Seeing this group of women come out, Li Daoran’s eyes widened, and his mouth went dry.

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“I’ve long heard that your Acacia Faction’s fairies are of high quality and are ranked at the top of the Great Zhou.
I didn’t expect the quality to actually be this high!”

Li Daoran was not joking.
Because of their cultivation, the skin of the women in this world was delicate, and their figures were top-notch.

Even the fairy that welcomed them in could be considered to be very beautiful even without any make up.
in Lu Xiaoran’s previous life, she could even become a top celebrity after going through some training.

Unexpectedly, the fairy that welcomed them in pursed her lips and smiled.

“This is the cheapest batch we have here.”

“What? These beautiful ladies are the cheapest girls in your Acacia Faction?”

“That’s right! Our Acacia Faction is the most high-end service sect in the Great Zhou Empire.
We have a lot of choices.
We have girls that cost 198 low-grade spirit stones, girls that cost 498 low-grade spirit stones, and even Supreme Realm cultivators that cost 998 low-grade spirit stones.”

Li Daoran exclaimed and stared straight ahead.

His hand grabbed Lu Xiaoran’s arm tightly as he said excitedly, “Old Lu, if these 198 people look like this, won’t the 998 people be extremely charming?”

Lu Xiaoran raised his eyebrows as if he had thought of something bad, but he could not remember what it was.

“Don’t be too excessive.
The expensive ones might not satisfy you.”

“How can that be? It’s not easy for me to come here, and they only cost 998 low-grade spirit stones.
How can I let go of such a cheap price?”

He had just obtained 200,000 high-grade spirit stones that were equivalent to 20 million low-grade spirit stones.

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How could he care about such a small sum of money?

The Fairy of Welcoming smiled and said, “The services of the 998 girls will be held in a special VIP room.
Please follow us upstairs, Master Li.”

Li Daoran did not answer her directly.
Instead, he looked at Lu Xiaoran and said, “Old Lu, are you really not going? It’s my treat.
You don’t have to pay.”

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.

“No, I’m not interested in such things.”

“Then… I’ll go up first by myself.”

“Are you really not coming?”

“Don’t say that I’m not a good friend.
I invited you.
You chose this yourself.”

With that said, Li Daoran ran to the third floor.

The fairy that welcomed them in smiled and said, “Master Lu, our Acacia Faction’s service is famous throughout the entire Great Zhou.
Do you really not want to try it?”

Lu Xiaoran shook his head.

“I’m not blessed and am not used to foot massages.”

“Could it be that Master Lu wants something more elegant? Do you want to try out some sports that are beneficial to the body and mind? Are you interested in crossing two white jade mountains to visit the deep river? If the price is appropriate, our Acacia Faction can also provide it.”

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Lu Xiaoran glanced at the other party.
He knew that the Acacia Faction was not a proper sect.

In this world, there was nothing clean about such places.

“No need.
I’m not interested in these things.
I just want to be left alone.”

“Alright, then I won’t disturb Master Lu.
Take a rest.
If you need anything, just let me know.
The fairies in the hall will be at your service.”

The fairy that welcomed them in was somewhat disappointed.

It was not because of money.

She simply felt that Lu Xiaoran was very handsome and had an indescribable aura that made her unable to control herself.

To put it bluntly, she simply coveted Lu Xiaoran’s body.

Unfortunately, Lu Xiaoran’s eyes were clear and he was clearly not interested in the women of the Acacia Faction.

After everyone dispersed, Lu Xiaoran slowly closed his eyes and waited for news of Wang Cai.

Fortunately, Wang Cai did not disappoint him.
In less than two minutes, he received a message.

“Master, the location has been locked.
Coordinates are being transmitted.”

The corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth curled up slightly.
The moment he opened his eyes, Lu Xiaoran also used the Great Void Chaos Steps.

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In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from his spot.

A guest in the corner had just walked out and inadvertently saw this scene.
With a bang, the cup in his hand shattered as if he had seen a ghost.

“Heavens, what speed.
I’m at the Spirit Realm, but I can’t even see through his speed.
Even a Mountain Sea Realm expert probably can’t do this, right?”

A moment later, he felt somewhat heartbroken.

“Damn it! I was originally ashamed that as a Spirit Realm expert, I still came to the Acacia Faction to have fun.
I didn’t expect that even such a powerful senior above the Mountain Sea Realm would come to the Acacia Faction to have fun.
The world is really declining!”

“Get me two top-grade fairies in room 73.
Not the 998 ones.”

On the other side, in the forest less than 100 miles from the Acacia Faction, a violent explosion suddenly sounded.

After the explosion, a handsome young figure suddenly fell to the ground, creating a huge pit.

He crawled out of the pit, his body covered in injuries.
Half of his body had even been burned.

Behind him, several powerful figures also arrived quietly at the same time and stood not far from him.

“Tianyuan, accept your fate.
You won’t be able to escape from our hands.”

“Hahahaha… I didn’t expect to die in the hands of my uncles who watched me grow up.”

As soon as he said this, the few of them had somewhat ashamed expressions.

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“Tianyuan, if you want to blame someone, blame us for this.
If we hadn’t abandoned your uncle because he was weak back then, things wouldn’t have ended up like this.
We owe him.
As for the injustice you and your parents suffered, we can only repay it in our next life.”

“Stop pretending to be righteous!”

Fang Tianyuan spat out a mouthful of blood.

“The winner takes all! I, Fang Tianyuan, still understand that.
Go on and make your move.”

Fang Tianyuan closed his eyes.

“Dad, Mom, I’m useless and can’t avenge the two of you.
However, I’ll go down now and apologize to you.”

The experts of the Ancient Ape Tribe looked at each other, their eyes filled with guilt.
Soon, their eyes were covered in killing intent.

Then, a huge aura suddenly pressed towards Fang Tianyuan!

At this moment, Fang Tianyuan was already extremely weak.

One could imagine that he was no match for such a huge aura.

As long as he touched it, he would die!

Just as Fang Tianyuan thought that he was about to die, an even stronger aura suddenly appeared behind him.
It was as if he was a weak flower being protected by a tall mountain.

Fang Tianyuan suddenly opened his eyes and saw the most shocking scene in his life.

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