“Brothers, let them taste our strength!”

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A cold glint flashed in the sect master’s eyes.
Four fully armed Martial Monarch Realm experts had directly joined the battlefield, greatly increasing the Nameless Sect’s combat strength.

Patriarch Jun hurriedly shouted, “No, there’s still me! There’s still me.”

With a wave of his hand, Patriarch Jun was directly swept into a safe area.

“Patriarch, sorry for offending you.
I’ll have to trouble you to stay for a while.
After the battle ends, I’ll remove the chains on your body.”

At this moment, the battle was urgent.
Opening the chains on his body had already wasted a lot of time.
It was unknown how long it would take for him to open the chains on the patriarch’s body again.

At that time, it would be too late.

Patriarch Jun collapsed from anger.

“You brat, I’m your patriarch.”

Unfortunately, Jun Bujian ignored him.

In a decisive battle, there was no hierarchy.
There was only victory.

“Senior Brothers and Sisters, let’s go!”

The other party circulated his cultivation technique and a high dragon roar sounded from his body.
A dragon phantom seemed to have appeared in the surroundings.
It was lifelike and had an extraordinary aura as it pounced towards Li Qingfeng’s demon beast army.

Patriarch Jun, who was originally furious, suddenly widened his eyes when he saw this.

“This… this… this… could this be the Dragon God Art recorded by the Jun Family’s ancestor?”

“This form, this aura, it’s the Dragon God Art.
It must be the Dragon God Art! This brat actually learned the Dragon God Art? Where did he learn it from?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Patriarch Jun suddenly trembled.
Then, he looked at Lu Xiaoran in disbelief.

Without a doubt, this was definitely taught to him by Lu Xiaoran.

Other than his master, who else could teach him the Dragon God Art?

However, the Dragon God Art was a legendary cultivation technique.
Even the ancestor of the Jun family, a true dragon expert, had never learned the Dragon God Art!

How did Lu Xiaoran obtain it?

The battle was still ongoing.
When Li Qingfeng saw that the demon beasts he raised had been defeated, his eyes turned cold and he immediately prepared to return to help.

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However, the system did not allow him to return to help.

Under the control of the system, Li Qingfeng was forced to attack Lu Xiaoran.

However, the battle between the main and secondary consciousness made Li Qingfeng lose focus for a moment.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Lu Xiaoran took out the Xuanyuan Sword and slashed at Li Qingfeng’s crotch.

A golden light flashed.
Li Qingfeng was forced back a few steps by Lu Xiaoran’s sword.
The God Realm power of laws that filled his body also became chaotic because of Lu Xiaoran’s sword.

Li Qingfeng spat fiercely.
Lu Xiaoran did not care about that and would not hesitate to take advantage of the other party’s weakness.

The Trinity True Eyes was fully activated, and the eternal flames instantly attacked Li Qingfeng’s crotch.

Li Qingfeng cursed again and immediately used the power of laws to extinguish the flames on his pants.

In the next second, he was shocked.

“Why can’t this flame be extinguished?”

It had to be known that the power of laws he used was not the power of laws of this low-level world.
Instead, it was the power of laws from the Divine World.
It was not just a little stronger.

However, even so, he was unable to extinguish the flames.

A panic instantly began to envelop Li Qingfeng’s heart.

“System, quickly put it out!”

“What’s there to panic about? This flame also contains the power of laws of the Divine World.
His eyes are in the True God Realm and are a pair of treasures.
After killing him, I’ll take his eyes off and give them to you.”

Li Qingfeng cursed in a low voice and cooperated more with the system to fight Lu Xiaoran.

The two of them fought in a crushing manner and instantly pierced through the spatial barrier.
Moreover, the cut in the spatial barrier began to spread.

This state was several times stronger than the battle in the Great Zhou Imperial City.

In that big move, when the void was torn apart to a certain extent, it was almost very difficult for it to be torn any further.
From the beginning to the end, it would be maintained at a relatively fixed level.

However, now, because their cultivation levels were too powerful, it was very easy for them to open a larger spatial rift with every attack.

In the sky, it was as if a huge mouth had opened, wanting to devour everything.

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In every instant, the two of them had already exchanged 7300 blows.

In the void, stars flickered.
Every starlight actually represented a exchange between the two of them.

After ten breaths, the two of them separated.
There were already a few deep injuries on Li Qingfeng’s body that were slowly healing.

Clearly, he was being suppressed by Lu Xiaoran.

The damage caused by battles between experts also healed rather slowly.

This was a relative matter.

Ordinary attacks could not injure experts.
However, the damage caused by attacks between experts could not be easily healed in a short period of time.

Li Qingfeng panted heavily, his expression somewhat ugly.

