Zhuge Fei’er’s hair stood on end.

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Her Martial Monarch Realm perception allowed her to sense how close she was to death at this moment!

Without any hesitation, she immediately turned the Shadow Severing Saber sideways to block.

In the next second, the Xuanyuan Sword’s sword beam rushed onto Zhuge Fei’er’s saber.

With an ear-piercing explosion, sparks flew and lightning shot in all directions.

Lu Xiaoran pushed Zhuge Fei’er’s saber to her chest.

In an instant, Lu Xiaoran’s sword aura was actually blocked for a moment.

At this moment, no matter how calm Lu Xiaoran was, he could not help but widen his eyes and look in disbelief at the deformed breasts.

He did not expect this woman to take such good care of her breasts.

For experts above the Martial Monarch Realm, the strength of their body was already comparable to a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

Of course, with the help of a Martial Monarch Realm weapon, their strength would further increase.

Similarly, when they cultivated to the Martial Monarch Realm, the special effects of certain body parts would also be strengthened.

For example, the elasticity, shock reduction, comfort, and other aspects would also be heightened.

At this moment, Zhuge Fei’er was in such a state.

She was blocking with a Martial Monarch Realm weapon and had used the body of the Shadow Severing Saber to increase her defense.
In this situation, it was impossible for Lu Xiaoran to break through her defenses.

The other party’s resistance was too high!

Zhuge Fei’er gritted her teeth and spun.
Her small feet carried the power of laws as she pointed her saber at Lu Xiaoran’s temple and rushed over.

Unfortunately, Lu Xiaoran’s self-control was very good.
His shock only lasted for an instant before he instantly regained consciousness.

Without any hesitation, he suddenly summoned a divine weapon, the Kunlun Sword, with his left hand.

Seeing this scene, Zhuge Fei’er spat and did not dare to be careless at all.
She immediately retreated.

At this moment, the flames on her feet burned more and more fiercely.

Zhuge Fei’er felt that her Martial Monarch Realm weapon’s defense could no longer hold on.
Her small feet felt hot as if they were about to be burned.

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However, before she reached her limit, she did not dare to take off the Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

As long as this strange flame came into contact with the aura of living beings, it would burn endlessly.
However, no matter how high a living being’s cultivation was, they were unable to control their life force.

This was because that already belonged to the laws of the world.

When the Martial Monarch Realm weapon really could not hold on anymore, she could cut off her legs at any time before the flames lost control.

However, almost the moment she retreated, the sky suddenly changed.

Zhuge Fei’er’s heart trembled.

Indeed, in the next moment, she saw Lu Xiaoran use the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture with the Kunlun Sword in his left hand and the Azure Lotus Sword Art in his right.

This made Zhuge Fei’er almost vomit blood.

He circulated two Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques and controlled two Martial Monarch Realm weapons at the same time.

Moreover, he had even circulated both types of cultivation techniques to the limit.

It was equivalent to releasing two of his strongest moves at once.

Was he really that good at multitasking?

Was his spirit energy supply enough?

However, although she cursed in her heart, Zhuge Fei’er did not dare to hesitate at all in the face of this extremely powerful move.
She immediately condensed all her strength onto the Martial Monarch Realm weapon and used her full strength to activate all the defensive abilities of the Martial Monarch Realm armor.

After this, the Martial Monarch Realm armor on her body would very likely be destroyed from excessive consumption.

However, the problem was that if she did not do this, she suspected that she would very likely die.

Because the Martial Monarch Realm weapon had been charged too much, it even began to turn golden.
A golden energy defensive barrier suddenly formed on the surface of her body and quickly expanded.

Almost at the same time, Lu Xiaoran held his two swords and directly slashed down.

The power of laws instantly tore through the sky.
The invincible strength of a Martial Monarch Realm expert tore through the defense of the spatial barrier with a destructive force.

Then, it collided fiercely with Zhuge Fei’er’s barrier.

Zhuge Fei’er’s barrier was instantly enveloped by a pure white energy.

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The people fighting below suddenly saw a huge ball of light appear in the sky, exploding the dark clouds and standing shoulder to shoulder with another sun.

The four heavenly kings roared and immediately prepared to save her.

Unfortunately, this moment of distraction happened to give Li Changsheng and the others a chance.

Several moves were unleashed at the same time, forcing the four heavenly kings into a corner.

Immediately after, the three of them and the four demons attacked at the same time in an attempt to completely destroy the four heavenly kings.

However, at this moment, a light flashed on the ground, and the auras of the four heavenly kings suddenly began to increase.

Li Changsheng and the others’ attacks landed on the four heavenly kings, making the ground tremble violently.
As light shot in all directions, a mushroom cloud rose.

Song Xinian stared fixedly at the dust, and Fang Tianyuan narrowed his eyes.

“Something’s wrong.
Don’t be careless.”

Indeed, in the next moment, four even more powerful lights erupted from the dust.

Fang Tianyuan and Li Changsheng were both veterans in dealing with the hot shots and were already accustomed to their methods.
They had never been careless and were tense.

