By the Wuwang Sea, a black-robed figure stood by the fishing cliff, his cold face covered in frost.

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A moment later, the air behind him distorted, and a beautiful figure once again appeared behind him.

“Master, the system has once again fused into Li Qingfeng’s body.”

“Master, why don’t we get Ye Junlin and Li Qingfeng to attack at the same time? If the two of them attack, wouldn’t the effect be better? Wouldn’t we have a higher chance of capturing Lu Xiaoran?”

“Do you think I didn’t think of this? However, if Ye Junlin attacks with Li Qingfeng and fails, we almost won’t have a chance to turn the tables.

“Since Han Zhen did not successfully bind the system fruit, I have to be more cautious.

“Of course, it would be best if Li Qingfeng could kill Lu Xiaoran.

“If he can’t kill him, it still won’t affect my next plan.

“But Master, I still don’t understand.
Even if we only have two cards in our hands, won’t our chances of winning be higher if we play them together?”

The black-robed man smiled evilly.

“If the two cards are used together, it will indeed increase the chances of victory, but that will be fighting to the death.
It’s best if I win.
However, if I lose, there will be no way for me to turn the situation around.
As long as there’s a card on the table, I can continue playing.”

“But at the same time, the chances of victory have decreased.
What’s the point of leaving this card on the table? We’ll still lose sooner or later.”

“That’s not necessarily true.
What if… I have a third card?”

The black-robed man smiled mysteriously, making the woman stunned.

Where did her master get the third card?

At this moment, the black-robed man suddenly paused and looked into the distant sky.

“Looks like an old friend has come.”

The next moment, the air distorted as a figure in a black robe slowly walked out of the void.
It was none other than Elder Tianji.

Seeing this figure, the black-robed man’s subordinate’s expression suddenly turned cold.

“Who is it? How dare you trespass into Wuwang Sea? You’re courting death!”

The black-robed figure’s eyes moved.

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In the next second, the woman actually directly exploded on the spot, exploding into a bloody mist.

However, to her surprise, her master was not angry at all.

Instead, he smiled and said, “After so many years, I didn’t expect your temper to still be so bad.”

“Hmph! There’s no need to be polite with you sanctimonious hypocrites.”

The black-robed man shrugged.

“After being turned into a pool of blood, you can only use your tongue for now.
If it were back then, my insignificant cultivation would probably not be enough for me to carry your shoes, right? Perhaps I would have long been killed by you.”

“Cut the crap.
What do the hot shots have to do with you?”

“Hehehe… I’m not that powerful.”

“That’s true.
You’re not qualified to create a hot shot.”

After a pause, she continued, “However, it’s not a good thing for you to stay here.
The hot shots are more or less related to you.
Do you want to tell me yourself, or do you want me to beat you up until you tell me?”

“We’re all old friends.
There’s no need to fight and kill as soon as we meet.
There’s no harm in telling you.
The hot shots themselves exist in this world.”

“I didn’t create them, but that doesn’t stop me from finding them and… using them.”

Elder Tianji mocked, “Isn’t this your usual method? Despicable and shameless.
However, back then, you took a huge advantage of my sect.
Now, I definitely won’t let you take advantage of my sect again.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Elder Tianji did not give the other party a chance to react and directly attacked, directly blasting the other party and the space into dust.

However, a moment later, the other party’s figure appeared behind him.

“You want to kill me with such a small move? Don’t try to be funny.
It’s better for you to show your true strength.”

As he spoke, he punched towards Elder Tianji.
The killing intent from his fist spread, directly shattering the void barrier beside Elder Tianji on the spot.

It could be imagined that if this punch landed, Elder Tianji would definitely die.

Unfortunately, Elder Tianji’s reaction speed was top-notch.

The moment the other party’s fist wind spread, Elder Tianji had already disappeared from her original spot.
When she reappeared, she had already arrived behind the other party.

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Without giving the other party a chance to react, she directly used her full strength and raised her hand to slash at the other party’s spine.

The powerful force instantly shattered the other party’s bones.
The extremely terrifying killing intent made Elder Tianji not hold back at all and use all her strength.

After the bone shattered, the other party’s mobility instantly decreased.

Elder Tianji took the opportunity to attack several times and explode the other party’s body one after another.

Soon, only a trace of the other party’s body was left.

“Without that weapon, you’re only trash.
In front of me, you’re not even qualified to carry my shoes.”Elder Tianji grabbed the other party’s neck and said coldly,

The black-robed man smiled faintly and remained unmoved.

