Hearing Wang Cai say that Soul Guidance had been successfully activated, Lu Xiaoran was extremely excited.

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He was about to have another disciple.
In total, he would have six disciples with Martial Monarch Realm talent.
If his new disciple cultivated together with his old ones, his cultivation speed would increase even faster.

Actually, Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation speed was not slow either.
His talent was much better than all the disciples combined.

However, the problem was that once humans got used to receiving benefits without having to work hard, they would not want to work hard anymore.

Lu Xiaoran was a classic example of this.

Even if he cultivated by himself and his speed was not slow, how could it be better than him relying on his disciples to increase his own cultivation?

Moreover, he still needed to forge weapons, increase cultivation techniques, and refine pills.

“Should I hold a master-disciple ceremony? However, this is not good.
After all, Lige and the others didn’t have such ceremonies.
If I let hold ceremonies for the newbie, it might disappoint them.”

“I wonder what the new disciple looks like.
Is it a man or a woman? It’s best if it’s a man.
If it’s a woman, after all, there’s going to be differences.
There are some topics that we can’t talk about.”

“By the way, speaking of which, Wang Cai seems to have some information, right? Wang Cai, show me the information.”

“Alright, Master.
I’ll generate the information for you now.”

Soon, Wang Cai generated a document.
Lu Xiaoran swept his gaze over it.

As the original Holy Son of the Vast Heaven Sect in the Great Qin Empire, Song Xinnian had outstanding talent and a powerful cultivation, attracting a group of bootlickers.

Among them was a woman who was the Dao mate of a small disciple of the Vast Heaven Sect.
Because she wanted to rely on Song Xinian, she broke up with her Dao mate.
Unexpectedly, the woman’s Dao mate actually gathered countless peak experts to serve her overnight.

It was even to the extent that even the entire Vast Heaven Sect turned its back on Song Xinian and even chased him down.

“Tsk tsk… he’s also an unfortunate one.”

Lu Xiaoran only needed to read a few words to more or less understand what was going on with this Song Xinian.

It was obvious that he was a tall, rich, and handsome man.
Such a person would definitely have a large group of bootlickers around him.
Among them was a woman who was the hot shot’s little girlfriend.

In the end, there was no need to say anything.
He had definitely angered that hot shot all of a sudden, making him rise up and then kill him indiscriminately.

He wondered what kind of person this hot shot was.

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Like the others, this hot shot had changed his fate overnight.

The hot shot who was splashed by Zhuge Ziqiong’s foot washing water was a Dragon King.
Could this hot shot be some kind of Asura?

However, in theory, the more awesome the disciple, the more awesome the corresponding hot shot would be.

This hot shot was probably not inferior to Li Liushui.

After all, since Changsheng’s talent was so powerful, this child Xianian would definitely also not be weak.

If he had a few more precious disciples like Changsheng, whose cultivation speed was very fast, he would also benefit a lot.
The benefits he received from Changsheng cultivating for a month or two was probably comparable to the benefits he received from Lige cultivating for dozens of months.

The excited Lu Xiaoran even felt like he could not sleep.

One day passed, two days passed, three days passed…

On the seventh day, Lu Xiaoran could not sit still anymore.

“Wang Cai, isn’t this a bit ridiculous? It’s been seven days.
Why hasn’t my disciple arrived?”

“Master, don’t be anxious.
Song Xinian is currently being hunted, so he is moving very slowly.
According to my initial estimation, if he isn’t killed, he will be able to arrive at the Nameless Sect in at most another month.”

“My disciple might even be killed?”

“Yes, Master.
Because he hasn’t become your disciple yet, he can’t be protected by your luck.”

“Then if he’s killed, can I still take him in as my disciple?”

“If we can still find a strand of hair and a wisp of a soul, we might be able to use the Body Modeling Mark to revive him.
However, if he’s killed until nothing is left, that won’t do.”

It turned out that he had to go and save this new disciple.

Otherwise, not to mention whether his precious disciple could get here in time, even if he did, wouldn’t it be very annoying if he attracted a lot of pursuers?

At that time, how was he supposed to preserve the peace and quiet of the Nameless Sect?

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran took a deep breath and continued, “Wang Cai, tell me his location.”

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“Alright, I’m transmitting the location to Master.”

After Lu Xiaoran obtained the coordinates, he directly opened the Trinity True Eyes and instantly disappeared from his spot.
When he reappeared, he had already appeared in the northern part of the Great Zhou Empire, near the Great Qin Empire’s border, in the Primordial Mountain Range.

The Primordial Mountain Range was the border between the Great Qin Empire and the Great Zhou Empire.
This place was filled with towering mountains that spanned more than tens of millions of kilometers.
It was as if the ground had been raised from the east to the west.

