“Other than that, is there any other information?”

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Ji Wushang was silent for a moment before whispering, “I discovered that the son of the Qin Emperor has an unusual relationship with one of the Qin Emperor’s concubines.
This concubine seems to also have an unusual relationship with the brother of the Qin Emperor, who is related to the female sect master of another sect, who is once again related to the son of the Qin Emperor…”

“Do you have nothing better to do? Why are you going around learning about such trivial matters?”

“I had nothing to do and heard the young eunuch in the Imperial Palace talk about this.
The thing is that the other information is not easy to find and I also thought that this information could also be useful to Senior Lu, so I kept it in my head.
After all, Senior might be able to use this information to control the Qin Emperor’s son and brother at the same time.”

Lu Xiaoran looked at Ji Wushang speechlessly.

What was the use of controlling them?

Now, the Great Qin Empire was in an intense battle with the Hall of Gods.

As the saying went, the enemy of an enemy was a friend.
Since he was already friends with the Great Qin Empire, why should he do anything unnecessary?

“Forget it, let’s put it this way first.
It’s already so late.
I don’t want it to seem like I’m being too harsh on you by asking you to rush back to the Imperial City overnight.
You can stay here for the night and return tomorrow.”

Then, the two of them returned to the mountain together.
Lu Xiaoran immediately returned to his study to think.

As for Ji Wushang, he found Ji Wuxia to arrange a room for him.

Ji Wuxia brought Ji Wushang to an empty room.

“Brother, I’ll have to trouble you to stay here for the time being.”

Ji Wushang shook his head.

“No, this is Senior Lu’s sect.
I’m already lucky to be able to stay here for the night.”

“If there’s nothing else, I’ll go back and cultivate first.”

Ji Wushang stopped Ji Wuxia, as if he wanted to say something, but he hesitated.

Ji Wushang hesitated for a moment and finally mustered his courage to say,

“Wuxia, although I don’t know if I should say this, I still want to say that the opponent you encountered this time is very powerful!”

He emphasized the last two words, and his expression was very solemn.

Ji Wuxia said with an indifferent expression, “So what?”

Ji Wushang was stunned for a moment before continuing, “Wuxia, don’t you understand me? The enemy you encountered this time is especially powerful, so powerful that it’s heaven-defying.
He’s no longer a simple Martial Monarch Realm expert.
He even has a Martial Monarch Realm servant.”

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Think about it carefully.
How powerful must an existence be for him to dare to use a Martial Monarch Realm expert as a servant?

“Let me tell you this.
In comparison to our Great Zhou, the Great Qin Empire is already extremely powerful and heaven-defying.
They have the highest combat strength in the human world—the Martial Monarch Realm.
Moreover, they have more than one Martial Monarch Realm expert.

“They also have countless other Saint Realm and Supreme Realm experts.

“However, even so, they still find Su Chen to be very troublesome.

“Do you know why the Great Qin Imperial Family has never sent a Martial Monarch Realm expert to directly destroy the Hall of Gods?

“It was because the Great Qin Empire also felt danger and fear this time.

“As far as I know, the few Martial Monarch Realm experts of the Great Qin Empire are all in seclusion.
They are preparing to resist Su Chen in their best state.

“The Great Qin Empire also doesn’t dare to rashly deal with the Hall of Gods because they cannot afford to lose.
Once the Martial Monarch Realm experts of the Great Qin Empire fail, the entire Great Qin Empire would be finished.

“The Great Qin Empire will completely change its surname to Su!”

Ji Wuxia asked with an indifferent expression.

Ji Wushang was somewhat anxious.

“Aren’t you anxious? If even the Great Qin Empire is no match for the Hall of Gods, then although Senior Lu has the strength of a Martial Monarch Realm expert, he might not be able to protect all of us!”

Ji Wuxia asked indifferently again, “What are you trying to say?”

Ji Wushang took a deep breath and said in all seriousness, “I think you should talk to Senior properly.
Perhaps Senior should bring us to escape from the Great Zhou.”

“I’ve already thought about it.
It’s said that there’s a huge sea to the east of the Eternal Forest.
There are countless small islands there.
We can casually find a small island and cultivate there.

“Although there are many experts in the Eternal Forest, with Senior’s Martial Monarch Realm strength, he can definitely help us pass through the Eternal Forest safely.

“Moreover, as a Martial Monarch Realm expert, I think Senior is completely capable of protecting us on the East Sea.

Ji Wuxia did not show much interest in this and only gave a simple “oh”.

Hearing this “oh”, Ji Wushang immediately felt rather speechless.

It seemed that his sister did not listen to him at all.

Taking a deep breath, Ji Wushang continued, “Wuxia, don’t treat my words as a joke.
I’m not joking with you!”

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If you don’t listen to me, this is very likely to cost all our lives.

