul, it would be helpful for his cultivation and his advancement would be faster.

Moreover, if his cultivation advanced, Lu Xiaoran himself would also increase his strength.

In the end, Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over Zhuge Ziqiong again.

This little girl’s cultivation had also increased quite well.
Previously, she had already reached the Spirit Realm.
Now, she had already advanced to the first level of the Soul Refinement Realm.
He felt that it would not be long before she surpassed Yun Lige again.

Poor Lige.
He was really too tragic.

The new junior sister would also be able to look down on him.

Looks like in the future, he would really think of a way to get something good for Lige to help him advance.

Lu Xiaoran was really afraid that Yun Lige would not be able to take the blow and commit suicide one day.

“Alright, after reading the information, I can open the gift bags again.”

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat excited.

He had obtained many gift bags this time.
Moreover, his disciples’ cultivation had increased so much, so he wondered if he would get more good things.

He received all the gift bags.

As usual, he opened the ordinary gift bags first.

Martial Monarch Realm Heart x10.

The heart of a Martial Monarch Realm expert could be used to refine a top-grade Martial Monarch Realm medicinal pill, the Martial Monarch Realm Heart Pill.
After consuming it, it could increase one’s cultivation, comprehension of the Martial Dao, and body strength.
It could also be used to instantly treat injuries, recover spirit energy, and increase one’s combat strength for a short period of time.

“Damn, I directly obtained ten Martial Monarch Realm hearts.
This must be several kilograms in weight.
I think I can refine a lot of medicinal pills with this.”

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