“Something’s wrong.

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Thinking of what the storyteller had just said, the three of them immediately understood.

Lu Xiaoran’s matter might be true.

Indeed, although this was only a low-level plane, they were not stupid.
They knew that there were also exceptions in some low-level planes who were unwilling to go to the Divine World after transcending the tribulation.

Although they could not cultivate like ordinary God Realm experts, they were still God Realm experts.
If they fought, it would really not be easy to fight.
Lin Wu and Lin Dong were probably at a disadvantage and ended up getting killed.

Therefore, these people thought of a countermeasure almost instantly.

That was to retreat to the Divine World and beg the family to make a decision.

The thoughts and actions of a God Realm expert were almost the same.

The moment this thought appeared, the three of them also tore open the void barrier and teleported to the Wuwang Sea, attempting to break through the door to the Divine World and return to the Divine World.

However, the moment the three of them came out of the spatial rift, a sword beam suddenly slashed out.

The three of them were caught off guard and were directly blasted back ten thousand meters.

The three of them exclaimed as a spatial rift had long opened in the distance.
A majestic figure strode out.
It was the head of the Shi Family, Shi Changlin!

The pupils of the three of them constricted.
The moment they looked at the other party, they recognized that the other party was a God Realm expert like them!

“You guys have already come all this way.
If ypu leave so quickly, won’t the people of the Divine World laugh at our Nameless Sect for not knowing how to treat guests?”

Shi Changlin said indifferently.
His cold tone made the three of them tremble.

“Don’t be too ruthless.
Let us live so that we can meet again in the future.
If you kill us, my Lin family will definitely not let you off when you go to the Divine World in the future.”

“What a coincidence! The sect master has ordered me to take your dog lives.”

The three of them clenched their fists tightly as killing intent surged.

“Don’t go too far! You only have one God Realm expert.
We have three God Realm experts here.
If we really fight, we might not be the ones at a disadvantage!”

The corner of Shi Changlin’s mouth curled up.

“You want to compete in numbers with me?”

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The three of them saw Shi Changlin’s expression.
Just as they were feeling puzzled, they felt an equally powerful aura appear on their left.

In an instant, another spatial rift opened.

Then came the third, fourth, fifth… In the end, a total of 17 void rifts were opened.

This made the three of them instantly dumbfounded.

Was this a joke? A total of seventeen God Realm experts had appeared in a small lower realm?

Moreover, the cultivation of these seventeen people was about the same.
Their sect master was definitely not here.

In other words, there were at least twenty God Realm experts in this lower realm?

They had already broken through to the God Realm.
If they did not go to the Divine World, how could they cultivate without divine power?

They must be a group of lunatics!

However, even if they were lunatics, they were already powerful enough to kill the three of them at this moment.
Therefore, no one dared to underestimate the seventeen people in front of them.

Clenching his fists slightly, the leader of the three from the Lin family gritted his teeth and said, “Everyone, our Lin family has made a mistake today and offended you.
However, please be magnanimous and let us off.”

“I can guarantee that I will never come to this small world again.

If everyone insisted on fighting to the death, our Lin family would definitely not let the matter rest.

“Everyone, it’s still not easy to endure the anger of a large family in the Divine World, right?”

His plan was good.
He would use the Lin family to suppress everyone.
It was fine as long as they could return.
Then, he would find his family and send people to guard this Divine World Gate.

At that time, they would kill every single person from this lower realm!

They wanted to avenge their humiliation today.

Unfortunately, although these three people had a good plan, Lu Xiaoran’s style had always been to silence people and burn their bones.

This was because Lu Xiaoran knew better than anyone that being merciful to the enemy was equivalent to being cruel to oneself.

Even if he let the three of them off, they would not be merciful the next time they encountered him.

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Moreover, they would become even more ruthless to the disciples of the Nameless Sect.

Before the three of them could react, the seventeen God Realm experts attacked at the same time.

Half a day later, Shi Changlin, Jun Changming, and the others returned to the nameless sect to report.

“Sect Master, we’ve already killed everyone from the Lin family.
However, there’s no divine soul.”

Lu Xiaoran could not help but feel somewhat regretful.

He still wanted to get some divine souls for Lige to devour to strengthen his divine soul.

However, thinking about it, it made sense.
Even after reaching the God Realm, without a good cultivation technique and talent, one would still be unable to cultivate a divine soul.

The few Lin family disciples were all ordinary trash.
It was understandable that they did not have divine souls.

Not to mention them, even the current third generation disciples who had stepped into the first level of the God Realm did not have divine souls.

Thinking of this, Lige was actually very capable.
At the very least, his talent was definitely stronger than these people.

Lu Xiaoran was somewhat suspicious if the potential of a Martial Monarch Realm expert Wang Cai mentioned before was actually accurate.

In any case, he vaguely felt that his potential was more than that of an ordinary Martial Monarch Realm expert.

