“Master, we’re already called the Nameless Sect.
Do we really still need to develop?”

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Li Changsheng was deeply puzzled.

Lu Xiaoran was silent for a moment before saying,

“You seem to be very free.
In that case, I’ll leave the construction of the house and the mountain path to you.
Of course, in order to train your body, I’ll seal your cultivation first.”

“Master, is it too late for me to kneel now?”

“It’s too late even if your ancestors kneel for you.
Tianyuan and Zi Qiong, you guys will supervise him.
If he dares to slack off, whip him directly.”

“Don’t worry, Master.
We won’t be soft-hearted.”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and immediately went to the foot of the mountain to set up the array formation.

Li Changsheng heaved a sigh of relief and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead.

“Being with Master is really stressful! Fortunately, he got Senior Brother and Junior Sister to supervise the work instead of personally supervising it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he saw Fang Tianyuan and Zhuge Ziqiong not far away, happily picking out their canes.

“Senior Brother, the canes here are thicker.”

“The thick ones don’t work as well.
It will hurt more if the cane is thin.
Moreover, the thin ones have a lot of thorns.”

“But it’s easy to break.”

“We can change it after it breaks.
There’s nothing but canes here.”

Lu Xiaoran set up his array formation at the foot of the mountain.
Although this place was very barren, it did not mean that it was safe enough.

It was fine for them to encounter small fries.
They were not that troublesome.

What was really annoying was that they might encounter Martial Monarch Realm experts in the future.
Other than that, there was also the more important problem of Lin Fei’s ancestral bloodline.

According to Ji Wuxia’s information, the signal released by the divine stone headed towards the sky.

Therefore, strictly speaking, he might encounter a God Realm expert in the future.

Now, Lu Xiaoran could not even guarantee that he would be able to defeat a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
If a God Realm expert came, his chances of defeating the other party would be even lower.

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This was also why Lu Xiaoran chose to hide in this remote place instead of staying in the Imperial City.

Moreover, he had never thought of staying in the Imperial City from the beginning.
He only wanted to kill Ji Wuxia’s old enemy, Lin Fei, in the Imperial City.

After dealing with Lin Fei, he could actually have already left the Imperial City.
However, other things had happened after that.
With Fang Aotian and Li Liushui appearing one after another, he was helpless.

Another very important problem was that the Great Dao Reincarnation that was fused onto the Mountain and River State Painting had a limited use, It could not be used permanently.

Back then, Wang Cai had also fused the Great Dao Reincarnation into the Mountain and River State Painting in order to increase the strength of Yun Lige and the others in a short period of time.
However, now that the time had passed, the effect of the Great Dao Reincarnation had already disappeared.

These were all things that gave him a headache.

It was because of these factors that Lu Xiaoran chose to find a hidden place and enter seclusion to cultivate for a while.

By increasing the cultivation of his disciples, he could also increase his own cultivation so that he could cultivate to the Martial Monarch Realm and reach the minimum requirement to cultivate a God Realm cultivation technique.

Then, he would transform some Martial Monarch Realm weapons into divine weapons.

Lu Xiaoran set down a small goal of entering seclusion for ten thousand years.

As he thought about this, Lu Xiaoran began to set up the array formation.

He used his perfected array formation strength to set up more than 100 Martial Monarch Realm defensive array formations, more than 200 Martial Monarch Realm illusion formations, and more than 500 Martial Monarch Realm attack array formations.

Not to mention a Martial Monarch Realm expert, even a basic God Realm expert would probably have to be careful with this lineup.

As for the consumption, Lu Xiaoran did not care at all.

In any case, he had recently confiscated a large number of spirit stones from the Acacia Faction.
He did not lack spirit stones.

However, just as he was diligently setting up the array formation, a pair of eyes hidden in the small pool stared fixedly at him.

“It’s been 6,000 years.
I’ve always been cultivating in this pool and have never taken a step out.
I didn’t expect to still be interrupted in the end

“Damn humans.
They wouldn’t even leave such a barren place alone… Why do they have to build their sect here?

Lu Xiaoran, who was setting up the array formation, was suddenly stunned.
He turned around and looked at the pool and could not help but frown slightly.

“Strange, why do I feel that this pool is somewhat strange?”

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A moment later, he shook his head and turned around to continue setting up the array formation.

The pool was silent for more than a hundred breaths before two bubbles appeared.

“Hiss ~! I was scared to death.
This brat actually almost sensed my existence just now? What’s going on?”

Something seemed to be wrong.

Its main body had cultivated bitterly for 6,000 years, and its cultivation was not inferior to a first level Supreme Realm expert.

Moreover, since its birth, its body had a special connection to water.
When its body was in the water, it could be said to have completely fused with the water and would not emit any aura.

Even tenth level Supreme Realm human cultivators would not be able to sense its main body.