Therefore, the two of them escaped immediately.

As for Song Xinian, he was not so lucky and was directly sent flying by a sword beam.

The Azure Ox Supreme and the other three demons were also blasted back by a beam of light.

When the dust dissipated, the four of them were actually unscathed.
They were not injured by Fang Tianyuan and the others’ attacks.

“Damn! How is this possible?”

Song Xinian crawled out of the rubble.
That move was not enough to shatter his protective armor and injure him.

However, when he saw this scene, he could not help but be somewhat shocked.

Fang Tianyuan cast his gaze on Zhuge Fei’er’s follower not far away.

“It’s him! He’s an array master! When we were fighting, he set up an array formation not far away.
This array formation can increase their strength for a short period of time.”

Only then did Song Xinian understand what was going on.

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The cultivation of the four of them had already reached the peak of the Supreme Realm.
With the enhancement of the array formation, their cultivation might have even broken through to the Saint Realm.

In this way, even without the Martial Monarch Realm armor, they would still be able to resist their attacks.

Beitang Yu swept his gaze coldly over the man and said coldly,

“Shadow, your speed at setting up the array formation is too slow this time.”

“It’s really not my fault.
I’ve already done my best to deal with that demon beast.”

He was talking about Buttface.
Buttface was in charge of cleaning up the small fries other than the Four heavenly kings, so it naturally also dealt with this Shadow.

However, Buttface’s cultivation was clearly not enough and it had already been killed by the shadow.

“Alright, cut the crap.
Hurry up and kill them to help Lord Asura.”

Dongfang Rentu spat out coldly.
In the next moment, he had already stepped in front of Li Changsheng.

Under the enhancement of the array formation, his cultivation was already comparable to an early-stage Saint Realm expert.
Although he could not use the power of laws to instantly kill a Supreme Realm expert like a Saint Realm expert, at the very least, his combat strength was not inferior to a Saint Realm expert.
His speed was also several times stronger than before.

“I have to say that you’re very powerful.
However, going against the Battle God Army is the greatest mistake you’ve made in your lives.

As soon as he finished speaking, Dongfang Rentu held the Martial Monarch Realm spear and pierced it towards Li Changsheng’s chest.

However, Li Changsheng was not to be trifled with.
With the Martial Monarch Realm sword in hand, he fought the other party in a chaotic battle.

The two of them, one red and one green, were like two lights.
In an instant, they had already exchanged more than a thousand blows.

The ground exploded everywhere, as if more than a thousand cannonballs had been fired.

Li Changsheng could not help but sigh.
As expected of the subordinate of a hot shot, the other party’s cultivation was indeed extraordinary, and his combat level was also extraordinary.

Moreover, this Dongfang Rentu seemed to be the strongest subordinate of Zhuge Fei’er.

However, no matter how powerful the other party was, since his master wanted him to kill the other party, the other party had to die!

Li Changsheng became stronger and stronger.
The Sword Soul in his body was restless.

Three seconds later, after more than 2,000 exchanges, the Sword Soul in Li Changsheng’s body suddenly emitted a trembling sound and actually broke through in the battle.

Sensing that Li Changsheng’s aura was constantly rising, the expression of the Dongfang Rentu immediately changed.

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Unfortunately, it was already too late.

Li Changsheng and him could also fight those at a higher level.

However, one’s cultivation also depended on their foundation.

The higher the foundation cultivation, the better the effect of fighting those at higher levels.

If one’s foundation was good, it would also be easier to squeeze out combat strength.

Originally, the two of them could fight to a draw because Li Changsheng had yet to break through.

Now that Li Changsheng had broken through to the Saint Realm and had already grasped some power of laws, he was completely not someone Dongfang Rentu could resist.

The moment Dongfang Rentu sensed the danger, Li Changsheng heaved a sigh of relief.
His expression was incomparably relaxed, as if everything was under control.

He did not continue to use too many gorgeous attacks or use the complicated sword moves of the Azure Lotus Sword Art.

He only locked his gaze on the Dongfang Rentu and slashed.

His moves were simple and the beauty of his sword shocked the world.

The world darkened, and Dongfang Rentu was instantly beheaded.

The other three heavenly kings were immediately furious.

Their close friend and comrade had actually been killed in front of them.
Who could resist this?

However, they had yet to despair.
What made them despair was that in the next second, Li Changsheng actually attacked Dongfang Rentu’s body crazily.

After slashing out more than 500 sword lights in a row and confirming that he had turned the other party into ashes, Li Changsheng finally stopped.

The three heavenly kings were furious to the extreme.
At the same time, they transformed into three lightning bolts that headed straight for Li Changsheng.

At the same time, the explosion in the sky completely ended.

Lu Xiaoran’s move was dozens of times stronger than the Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill!

The Martial Monarch Realm Core Pill was only equivalent to an ordinary attack of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
As for Lu Xiaoran’s attack, it was the powerful attack of a Martial Monarch Realm expert combined with a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique and a divine weapon.

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