After all, Shi Changlin and the others had also cultivated to the Martial Monarch Realm.
They could also be sadi to have the potential to reach the Martial Monarch Realm.

Looks like he had to find a chance to ask Wang Cai.

After a pause, Lu Xiaoran continued, “The five disciples sent by the Lin family this time are only at the most basic first level of the God Realm.”

They probably felt that this was only a lower realm and that sending first level God Realm experts was enough.

However, although we have benefited for the time being, we shouldn’t be too careless.
The other party is a family of the Divine World.
Their foundation is far from what the Nameless Sect can resist.

“The other party might not be able to easily return to the lower realm for the time being.
With the suppression of the Heaven Dao laws, it doesn’t mean that the other party can’t come down.
Once the other party obtains a divine weapon that can block the detection of the Heaven Dao, it will be easy for them to attack.”

“Other than that, we will sooner or later go to the Divine World.
After we arrive in the Divine World, we will have divine power.

“I’m currently using a secret technique and array formation to condense the spirit energy in this world and transform it into divine power.
Although it’s not as dense as the divine power in the upper realm, it can still reach about 60%.

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Shi Changlin and the others’ eyes immediately lit up.

Their greatest problem was that they needed divine power to cultivate.

Now, Lu Xiaoran could directly resolve this problem.
To them, who had already stepped into the God Realm, it was simply a huge good thing.

They also knew very well that although they had already stepped into the God Realm, this was only the beginning in the Divine World.

This was also the reason why they did not immediately head to the Divine World despite having already reached the God Realm.

After arriving at the Divine World, they needed to find a God Realm cultivation technique.
If they were careless, they might even encounter a big shot that they could not afford to provoke.
If they were captured by the other party again and were thrown into some mineral vein to dig for divine crystals, it would be too bad.
It was also possible for them to be sent to forge iron and become cannon fodder.

It was best if they could cultivate safely in the lower realm with Lu Xiaoran now.

It would be best if they could increase their strength to the peak of the God Realm.

At the very least, by then, they would not be considered to be at the lowest level in the Divine World.
If they encountered some small trouble, they would still be able to fight slightly.

“Relay my orders.
From today onwards, immediately open the divine power cultivation ground.
All disciples whose cultivation has broken through to the God Realm, enter the divine power cultivation ground and begin cultivating.”

In the following time, Lu Xiaoran did not stop.
He upgraded all his key cultivation techniques to divine techniques.

Most of the divine weapons had also been upgraded to the level of divine artifacts.

Of course, this did not mean that Lu Xiaoran would directly teach all of his divine techniques.

The disciples had different talent and levels.

If there was no hierarchy, the sect would be useless.

Moreover, everyone could not cultivate now.
This was because they were not hot shots or him and could block the detection of the Heaven Dao.
They would die if they cultivated.

Only after arriving at the Divine World could ordinary people like them cultivate.

Lu Xiaoran’s idea was that at that time, the personal disciples would all be taught divine techniques.
Divine techniques would use their intrinsic cultivation techniques to help them advance.

For example, the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture, the True Phoenix Nine Transformations, the Indestructible Golden Body, and the Azure Lotus Sword Art… had all been increased to the level of a divine technique by Lu Xiaoran.

These were definitely things that only his disciples could cultivate.
He would not easily teach them to others.
Even if they taught it to others, they might not be able to learn it.

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For example, even if the Primordial Chaos Emperor Scripture became a divine technique, its requirements were still to cripple one’s martial arts and break one’s meridians.

Who was willing to start cultivating from an ordinary person?

Next were some ordinary cultivation techniques.

For example, the Battle God Art, the Azure Thearch Longevity Art, the Great Void Chaos Steps, the Beast Control Divine Art… Lu Xiaoran had also turned these into divine techniques and could generally teach them.

Other than that, Lu Xiaoran definitely wanted to prepare some ordinary God Realm cultivation techniques for everyone to hide their divine techniques.

Otherwise, even if his cultivation increased, casually using a divine technique in the Divine World would probably still cause a lot of trouble.

After all, no matter how high their cultivation was, could they compare to those old demons who had stayed in the Divine World for thousands or tens of thousands of years?

Moreover, a divine technique was probably equivalent to a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique in this lower realm.

It was impossible for those big shots or itinerant cultivators with deep cultivation to not be tempted.

Therefore, it was still very necessary for Lu Xiaoran to teach them some ordinary God Realm combat cultivation techniques.

As for the divine weapons, everyone would definitely have a set of them.
In other words, they would have a combat divine weapon and a divine armor.

Other than divine weapons, the nine personal disciples definitely had to have their own divine artifacts.

After all, personal disciples were different from the other disciples.
Their cultivation speed would directly affect Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation speed.

If anything happened, it would also be a loss for him.

Even if Lu Xiaoran was a fool, it was impossible for him to give an ordinary item to a personal disciple.

Just as he was thinking, thunder suddenly sounded in the sky again.

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