Ji Wuxia took a deep breath and said helplessly, “Brother, if you’re worried about this, then I advise you to drop your concerns.
You just have to be a good emperor.
Don’t worry and leave the rest to my master.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ji Wuxia turned around and left.

Ji Wushang hurriedly followed to the door and shouted, “Why should I?”

“Because my master is not a Martial Monarch Realm expert!”

Hearing this, Ji Wushang instantly felt his entire mind tremble violently.

Senior Lu was not a Martial Monarch Realm expert?

It was impossible for him to be a Saint Realm Realm expert, right?

If he was only a Saint Realm expert, how could he be so heaven-defying and abnormal?

After all, he had even killed a Battle God of the Great Qin Empire like Zhuge Fei’er.

Ji Wushang’s body suddenly trembled.

He suddenly thought of something.

Something was really wrong.

Senior was not a Martial Monarch Realm expert, but he could kill a Martial Monarch Realm expert…

Moreover, he could even make his sister so relaxed and not fear the Hall of Gods at all…

There was only one possibility.

Senior had already surpassed the Martial Monarch Realm and reached that legendary level.

Senior was actually a God Realm expert.

Ji Wuxia did not doubt the truth of this matter because she had read about it in some ancient literature a long time ago.

Although some martial artists had already reached the God Realm, because the God Realm was not the strongest realm in the Divine World, many God Realm experts would choose not to ascend to the Divine World in order to live longer.

Didn’t that fit Senior Lu’s character?

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It was extremely ignoble.

This meant that it was indeed true that he was a God Realm expert.

At this moment, Ji Wushang was so excited that tears streamed down his face.

He actually knew a God Realm expert.

That was an existence that many Martial Monarch Realm experts yearned to become.

To a God Realm expert, Martial Monarch Realm was only just the beginning

Mortals did not even dare to think about it.

It was even an extravagant hope for mortals to cultivate to the Martial Monarch Realm!

As for Senior, he was already the high and mighty God Realm expert!

At this moment, Lu Xiaoran’s status was infinitely elevated in Ji Wushang’s heart.

Originally, Lu Xiaoran had used the Trinity True Eyes to affect his mental strength, causing him to worship Lu Xiaoran.

However, now, he really and sincerely began to worship Lu Xiaoran.

They would definitely win!

With a God Realm expert backing the Great Zhou Imperial Family, what was there to be afraid of in the future?

What Hall of Gods, what Great Qin Empire?

Hehehehe, in front of Senior Lu, they were just ants.

After they fight to the death, Senior Lu would sweep through them all with a single move and let them know what unifying the world for all eternity meant!

Moreover, now that Senior Lu was so powerful, and the Ji family had now become his confidant…

In addition, Ji Wushuang’s sister, Ji Wuxia, was one of the senior’s beloved disciples…

If nothing unexpected happened, the Ji family would definitely have a lot of weight under Senior in the future.

Ji Wushuang felt that he should probably plan ahead, in case the Ji family became as big as the Qin Empire in the future.

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He will start planning tonight.

Thinking of this, Ji Wushang took a deep breath and immediately walked into the room.
He took out a pen and paper from his storage bag and began to write the first draft.

“In regards to the Great Zhou Empire’s national policy of expansion…”

“The first and most basic rule is to be loyal to Senior Lu.

At any time or anywhere, anyone from the Ji Family has to agree to Senior Lu’s requests and answer his questions.
In short, if Senior needs anything, the Ji Family has to be the first to provide.
If Senior does not need anything, the Ji Family still has to be on standby at all times.
It would be best if they could create a few needs for Senior Lu when Senior Lu has none.

“For example… recruit more beautiful women for Senior.
It’s best if these women are from the Ji family and even better if they can get pregnant with Senior Lu’s bloodline.

“Speaking of which, there seem to be a few good concubines among the batch I’ve just chosen.
Since they’ve just entered the palace and don’t have a status yet, maybe I can send them Senior?”

After a pause, he wrote the second rule.

“Secondly, the Great Zhou Empire will annex the Great Qin Empire and take over the Great Qin Empire’s territory.
The demon beasts in the Primordial Mountain Range will also be under the management of the Great Zhou Empire.”

“Should we include the Eternal Forest? There are a large number of hidden families gathered in the Eternal Forest.
Many of them are even much stronger than the Great Qin Empire and have countless experts.

“In any case, Senior Lu is still a God Realm expert.
It is definitely fine for him to fight Martial Monarch Realm experts.

“No matter how powerful you are, you’re still just a group of ants to Senior Lu.”

On the other side, in the study, Lu Xiaoran fell into a deep headache.

The Hall of Gods was so powerful that it even had a Martial Monarch Realm expert.

He still did not know how many Martial Monarch Realm experts there were.

Moreover, what was even more embarrassing was that he was the only Martial Monarch Realm expert on his team.
None of his disciples had reached the Martial Monarch Realm yet.

They spent all their time cultivating other than eating…

Why were they still not Martial Monarch Realm experts yet?

It was too disappointing.

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