After obtaining a moment of peace in the air, Su Chen’s expression was livid.

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Shangguan Liuli said with a frightened expression,

“Your Majesty, the person who ambushed us is definitely not an ordinary person.
Why don’t we quickly retreat?”

Nearly ten Martial Monarch Realm experts were enveloped by the explosion of the array formation just now.

Almost all the vanguard combat strength of the Hall of Gods had been destroyed by the array formation.

This was almost the worst loss the Hall of Gods had suffered since Shangguan Liuli joined.

It had to be known that even when they were resisting the Great Qin Empire previously, the Hall of Gods still won with grace.

Su Chen roared, his eyes extremely red.

“The ones who died were only a group of trash.
I still have thirty-seven Martial Monarch Realm experts and more than a hundred Saint Realm experts.
How can I retreat just like that?”

“Everyone, get ready.
The array formation attack has stopped.
The enemy will definitely come to the battlefield personally.

As soon as he finished speaking, another scarlet light suddenly shot out from the ground of the Great Zhou Empire.

The energy of this scarlet beam was stronger than any of the previous beams.

After appearing, it directly pierced through a thousand-meter-wide void tunnel.

When the light flashed, the thirty Saint Realm experts and the seven Martial Monarch Realm experts were enveloped on the spot.

After a violent explosion, these thirty Saint Realm experts and the seven Martial Monarch Realm experts were killed on the spot, completely dying.

The few Martial Monarch Realm experts of the Jun family were all petrified on the spot when they saw this.

They knew that Lu Xiaoran was very powerful.

However, he did not expect Lu Xiaoran to be so powerful!

Before they could even attack, more than ten of their Martial Monarch Realm experts had already died.
Moreover, out of the hundreds of thousands of spirit energy ships, only a tenth of them were left.

This guy was simply an existence born for war.

Fortunately, this guy was not against the Jun family.
With such methods, even the Jun family would be in trouble.

Su Chen was so furious that he almost vomited blood.
At the same time, Lu Xiaoran, who was hidden below, finally issued an order.

The Trinity True Eyes was activated and directly opened the void barrier in front of everyone, allowing the Martial Monarch Realm and Martial Monarch Realm demon beasts under Lu Xiaoran to cross the tens of thousands of meters together and directly arrive in front of the other party.

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For a moment, before the other party could react, all the Martial Monarch Realm demon beasts had already arrived in the sky and were fighting with all their strength to the death.

In the sky, because of the attack of the Martial Monarch Realm demon beasts, the spatial barrier instantly shattered, causing the space to collapse continuously.

Other than Martial Monarch Realm experts, no one could resist that.

Even though it could resist the shattering of the spatial power, the spatial turbulence was still filled with the aftershock of a Martial Monarch Realm attack.
It was also a terrifying might that could even make a Saint Realm expert afraid.

Song Xinian and the others had just taken a step when they immediately stopped.

“It seems too dangerous up there.
Why don’t we stay?”

“I’m so envious.
The new junior brother can fight with Master.”

However, at this moment, an extremely powerful aura suddenly erupted from beside them.

This aura instantly made their hearts palpitate.

Everyone’s gazes looked towards the place where the aura erupted.

It was none other than Yun Lige!

“Eldest… Eldest Senior Brother?”

Everyone widened their eyes and looked at Yun Lige in disbelief.

No one expected Yun Lige to be able to unleash a Martial Monarch Realm aura.

Yun Lige smiled indifferently.
The aura of a Martial Monarch Realm expert made him look extremely mysterious.

“Sorry, I’ve already stepped into the Martial Monarch Realm.”

Ji Wuxia was dumbfounded and shocked to the extreme.

“When did you step into the Martial Monarch Realm? Why didn’t I know?”

Yun Lige continued with a smile, “Have you forgotten? Master said that we have to always hide our cultivation by four realm levels.
I’ve always listened to Master’s guidance and never dared to forget.”

The few of them were so shocked that their scalps turned numb.

He did not expect Eldest Senior Brother to have been hiding his cultivation all along.
He was too powerful!

They had always thought that Eldest Senior Brother was very pitiful.

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However, the real clowns were actually them.

Only Zhuge Ziqiong’s expression was somewhat strange, as if she felt that something was wrong.

“Alright, junior brothers and sisters, I’m going to accompany Master in the battle.
You guys can cheer for me from below.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yun Lige stepped into the battle circle and summoned the Primordial Chaos Battle God Spear.
He pierced his spear towards a Martial Monarch Realm expert from the Hall of Gods who was fighting the Black Tortoise.

The spear pierced through the sky and instantly pierced through the other party’s shoulder.

Golden blood surged out.
Yun Lige turned his wrist and instantly exploded the other party’s shoulder.

The Black Tortoise took the opportunity to spit out the Black Tortoise Light and heavily bombarded the other party’s chest.

The Black Tortoise Light was extremely powerful.
Once it struck the other party, the other party’s combat strength would quickly decrease.
Be it combat strength or resistance, they would instantly decrease to the freezing point.

