Martial Monarch Realm formation, Primordial Sword Formation x1.

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Divine Dao Spirit Stone x7.

Low-grade God Realm Blue Wolf Blade x1.

Top-grade Martial Monarch Realm Five Emperors Mark x1.

Indeed, as Lu Xiaoran had expected, there was a bunch of good stuff.

Moreover, some relatively low-level divine weapons could also be obtained from the small gift bag.

Next was the big gift bags.

Top-grade God Realm Auspicious Cloud Divine Lightning x1.

The Auspicious Cloud Divine Lightning could automatically search for treasures.
As long as there were treasures, it would respond with lightning.
By injecting a trace of spirit energy, one could activate its automatic treasure hunting ability.

“This thing is not bad.
In the future, if anyone has a treasure, they won’t be able to hide it from me.”

Top-grade God Realm Five Elements Banner x1.

Top-grade God Realm Bloodthirsty Soul Slaying Saber x1.

Top-grade Martial Monarch Realm Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill x12345.

God Realm Martial Dao True Intent x10.

A God Realm Martial Dao True Intent could be fused into a cultivation technique to increase the cultivation technique to the level of a God Realm cultivation technique.

Lu Xiaoran’s eyes lit up.
This thing was also really good.
If this thing could increase Ji Wuxia and the others’ cultivation techniques to the God Realm, it would be perfect.
Their cultivation speed would definitely increase by another level.

Just as Lu Xiaoran thought of this, Wang Cai stopped him immediately.

“Of course not.
It’s just that it can’t be used in the mortal world.
Every world has its own rules.
If a God Realm item can be casually used in the mortal world, wouldn’t it cause a world imbalance?

“Moreover, it’s not only God Realm cultivation techniques.
Divine weapons and God Realm array formations are also not to be used by disciples.
Otherwise, they will all attract destructive divine punishment.

“But how come I can use the Trinity True Eyes? Moreover, I can also use divine weapons.”

“Master has my help to block the Heavenly Dao.
This way, the rules of the Heavenly Dao don’t apply to Master.
As for the hot shots, they also have the protection of a huge luck.
It’s even possible that they’re blessed by the Heavenly Dao and can also use certain items that break the rules.”

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Wasn’t this equivalent to cheating? Moreover, wasn’t this basically like cheating with the admin’s permission?

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran felt bad.

He vaguely felt that his future was not very bright.

Others were official hackers, but he was an illegal hacker.

He felt inexplicably sad.

The treasure he had just obtained no longer seemed to be very alluring.

However, after a while, Lu Xiaoran figured it out.

A hot shot was originally destined to cheat.
If he was not a hot shot but had Wang Cai to help him kill a hot shot, didn’t that mean that he was no different from a hot shot?

“Alright, I better think about how to kill more hot shots.”

If he could not get it, he would destroy it.
If he was not a hot shot, he would become one.

In short, he will do anything to live to the end!

At night, near the Ancient Ape Tribe, Fang Aotian had just brought people to destroy a Demon Sect camp and many evil cultivators.

“Chief’s divine might is peerless! Number one in all of history!”

The disciples of the various large sects immediately turned into bootlickers and began to suck up to Fang Aotian crazily.

Two days ago, a disciple from a small sect obtained a Heaven Realm medicinal pill and a Heaven Realm weapon because he was bootlicking Fang Aotian.

This was simply like a carp leaping over the dragon gate.

From then on, many disciples of the sect worshiped Fang Aotian even more.
Moreover, every time they had the chance, they would definitely suck up to Fang Aotian crazily.

In fact, this was only Fang Aotian’s plan.

The Ancient Ape Tribe had really wasted too much energy dealing with the Demon Sect this time.

He had to think of a way to increase new recruits for the Ancient Ape Tribe.

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He was originally very powerful, but what made him the strongest was not his own strength, but the strength of the people around him.

What he was best at was to use the equipment, medicinal pills, and cultivation techniques in the Ancient Bronze Hall to turn his subordinates to big shots.

By controlling these people and forming a huge force, he could ensure that he could live longer on this continent.

Moreover, he was also a person unwilling to admit defeat and would naturally not submit to the Great Zhou Imperial Family.

If he did not create an independent empire with his Ancient Bronze Hall, wouldn’t he be wasting this treasure the heavens had blessed him with?

Perhaps in the future, if he cultivated to the Martial Monarch Realm, he could even spread out his empire and rule over all living beings!

In order to realize this plan as soon as possible, he needed a group of loyal subordinates.

He was not afraid that these people’s talent was not high because he had many means to increase their strength.

To put it bluntly, as long as he could gather a lot of subordinates, it was enough.

However, just as his subordinates were celebrating, a sense of danger suddenly attacked Fang Aotian’s heart, making his heart skip a beat.

“Something’s wrong.
Everyone, retreat immediately.”