Could it be that this brat is a Saint Realm expert? ”

A moment later, two more bubbles appeared in the pool.

“No, he probably isn’t.
His bone age is rather young among humans.
He doesn’t seem to have lived for thousands of years at all.
How could he have cultivated to the Saint Realm?!”

Moreover, what kind of Saint Realm expert would come to such a remote place? ”

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran, who was originally setting up the array formation, seemed to have sensed something and swept his gaze over again.

“Something seems to be wrong.”

Although Lu Xiaoran knew that he was somewhat crazy and his sixth sense was too sensitive, he also knew that the first rule of caution was to immediately take action if he had any doubts.

Just as Cao Asi had said, it was better to kill a thousand innocent people than to let a single guilty person off.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran directly used the Trinity True Eyes.

The creature in the water could not help but be somewhat surprised when it saw Lu Xiaoran’s eyes change.

“Eh, this brat’s eyes can actually take on a different state.
Not bad, this is some kind of eye technique, right?

“Unfortunately, no matter how good your eye technique is, it’s useless.

“I have already cultivated to perfection.
When I am in the water, 99% of my entire body will be made of water.
No matter what eye technique you use, it’s impossible for you to see through my main body.

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“Hmph, just you wait.
In a while, when you’re not around, I’ll launch a sneak attack and directly blast you into the sky.

“Speaking of which, ever since I was born, I had always been living in this small pool.
I had never left and had never eaten anyone.

“I had heard from the small demons I had eaten in the past that human flesh was the most delicious food in this world.
I wonder if it’s true.

“No, no.
I want to live ignobly until I transcend the tribulation and become a divine beast.
How could I think of eating people? I have to sever this desire and live ignobly!

“It is not a good thing for me to accumulate karma.
If I kill him and attract his mother, his father, and then his entire family, wouldn’t I be doomed?

“Eh, why did this brat take out a sword? What is he trying to do?

“Eh, why does he seem to have started circulating his energy?

“Eh, why does it feel like he’s facing my location?

“No way? It shouldn’t be possible for this brat to see me, right? Could it be that he wants to hack the mountain behind me?”

However, when Lu Xiaoran’s sword really slashed down, the creature in the water finally understood that it had really been exposed.

“Damn it, he’s really attacking me!”

Sensing the powerful killing intent on Lu Xiaoran’s sword beam, the other party did not dare to delay at all.
It immediately used its movement technique with all its strength to escape from the pool.

In the next second, the entire pool was blasted into the sky by Lu Xiaoran’s sword beam.

Li Changsheng, who had already spread the mountain path halfway up the mountain, suddenly turned around.

“Eh, Master seems to be in trouble?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Fang Tianyuan and Zhuge Ziqiong pulled out a cane from both sides.

“Get to work.
Don’t think about being lazy.”

Li Changsheng, whose strength had been sealed by Lu Xiaoran, grimaced in pain, his handsome face distorted.

“I’m not trying to be lazy.
I’m just afraid that Master will be in trouble.”

“Master? Trouble? Ridiculous.
Master is a God Realm existence.
If there’s trouble, it’s him finding trouble with others.
What are you worried about?”

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“That’s right.
Hurry up and work.
If you work slower, Master will blame us and punish us too.”

At the foot of the mountain, an antelope-like creature covered in blue scales was panting by the water.

“Damn it, that was close.
This brat actually saw through my hiding place! Is there a mistake? He’s so young, but his cultivation is already at the tenth level of the Supreme Realm? When did the human race become so abnormal?”

Not far away, Lu Xiaoran said with a cold expression,

“I was indeed right.
There’s something in the pool.
However, I didn’t expect it to be a strange demon beast like you.”

“You’re the one who’s strange.
Your entire family is strange! I have the dignified Qilin bloodline.”

However, when it spoke, its voice turned into a strange cry.

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran could not help but frown.

“You have the Qilin bloodline?”

“You can even understand the demon beast language?”

The blue demon beast immediately widened its eyes and looked at Lu Xiaoran in disbelief.

Originally, he did not know the demon beast language.
However, because the Beast Control Divine Art he obtained from the gift bag was a God Realm cultivation technique, his disciples were unable to cultivate it.
Therefore, Lu Xiaoran took some time to cultivate it and spent two days cultivating it to the perfected realm.

The current him could naturally understand the demon beast language.

The blue demon beast recovered its coldness after a short shock.

“Hmph! Since you can understand the demon beast language, it’s much easier.
This territory belongs to me.
Take your people and get lost quickly.
Otherwise, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Lu Xiaoran directly slashed down.

A powerful force smashed fiercely onto its head, smashing it into the ground on the spot, causing the ground to crack.

It made it dizzy and its soul almost left its body.

“Shameless human, no morals.”

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