In the Primordial Mountain Range, there were many powerful demon beasts hidden.
The strength of some demon beasts was not inferior to Supreme Realm martial artists.

It was said that in the depths of the Primordial Mountain Range, there seemed to be an extremely rare top-notch big shot whose cultivation had already reached the legendary Saint Realm.

Therefore, be it the Great Qin Empire or the Great Zhou Empire, no large-scale war or migration had ever occurred.

At this moment, in the ancient mountain range, in the dense forest that covered the sky, a cultivator whose left shoulder had been severed was hiding in the dense forest.

His shoulder was wrapped in a cloth, but it was still stained with blood.

If not for his cultivation being powerful enough to suppress the bleeding, he would have long died from excessive blood loss.

His scarlet and bloodshot eyes were staring fixedly at the empty area in front of him.

A moment later, two figures suddenly appeared, one in front and the other behind.
He also attacked in an instant.
With a saber in one hand, a cold light flashed, and two heads immediately flew up.

The two corpses fell to the ground, and he panted heavily, his expression exhausted.

Clearly, these pursuers who had been chasing him for a long time were already unable to take it anymore.

“It’s been seven days since I entered the Primordial Mountain Range, and I’m already severely injured.
At this rate, I’m afraid I won’t be able to escape to the Great Zhou Empire.”

Heavens, what sin did I, Song Xinian, commit for you to tease me like this? ”

An inexplicable sadness surged into Song Xinian’s heart.

He was originally supposed to be the focus of everyone’s attention.
However, because of a brainless woman who insisted on chasing after him, he was hunted down.

What was unfortunate was that he was not interested in that woman at all.
He did not even want to touch that woman.

From the beginning to the end, it was clearly that woman who insisted on leaning on him.
However, her Dao mate hated him to the bone and had even been rude to him many times.

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As the dignified Holy Son of the Vast Heaven Sect, even if he could accept the other party humiliating him, his bootlickers would not.

Therefore, those lackeys rushed forward and crippled the other party before throwing him out of the mountain gate.

However, in the end, he had become the greatest culprit.

However, he had clearly not done anything.

This was what wronged Song Xinian the most.

Was it a sin to be handsome, powerful, and have a high status? Was it a sin?

He had not hurt anyone.
Why did he have to end up like this?

Song Xinian really wanted to roar to vent his dissatisfaction with the heavens.

Unfortunately, he did not even have the chance to shout.

This was because the dense forest of the Primordial Mountain Range was filled with people chasing after him.

Not to mention these people who were chasing him, just the powerful demon beasts here were not something he could afford to provoke.

Therefore, now, he was about to die of grievance.

However, at this moment, the air above his head distorted, and a powerful aura that he could not even comprehend appeared.

Song Xinian’s pupils constricted, and his expression changed drastically.

Moreover, the other party was an expert with a high cultivation.

It was over.
He was doomed.

It was even to the extent that because he was too afraid, the muscles in his legs began to tremble, and he was unable to even escape.

At this moment, his survival instinct instantly enveloped his heart.

Without any hesitation, he immediately bit the tip of his tongue and let the pain forcefully recover his control over his body.
Then, he turned around and ran.

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His figure instantly transformed into a stream of light.

Lu Xiaoran, who had just been teleported over, was dumbfounded.

“Is this brat… a rabbit? He’s actually running so fast?”

Shaking his head, Lu Xiaoran tapped his foot lightly and his body instantly disappeared from his spot.

Song Xinian fled ten thousand meters away and turned around to sweep his gaze over.
He did not see Lu Xiaoran and immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, it seemed that he had misunderstood.
The other party was only passing by and was not here to kill him.

He had just turned around when he happened to see Lu Xiaoran standing in his path with his hands behind his back and waiting for him with a faint smile.

Song Xinian gritted his teeth and did not dare to be careless at all.
He immediately attacked and condensed his full strength to slash at the other party.

He did not know if his saber could injure the other party, but he knew that if he wanted to live, he had to risk his life at this moment.

The long saber emitted a hundred-meter-long saber beam that fell towards Lu Xiaoran.

However, just as it landed on Lu Xiaoran’s head, a transparent protective barrier suddenly appeared on the surface of Lu Xiaoran’s body.

Actually, there was more than one protective barrier.
Instead, there were three divine armors and two Martial Monarch Realm armors that formed a total of five protective barriers.
However, because they were in the same place, they looked like a single protective barrier.

When the saber beam touched Lu Xiaoran’s protective barrier, it directly exploded into pieces with a bang.

Song Xinian was dumbfounded on the spot.

What kind of god was this? Why was his skin so thick?

His King Realm attack was actually directly shattered?

Just as he was thinking, Lu Xiaoran clapped his hand lightly.
A huge force instantly formed above his head and slapped Song Xinian to the ground on the spot.

In an instant, Song Xinian felt dizzy and was about to faint.

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