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

Moreover, these people’s cultivation was simply not enough, so they had no chance to dodge at all.

In the next moment, violent explosions suddenly began to erupt on the ground.

Before anyone could react, they were directly blasted into the sky.

Fang Aotian’s eyes instantly turned blood red, his eyes filled with killing intent!

At this moment, if he still did not understand that he had been tricked, he would have lived his entire life in vain.

“Ling Xinyue, get the hell out!”

With a shout, his voice was like thunder, resounding in a radius of dozens of kilometers.

In response, a sword beam slashed down from the sky.

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This sword beam landed directly on Fang Aotian’s body.
On the spot, it exploded into a dazzling ball of light that illuminated the night sky.

After that, the energy light wave rushed out again with a speed that surpassed the speed of sound, instantly blasting the entire camp again.

The ground trembled.
Before the wave subsided, another wave rose.

A moment later, a figure suddenly shot out from the light ball below.
It was Fang Aotian.

The clothes on his body had already shattered, but his body was covered in a faint golden armor.

The dignity emitted from it that made one’s heart palpitate indicated that it was a Martial Monarch Realm armor!

Fang Aotian stood in midair, staring fixedly at Ling Xinyue in front of him.

“Ling Xinyue, you sure have some moves.
You actually used your subordinates to set up a trap to deceive me.
You want to capture me and my subordinates in one fell swoop? Unfortunately, you think too highly of yourself.”

Ling Xinyue’s gaze was cold as she looked at the man in front of her with a solemn expression.
His cultivation was two entire realms lower than hers.

It was this man who had almost killed her in the past.
Therefore, she no longer dared to be careless.

“That can’t be helped.
After all, you’re the dignified chief of the Ancient Ape Tribe, Fang Aotian.
If I don’t try harder, how can I beat you?”

“It’s the same even if you try hard.
If you oppose me, you’re destined to die.”

As he spoke, Fang Aotian had already taken out a huge dragon pattern saber.

The aura emitted from it indicated that it was also a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

Without saying much, with a thought, Fang Aotian held the large ring saber and slashed at Ling Xinyue.

Ling Xinyue also immediately responded.
With the Martial Monarch Realm weapon in hand, sparks appeared from her sword as swung her hand, sending a sword beam that collided with Fang Aotian’s saber beam.

In the sky, another huge light exploded.
The shock wave tore a huge hole in the clouds, making the moon in the sky appear especially bright.

“I was wondering why you dared to fight me.
It turns out that you found a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.”

Fang Aotian was not surprised that Ling Xinyue had a Martial Monarch Realm weapon in her hand.

Firstly, Ling Xinyue’s status was honorable and she was a Demon Venerable of the holy Demon Sect.
What was so strange about her having a Martial Monarch Realm weapon?

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Secondly, he himself had way too many Martial Monarch Realm weapons to use.
Therefore, when he saw the other party’s Martial Monarch Realm weapon, he felt as if he was looking at cabbages.

“However, do you think you can defeat me with a Martial Monarch Realm weapon? Aren’t you thinking too highly of yourself?”

As he spoke, Fang Aotian took out another Martial Monarch Realm weapon and used two Martial Monarch Realm weapons to resist Ling Xinyue.

Ling Xinyue was not weak and also held her Martial Monarch Realm weapon as she fought Fang Aotian.

The two of them did not speak any more nonsense.
The battle directly entered the climax.
Every move they made was made with the intent to kill.

This world was quickly covered by light.

Thunderous sounds erupted from the light ball.
Countless living beings and cultivators were frightened far away when they saw this.
Some even immediately fled when they heard the sound and did not dare to approach.

At this moment, it was already late at night.

In the Great Zhou Imperial City, all the lights had long been extinguished.

The entire Great Zhou Imperial City fell into darkness and silence.

However, in this darkness, a black figure borrowed the cover of the night sky to slowly step down and directly land in the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.

The moment he descended, a powerful aura suddenly erupted from the forbidden area in the backyard of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.

A moment later, that aura broke through everything and instantly arrived in the courtyard.

“Ji Shangrong, why are you here instead of staying in your Royal Imperial Palace’s forbidden area?”

Ji Shangrong was neither shocked nor happy.
His expression was very calm, as if he had long expected this scene.

With his hands behind his back, he stood proudly.
He looked at the old man in front of him who was similar in age to him and smiled.

“I haven’t seen you in a long time.
I wanted to come and chat with you.
Oh yeah, I also wanted to see if Seventh Brother’s cultivation has deteriorated in the past few years.”

“Then there’s no need for you to worry, Grand Imperial Sire.
I can resolve my cultivation problem myself.
There’s no need for others to interfere.”

As he spoke, many people in the Imperial Palace had already discovered the abnormality and were gathering over.

“Grandpa, who is this senior?”

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