“I wonder if the Ancient Bronze Hall has developed spirit sense.
If it has, maybe it escaped on its own or even found a place to hide?”

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“Stop talking.
If not for you using it to hit Li Liushui, things wouldn’t have ended up like this.”

“We should continue searching.”

The two of them searched for a long time, but they still could not find the Ancient Bronze Hall.
They could not help but feel somewhat discouraged.

“Forget it, I’ll find a tea house and rest first.”

The two of them found a city nearby and wanted to enter to rest for a while.

“Waiter, give me a pot of top-notch spirit energy tea.”

“Alright, I’ll be right there.”

The waiter quickly brought over a pot of tea.
Ji Wuxia felt somewhat strange.

“By the way, what’s the name of this city? I don’t think I’ve seen a city here before.”

“Sir, you sure know how to joke.
Our city is called Spring Water City and has a history of hundreds of years.
Who doesn’t know about it in a radius of 500 kilometers?”

Ji Wuxia’s beautiful eyebrows raised even higher.
Although she was not the emperor of the Great Zhou, she was still familiar with many cities.
However, she had never heard of Spring Water City.

Yun Lige poured two cups of water and pushed them to her as he said, “Junior Sister, have you gone crazy looking for the Ancient Bronze Hall? It’s normal for you to not have heard of such a small city.”

Ji Wuxia shook her head and shook off the doubts in her heart.
She picked up the tea and took a sip.

Yun Lige was right.
There were so many places in the Great Zhou Empire.
It was also very normal for her to not know the names of one or two small places.

Moreover, she had already swept her divine sense over this spirit energy tea.
There was nothing odd about it.

Thinking about it, she realized that she was probably overthinking.

Therefore, Ji Wuxia also relaxed and sipped tea with Yun Lige to eliminate her fatigue.

As for the waiter, when he arrived downstairs, his face changed into a beautiful woman’s face.

At this moment, she was not the only woman downstairs.
The customers who were originally drinking tea and the accountants… had all turned into women.

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“Sisters, the time for revenge has arrived.”

“Lu Xiaoran’s disciples are completely unaware that this entire city is actually formed by a Martial Monarch Realm formation that was imparted to us by the artifact spirit of the Ancient Bronze Hall.
Even our appearances have been modified by this Martial Monarch Realm formation.
Even if a Supreme Realm expert comes, they won’t be able to tell that there’s anything wrong.
Moreover, the two of them aren’t even King Realm experts.”

“Very soon, they will regret having drank that pot of tea.
That’s the Fire Cloud Tree Tea that has been kept in the Ancient Bronze Hall for ten thousand years.
It’s no different from ordinary spirit energy tea and even increases one’s cultivation.”

However, once they drink it, they will be drunk.
It’s impossible for the two of them to see through the trick.
As long as they drink the tea, they will be drunk in a moment.

“Lu Xiaoran killed our Brother Aotian.
We won’t be able to kill him for a while, but at the very least, we can deal with these two first.”

As they spoke, two muffled sounds sounded from upstairs.

The corners of the girls’ mouths curled up slightly, and killing intent spread in their eyes.

The few women quickly went upstairs.
Indeed, Yun Lige and Ji Wuxia had already fallen to the ground.

The woman in the green dress did not say a word and directly waved her hand to tie the two of them up.

The other women could not help but be surprised.

“Sister Lu Yi, what rope is this? It looks so powerful!”

Lu Yi said extremely proudly,

“This is a top-grade Saint Realm weapon from the Ancient Bronze Hall.
It’s made from Heaven Silk that is ten thousand years old.
It’s invulnerable to fire and water and is almost comparable to a quasi Martial Monarch Realm weapon.”

The girls gasped in unison, shocked and filled with envy.
Then, they clenched their fists tightly, their eyes firm.

“There are really too many treasures in the Ancient Bronze Hall.
After we kill the two of them, with the help of the Ancient Bronze Hall, our cultivation will definitely increase quickly.
At that time, we can avenge Brother Aotian and kill Lu Xiaoran.”

“Let’s not talk about that first.
The two of them are Lu Xiaoran’s disciples.
They definitely have a lot of treasures on them.
Let’s plunder all the treasures on them first.”

The girls immediately swept away the storage bags on the two of them.

As for the Martial Monarch Realm armor on the two of them, they could not take it off for the time being.
However, it did not matter.
After cutting off their heads later, the Martial Monarch Realm armor would naturally be theirs to take.

At that time, they could naturally take the armors off easily.

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After obtaining the storage bags from the two of them, the girls immediately opened them.

They knew very well that Lu Xiaoran’s disciple definitely had something good.

No one wanted to miss out on so many good things.
They decided to split them first.

“Hiss ~! The two of them actually have more Saint Realm medicinal pills on them than in the Ancient Bronze Hall! These guys are too powerful!”

“This Yun Lige has so many Saint Realm and Heaven Realm weapons in his storage bag.
The two of them are clearly both his disciples.
Why does he have so many more treasures than Ji Wuxia?”

“Hmph, looks like this Lu Xiaoran is also a biased master.”

