“Looks like you should know something about me.
Before the battle, can I ask what my identity is?”

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Ye Chen did not answer.
He only took a step and shattered the void, as if he was stepping on glass.

In the next moment, Lu Xiaoran had already grabbed Shi Changlin’s shoulder with one hand and teleported away.

Just as he left, the place he had just stood was shattered by a powerful force in the next second.

Then, Lu Xiaoran threw Shi Changlin to the side.

“Inform the others to leave this place and not to casually approach this place.”

“Yes! Sect Master, be careful!”

Shi Changlin transformed into a bolt of lightning and retreated.
At the same time, Lu Xiaoran also changed into all his equipment.

He equipped divine artifact armor as well as combat divine artifacts.

The moment he finished changing, a void black hole was directly pierced through the void barrier in front of Lu Xiaoran.

An iron fist pierced through the space and headed straight for Lu Xiaoran’s heart.

Lu Xiaoran blocked with the Kunlun Sword.
The other party’s fist smashed onto the Kunlun Sword, trembling as sword roars sounded.
The power of laws transformed into fluctuation patterns that spread in all directions.
Lu Xiaoran’s body also retreated tens of thousands of meters.

Because his speed was too fast, the moment he retreated, Lu Xiaoran’s body tore a spatial rift tens of thousands of meters long.

Before he could stabilize his body, the next attack had already arrived.

Lu Xiaoran slashed forward with his sharp sixth sense.
The moment the light flashed, the other party’s attack also arrived at the same time.

The two attacks collided, and the explosive charge produced made the two of them fly out at the same time.

Lu Xiaoran could be considered to have temporarily obtained a breather.

However, it was only for a second.

This Ye Chen’s character was even more stable than his.
When fighting him, Ye Chen could not be bothered to say a word and even directly attacked with a killing move.

It was as if he was afraid that he would lose if he was careless.

However, even though he only had a second, it was enough for Lu Xiaoran to set up.

He first activated the Supreme Profound Dipper.
With the Supreme Profound Dipper as the center, he could control the spatial power in a certain range.

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Be it his perception or his defense, they could instantly increase by a lot.

At the same time, by being able to control space, Lu Xiaoran would also have some means to resist the other party.

After all, Ye Chen was already at the tenth level of the God Realm.

The difference between the two of them was really too great.

The higher one’s cultivation level was, the greater the difference between each level.

It was like how there was only a small difference between a penny and a dime.

However, there was a huge difference between ten yuan and a hundred yuan.

The reason why Lu Xiaoran was able to maintain the battle was partly because he had too many methods.
He could take out one or even several trump cards in a short period of time.

On the other hand, it was also because he had a lot of resources.

Divine artifact armor, combat divine artifacts…

The combined might of these attacks was extraordinary.
This was why Lu Xiaoran was able to not fall into a disadvantage when facing such a powerful cultivation.

Ye Chen knew how to pursue the enemy.

After seeing that Lu Xiaoran’s methods were endless, Ye Chen did not want to give Lu Xiaoran too many chances to react.

Even if he was stronger and had more trump cards than any of the previous hot shots, he did not dare to be too careless with Lu Xiaoran.

This guy was a pervert, and an unreasonable one at that.
One could easily lose everything after provoking him.

However, this time, when Ye Chen’s attack was aimed at Lu Xiaoran again, an accident suddenly happened.

The punch that was originally aimed at Lu Xiaoran had a slight deviation when it finally landed.

In a battle between experts, any small mistake was fatal.

Because of this slight deviation, Lu Xiaoran did not have to focus on defense and could attack with all his strength.

The Kunlun Sword emitted a dazzling light that struck Ye Chen’s chest.

Ye Chen’s body suddenly trembled as he was blasted ten thousand meters away by Lu Xiaoran.

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This also made him a little stunned.

A moment later, Lu Xiaoran’s second sword attack bombarded Ye Chen’s heart again.

After two consecutive attacks, an almost invisible mark appeared on Ye Chen’s protective divine armor.

When Lu Xiaoran attacked a third time, Ye Chen’s mind had already reacted.

“You can actually control the spatial power around you? As expected of you, but you still can’t kill me with this.”

With the Supreme Art circulating, the world expanded!

At this moment, with Ye Chen as the center, his divine power surged in all directions without holding back at all.
There was no blind spot at all.

Lu Xiaoran’s sword move was only halfway through when it collided with the Supreme Art.

Another dazzling light lit up, and another energy explosion occurred between the two of them.

At this moment, Ye Chen ignored the danger and relied on his divine armor to forcefully pass through the center of the explosion and arrive in front of Lu Xiaoran.

He wanted to give Lu Xiaoran another heavy blow before he could react.

The strength of the tenth level of the God Realm erupted at this moment.