Sensing that the various abilities of his body were decreasing rapidly, the Martial Monarch Realm expert roared unwillingly.

Unfortunately, while his cultivation fell, Yun Lige took the opportunity to pierce his throat.
He circulated the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture with all of his strength and combined it with the Primordial Chaos Battle God Spear.
He directly exploded the other party’s throat.

Blood splattered as the other party’s head flew into the air.

The Black Tortoise opened its bloody mouth and swallowed the other party’s body in one gulp.
Moreover, Yun Lige smashed his spear down again and completely exploded the other party’s head.

“Eldest Senior Brother is mighty!”

“Eldest Senior Brother is too awesome.”

“Eldest Senior Brother, you’re my idol!”

Everyone was extremely excited and could not help but shout.

At this moment, Yun Lige suddenly retracted his aura and landed beside everyone.

“Eldest Senior Brother, why aren’t you participating?”

“That’s right.
Eldest Senior Brother, if you participate, won’t we have additional combat strength?”

Yun Lige said with a solemn expression, “No, after killing that Martial Monarch Realm expert just now, I feel that the spirit energy in my body is in chaos and I have a feeling that I am about to break through.
If I continue fighting, I’m afraid I won’t be able to control my spirit energy.
At that time, it will be troublesome if others take advantage of the situation.”

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically again, shocked to the extreme.

After going up to fight and cooperating with Senior Black Tortoise to kill a Martial Monarch Realm expert, Eldest Senior Brother was about to break through?

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Eldest Senior Brother had always been the strongest genius among them, but he had always kept a low profile.

Yun Lige heaved a long sigh of relief and the corner of his mouth curled up.

Yesterday, he had licked his master’s boots and was lucky to obtain a Martial Monarch Realm Pill.
It could increase his cultivation to the Martial Monarch Realm in 60 breaths.
It just so happened that he was able to use it to show off today.

In the past, he had always watched his junior brothers and sisters show off.
Now, it was finally his turn.

He had decided to set a small goal.
After this battle, he would suck up to his master for another ten thousand years.

He would definitely become a god!

The battle in the sky continued.

The battle between dozens of Martial Monarch Realm experts almost collapsed the entire sky.

The spatial rift kept expanding.
Everyone could even sense some powerful aura spying on them from the spatial rift.

Su Chen’s eyes were scarlet red like blood.
Every time a Martial Monarch Realm expert died, his heart would ache.

That was his subordinate and his combat strength!

Now, they had been killed wantonly.

It was as if his right arm had been severed.

Just as he was furious, a cloaked figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

The long sword slashed down, tearing through space and directly landing on his head.

However, Su Chen was not afraid or panicked because of this.

As his scarlet eyes trembled, a powerful aura suddenly appeared in front of him.

Then, he raised his halberd above his head.

A long sword slashed onto the halberd, creating lightning that spread out.
It struck the Martial Monarch Realm experts from both sides and severely injured them on the spot.

Immediately after, a figure in a long robe and a bamboo hat appeared in front of him.

Su Chen held the halberd and looked at Lu Xiaoran coldly.

“You’re finally here.
Are you the damn mastermind?”

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As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly waved his halberd and forced Lu Xiaoran back.

Seeing the longsword in Lu Xiaoran’s hand, Su Chen narrowed his eyes slightly.

You actually also have a divine weapon.
I thought that I was the only one in this world who had a divine weapon.
Looks like you’re not an ordinary person either.”

Lu Xiaoran looked at the halberd in the other party’s hand and could not help but ridicule in his heart.

With a divine weapon, it seemed that even the heavens favored him.

However, what really made him somewhat afraid was not this, but that Su Chen’s cultivation had actually reached the fifth level of the Martial Monarch Realm.

His speed of improvement was even faster than his.

“Since you’re already here, stop hiding.
Reveal your true colors and let me see who you are.”

Unfortunately, Lu Xiaoran ignored him.

When fighting a hot shot, one should not speak.
Every word they said would increase their chances of death.

Therefore, in the next second, Lu Xiaoran had already raised his sword and attacked.

The Xuanyuan Sword erupted with a dazzling golden light in the air and slashed at Su Chen’s head.

“Hmph! You won’t speak? Then let me kill you and see who you are!”

Su Chen’s expression was cold.
With the halberd in hand, he directly welcomed Lu Xiaoran.

The moment the two divine weapons collided, an even stronger lightning shock wave directly erupted.

This extremely powerful force instantly expanded the spatial rift in the sky by a tenth.

The four Martial Monarch Realm experts closest to the two of them were also swept away again and were severely injured.

Between them, the confrontation of the power of laws was no longer a simple collision of speed, but a pure confrontation of strength.

The two of them did not attack quickly.
Every move seemed to be unleashed very slowly, as if they were in slow-motion.

However, although the surrounding people could see the aftershock of their attacks rushing towards them, they were unable to dodge.

This was the power of laws.

It was a force one could see but could not avoid.

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