“System, are you sure we can take him down? This bastard Lu Xiaoran… Damn, I can’t do anything to him! After 73,000 moves, I can’t even break through his defense.
He has already slashed me several times!”

“Why don’t we retreat first and think of a way to extinguish this flame?”

“Does that mean that you can help me put out this fire?”

“No, but I can at least make the host last 60 breaths.”

He even had the urge to curse.

Previously, he had some doubts as to why this system had suddenly returned to find him.
It was definitely not up to any good.
However, he did not expect it to trick him like this.

However, he had no choice.
If he did not fight Lu Xiaoran, he would die.

With a cold gaze, Li Qingfeng attacked again.

However, this time, he was no longer fighting empty-handed.
Instead, he held his divine weapon and resisted Lu Xiaoran.

With the enhancement of the divine weapon, Li Qingfeng’s attack was several times stronger.

He was even more ruthless when facing Lu Xiaoran.

Every time he attacked, light spread, causing the spatial barrier of the second dimension to explode layer by layer.

Some powerful and mysterious auras peeked out of the spatial rift.
However, when they sensed the battle between the two of them, they immediately retreated in fear.

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Explosions constantly sounded in the sky, and the shock wave kept expanding the black hole.

Another twenty breaths later, Li Qingfeng was sent flying by Lu Xiaoran again.

At this moment, the injuries on his body were several times more severe than before!

Blood flowed, and the wounds healed slowly.

Li Qingfeng felt that his consciousness was leaving his body and he was unable to control it.

In this battle, he had been beaten by Lu Xiaoran until he could not even breathe.

Fear and retreat clouded his mind again.

At this moment, he suddenly felt a pressure filled with death and destruction suddenly creep in.

The extremely frightened him immediately looked up and saw Lu Xiaoran holding a long bow and facing him with killing intent.

The killing intent transmitted from the long bow made Li Qingfeng’s legs tremble uncontrollably.
He was almost dumbfounded.

“This feeling… something’s wrong! System, what’s that?”

“This is impossible! This is impossible!”

Li Qingfeng’s system had clearly also fallen into madness.
It was shocked silly by the thing Lu Xiaoran took out at this moment.
It trembled and could not even speak properly.

“That’s… a divine artifact!”

Hearing this, not only the system, but even Li Qingfeng himself completely collapsed.

It was actually a divine artifact!

That was an extremely respected existence in the Divine World.

It was just like how the Martial Monarch Realm weapons in the lower realm were honorable to martial artists.
Divine artifacts were existences that surpassed divine weapons.
In the Divine World, they could even be fought over by a group of big shots.

And now, such a noble divine artifact was actually in the hands of a mortal from the lower realm.

Was there any justice in this world?

Almost at this moment, Li Qingfeng himself thought of a countermeasure.

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Since he could not beat the other party, he decided to leave first.

However, almost at the same time, Lu Xiaoran’s Trinity True Eyes was instantly opened.
The illusion technique invaded Li Qingfeng’s sea of consciousness and instantly made Li Qingfeng lose control of his body.

In the next moment, Lu Xiaoran shot out an arrow.
A powerful light was like a meteor falling from the night sky as it shot straight into Li Qingfeng’s dantian.

Almost in an instant, Lu Xiaoran directly pierced through Li Qingfeng’s dantian, even piercing a huge hole in his soul.

After the sword beam pierced through Li Qingfeng, it pierced tens of thousands of kilometers in the void and finally exploded in a certain void.

However, Li Qingfeng was not dead.
He was actually still alive.

Lu Xiaoran was speechless.
The divine artifact had actually failed to kill the other party.
Wasn’t the luck of a hot shot a little too powerful?

However, he quickly noticed that it was not that Li Qingfeng was powerful, but that there was actually a silver-white bronze mirror in his dantian.

This bronze mirror had blocked the damage of the Sun Shooting Divine Bow for him and helped him avoid the explosion of the Sun Shooting Divine Bow arrow, allowing the arrow to pass through his body.

However, the bronze mirror was only a divine weapon after all.
It helped Li Qingfeng block more than ten percent of the damage and avoided the explosion of the arrow, but it still could not completely block it.
The remaining ten percent of the damage still severely injured him.

After understanding the reason, Lu Xiaoran placed his hand on the Sun Shooting Divine Bow again.

This time, with the additional True Intent Unravel, he wanted to see how Li Qingfeng planned to dodging this time!

Sensing that danger was completely approaching, Li Qingfeng went completely crazy.

“System! Retreat! Quickly retreat! Damn it, I told you to retreat!”

His mentality had already completely collapsed.

However, the system did not respond.
Instead, he suddenly felt that the energy in his body was gathering.

Li Qingfeng’s heart paused as he vaguely had a bad feeling.

“System, what are you doing?”

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