The powerful pressure almost enveloped Lu Xiaoran and completely locked him in place, sealing the spatial power around him and not giving him any chance to dodge.

In this situation, Lu Xiaoran was almost forced into a dead end.

If nothing unexpected happened, he would be hit and severely injured.

However, at this critical moment, the river of time in the world suddenly seemed to have slowed down.

How terrifying was Ye Chen’s speed at the tenth level of the God Realm?

Despite being ten thousand meters apart, as soon as he thought of attacking Lu Xiaoran, the attack would have already landed on Lu Xiaoran’s body.

However, this time, his attack too him 0.001 seconds.

Lu Xiaoran, whose current cultivation had already reached the sixth level of the God Realm, was able to easily dodge this attack.

His body shifted slightly and Ye Chen’s attack missed.
Lu Xiaoran did not use the divine artifact sword again.
Instead, he summoned his Sun Shooting Divine Bow!

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Even though they were both divine artifactpons, the might of the Sun Shooting Divine Bow was several times stronger than the divine artifact sword.

He aimed, nocked, pulled the bow, and locked onto the target in one go.

An arrow emitting a golden light suddenly formed and aimed at the spot where Lu Xiaoran had slashed Ye Chen twice previously.

As for Ye Chen, not only was his strength condensed on his attack, but he was also unable to easily retract his attack.
Even his deeper defense was not activated in time.

There was nothing wrong with his thoughts or his strength.
However, his speed had been forcefully slowed down by Lu Xiaoran.

It was this inconspicuous factor that became the key to victory and defeat between the two of them.

Ye Chen felt his heart suddenly throb.
His entire body seemed to have stopped for a moment.

The huge impact directly sent him flying on the spot.

He retreated hundreds of thousands of meters like a dazzling meteor in the sky.

The fluctuation in the sky returned to normal.
The two of them were hundreds of thousands of meters away from each other and kept panting.

Ye Chen’s expression was extremely solemn.

He shattered Lu Xiaoran’s arrow with a palm.
However, a small hole had already appeared in the armor at the location where his heart was located.

The only fortunate thing was that his armor was a top-grade divine weapon.
Although there was a hole, it was still powerful enough to resist the might of this arrow.

However, this did not mean that he could rest easy.

The two special abilities Lu Xiaoran had just displayed made him deeply afraid at this moment.

This guy was far more abnormal than he had imagined.

However, Ye Chen would not lose his faith because of this.

Although Lu Xiaoran’s move was powerful, it still had a certain range.

His range of control was not that far.

After taking a deep breath, Ye Chen summoned a top-grade divine weapon spear.

He looked at the spear as if it was his lover.
He caressed the spear in his hand, his face carrying a trace of nostalgia.

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“Thirteen years ago, I obtained you after signing in.
In the past thirteen years, I’ve never used you because my cultivation had been insufficient.”

However, I have no choice but to use you in this battle today, old friend.

As if sensing Ye Chen’s thoughts, the divine weapon spear emitted a trembling sound, as if it was responding to Ye Chen.

The corner of Ye Chen’s mouth curled up slightly.

When he looked at Lu Xiaoran again, the gentleness in his eyes suddenly transformed into dense killing intent.

Ye Chen shouted as the light on his body spread for more than ten thousand feet.
It was as if a new sun had appeared in the sky.

The pressure of the perfected tenth level of the God Realm erupted again at this moment.
Like a tide, it swept over Lu Xiaoran.

A powerful force pressed down like sea water and enveloped Lu Xiaoran.

The feeling of power was so suffocating that it was was even more terrifying than the feeling of drowning.

Without any suspense, in the next moment, Ye Chen had already stabbed over.

As killing intent spread, the spear beam was released.

At this moment, it was already too late and the effect of the Supreme Profound Dipper was unable to reach 100%.

Ye Chen’s cultivation was higher than Lu Xiaoran’s.
When Lu Xiaoran used the Supreme Profound Dipper, he actually needed to unleash it twice.

On the one hand, he would displace Ye Chen.
On the other hand, he would discplace himself.

In other words, Lu Xiaoran needed to change both their positions at the same time in order for him to perfectly dodge Ye Chen’s attack.

However, now, Ye Chen was already outside his Supreme Profound Dipper.
The position of the divine weapon was pressing forward.
Lu Xiaoran was already unable to displace Ye Chen.

It was impossible for Lu Xiaoran to dodge this shot if he only displaced himself.

As for the Great Dao Reincarnation, it was even more uncontrollable.

The length of Ye Chen’s spear beam was fixed, and so was Ye Chen’s position.
Ye Chen’s main body had already escaped the restraints of the Great Dao Reincarnation.

Therefore, this spear stabbed into Lu Xiaoran’s heart with full force!

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