“You’re right, but so what? I’m only an avatar.
Even if I die, I’ll still be revived in another place! However, you’re different.
You have your original body! If you die, you’ll really die.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a dazzling light suddenly lit up the entire island.

Elder Tianji’s expression changed drastically.

There was actually an array formation set up on this island!

The subordinates of the black-robed man all fled outside crazily.

However, Elder Tianji did not.
This was because she knew better than anyone that no one could escape from this array formation.

At this moment, she only stared coldly at the black-robed man in her hand.

“Are your people also going to die with me here?”

“Them? They’re not from our sect.
They’re only a group of subordinates I temporarily recruited in this world.
Now, in order to capture you, their sacrifice is worth it.”

After a pause, the black-robed man continued, “Oh right, there’s something I want to tell you.
I also want you to die in peace.
Do you know why the Heaven Dao laws set up so many hot shots?”

To tell you the truth, they were here to kill Lu Xiaoran.

“Your master wanted to use Lu Xiaoran to overturn the situation.
However, in the end, he did not even know who Lu Xiaoran was!

“You guys have no hope at all.
If you want to defy the heavens and change your fate, you have to kill Lu Xiaoran and snatch his luck to complete the task.

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Otherwise, everyone would be stepped on by Lu Xiaoran.
No one will be an exception!

He’s either the chosen one… or fate itself.

Elder Tianji’s hair instantly stood on end, and her pupils constricted.
Almost at the same time, the world became vast, and the array formation directly exploded in the sea.

The extremely powerful explosion directly covered more than ten million seas in an instant.

A huge black hole was suddenly blasted out of the sea.

This black hole was enough to devour the world and destroy everything!

On the beach of the Wuwang Sea, Han Zhen was extremely excited.

In order to become stronger, he had specially come to the Wuwang Sea east of the Eternal Forest.

He did not expect to discover a kind of spirit energy fish breeding in a sea area as soon as he arrived.

This spirit energy fish was a creature from the deep sea.

Not only were they delicious, but they also had a lot of abundant spirit energy.

If he ate them, the effect would be similar to consuming a Martial Monarch Realm Pill.

However, just as he was about to capture these spirit energy fish in one go, an extremely powerful shock wave suddenly erupted from the depths of the Wuwang Sea.

The shock wave was extremely powerful.
Its might directly tore through the spatial barrier and had already surpassed an ordinary Martial Monarch Realm attack.

Han Zhen did not dare to be careless at all and immediately turned around to escape as quickly as possible.

Before he could escape, he was caught up by the shock wave and was directly sent flying.

At this moment, Han Zhen’s heart simply collapsed to the extreme.

It was not easy for him to find a group of spirit energy fish.
He had yet to think of making a small fortune when he encountered such an unlucky thing in the blink of an eye.

Could it be that he was currently possessed by a god of misfortune?

At the same time, the air on the small hill of the Eternal Forest distorted.
Lu Xiaoran’s figure then appeared on the slope.

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The moment he appeared, he seemed to have sensed something and swept his gaze towards Wuwang Sea.

This was because he could sense that Elder Tianji was dead!

At that moment, Elder Tianji’s aura suddenly shattered and disappeared.

Although he did not know how powerful Elder Tianji was, he still knew that Elder Tianji was at least above the perfected tenth level of the Martial Monarch Realm.

In short, Elder Tianji’s strength was at least at the God Realm.

Such a powerful person had actually been destroyed?

Then how powerful was the other party?

No, after saving Jun Bujian and his grandfather this time, he had to think of a way to quickly increase his disciples’ strength.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to do anything at all.
Everyone’s cultivation was constantly increasing.
He also needed to increase his own cultivation speed.

After taking a deep breath, Lu Xiaoran eliminated his complicated thoughts and placed his gaze on the hill below.

Opening the Trinity True Eyes, Lu Xiaoran directly investigated the environment of the entire hill clearly.

After the Trinity True Eyes absorbed the Ten Directions Everlasting, its detection ability was top-notch!

With a single glance, Lu Xiaoran could tell that this hill was filled with array formations.
Moreover, there were actually many top-grade Martial Monarch Realm and even low-grade God Realm array formations.

How ruthless.
The other party wanted to use the array formations to blow himself up before coming out to deal with him?

What was laughable was that these were all dirty tricks Lu Xiaoran had used before.

Lu Xiaoran was the true expert when it came to such methods!

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