The girls complained as they fought for Yun Lige and his sister’s treasures.

The two of them really had too many treasures.
It was so much that their eyes turned red.
They did not care about killing Yun Lige and Lu Xiaoran.

At this moment, one of the women suddenly took out a cultivation diary.

“This is… Ji Wuxia’s cultivation diary?”

The girls’ eyes immediately lit up as if they had discovered a new continent.

“Quick, open it and take a look.
There might be some secrets regarding Lu Xiaoran’s weakness inside.”

She replied and immediately opened Ji Wuxia’s diary.

The first page contained the rules of the Heaven Demon Sect and Zhishui Peak.

After the girls saw this, they sneered.

“This Lu Xiaoran is really an old fox.
He’s clearly so powerful, but he’s so despicable.
No wonder Brother Aotian lost to him.”

“They’re both men, but why is the difference between them so huge? Our Brother Aotian is so much more impressive and mighty.”

The girls mocked as they flipped to the second page.

In an instant, the ridicule stopped.

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This was because the first line of the second page was written in large neat words.

“Master’s cultivation level is at the Martial Monarch Realm.”

The air could not help but fall silent for a moment.

A moment later, Lu Yi took a deep breath and said with a solemn expression,

“So what if he’s a Martial Monarch Realm expert? Are Martial Monarch Realm experts not mortals? Martial Monarch Realm experts can still be killed! As long as we have the help of the Ancient Bronze Hall, it’s only a matter of time before we become Martial Monarch Realm experts.”

The few girls trembled and were shocked by Lu Yi’s spirit.
They nodded at the same time, their eyes becoming firm.

“That’s right.
Sister Lu Yi is right.
Now, we even have Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques.
Why do we still need to be afraid of Lu Xiaoran? In the future, we’ll all be Martial Monarch Realm experts with Martial Monarch Realm weapons.”

“For Brother Aotian, we will never lower our heads!”

Thinking of this, the girls continued to open the next page.

“In the 2020th year of the Great Zhou calendar, on the 31st of December, there was no snow today.
In a month, I advanced by another three realm levels.
Eldest Senior Brother still had yet to break through.”

“In the 2021st year of the Great Zhou calendar, on the ninth of January, it was cold outside.
Today, during Master’s lecture, Junior Brother Fang and I both had an epiphany and broke through a realm level on the spot.
Eldest Senior Brother still hasn’t broken through.”

“In the 2021st year of the Great Zhou calendar, on the fifth of March, the sun shone brightly.
Today, Junior Brother Fang and I both ended our seclusion and broke through another realm level.
Eldest Senior Brother cultivated for more than two months and finally broke through another realm level.
He can barely catch up to Junior Brother and me a little.
However, Master is holding another lecture tomorrow.
I think the gap between Eldest Senior Brother’s cultivation and our cultivation will widen again.”

The girls became more and more silent and depressed.

The speed at which Ji Wuxia and the others increased their cultivation was really too fast.

Basically, they broke through every month.
Sometimes, they even broke through two realm levels in a single month.

On the other hand, these girls wouldn’t be able to break through so quickly even if they were in their mother’s womb!

How were they supposed to avenge Brother Aotian?

No matter how powerful the Ancient Bronze Hall was, it was still inferior to Lu Xiaoran’s lectures!

This situation continued until everyone flipped to the hundredth page.

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“In the 2021st year of the Great Zhou calendar, on the 14th of May, it rained.
Master killed a Martial Monarch Realm expert and skinned him alive to refine the Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill, Martial Monarch Realm Marrow Pill, and Martial Monarch Realm Soul Pill.”

“Based on today’s information, I deduced that Master’s previous Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pills were also obtained by the Hunting Martial Monarch Realm expert.
According to a conservative estimate, Master has killed more than two Martial Monarch Realm experts.”

“Master is not injured.
According to my initial estimation, Master’s strength is enough to suppress a Martial Monarch Realm expert.”

“Master might have already stepped into the legendary realm and surpassed the peak realm.”

The air fell into a deathly silence again.

A moment later, Lu Yi took a deep breath and closed the notebook.

“Put everything away and let the two of them go.”

“What? How can we do that? They’re the enemies who killed Brother Aotian.
Aren’t we going to avenge Brother Aotian?”

Lu Yi said with a cold expression,

“Revenge? How? Do you want to go against a guy who’s not even human? That’s not revenge, that’s stupidity.”

“Lu Yi, how could you say that? Brother Aotian doted on you the most when he was alive.”

“Of course he did.
My figure is better than yours and I’m more beautiful than you guys.
Unless he’s crazy, it’s only natural for him to dote on me and not you guys.
To be honest, that scumbag got himself so many girls.
He’s like a pig that keeps talking nonsense.
He says that his love for every woman is equal.
I’ve long been disgusted by him.”

“Lu Yi, you slut.
You betrayed Brother Aotian.
I’ll kill you.”

However, the moment they finished speaking, their chests were suddenly pierced by sharp blades.

“A group of idiots.
The Martial Monarch Realm illusion formation is under my control.
I have the final say in this world.
You’re courting death by challenging me!”

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