“Two years! An entire two years.
I, Han Zhen, have finally become a god! Hahahaha…”

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It was unknown how Han Zhen survived these past two years.

Because of that Primordial Supreme Ranking, he was unable to eat well!

Hiding in the cave, he felt as if countless eyes were staring at him.

In the pain and suffering, he gritted his teeth and cultivated diligently.
Many times, he almost went crazy from anxiety.

After experiencing more than two years of bitter suffering, he had finally become a god!

“This is already the Divine World.
There’s definitely no more that damn Primordial Supreme Ranking.
I can live in peace again!”

The corner of Han Zhen’s mouth curled up slightly as he prepared to explore the profundity of this world.

Therefore, he flew to the peak of the mountain and prepared to find a nearby town to understand the environment of the Divine World.

However, just as he stepped onto the hill, a few streams of light suddenly flew over from afar.
Their auras were extremely powerful, and each of them was not inferior to a God Realm expert.

“Chen Baotang, you traitor.
I’ve treated you well, but you actually dared to collude with outsiders to snatch my family property.
Do you really think I’m easy to bully? Today, I’ll kill you!”

In the next moment, light flashed in the sky.
A powerful energy fluctuation made the entire cloud layer tremble.

Soon, with a scream, a few corpses fell beside Han Zhen and turned into meat patties.
The golden blood of the God Realm expert splattered on Han Zhen’s face.

Han Zhen was silent for a moment before slowly climbing back down the mountain.

“Damn, is this Divine World so dangerous? I think I should find a cave on the spot and cultivate first.
I’ll only start exploring after my cultivation increases.
After all, I’m really too weak now.”

Han Zhen arrived at the foot of the mountain and quickly discovered a cave.

“Damn, there’s actually such a good cave here? The entrance is small but the interior is wide.
It looks very small from the outside, but after entering, it’s a different world! I feel like I’m like a small quail inside.”

“However, it has to be said that this hole is really to my liking.
Eh, there’s an array formation here? Damn, the skills of the person who set up this array formation are actually so much better than mine?”

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I’m lucky.
This must be a cave and array formation specially left behind by a senior expert.
Hahahaha… I’m rich.
I’m indeed blessed with peerless luck! Who in the world can compare to me? ”

In the next moment, Han Zhen immediately placed the spirit stones on the array formation and began to cultivate in seclusion.

Although he only had top-grade spirit stones, it was fine.
It was just that the effect of the array formation was weaker.

However, this was still the Divine World’s array formation.
It was impossible to break it in a short period of time.

Divine World, Ancient Sacred Land.

This was a paradise for divine beasts.
Almost all the divine beasts in the Divine World were gathered here.

At this moment, hundreds of divine beasts were squatting on a wide grass in the Ancient Sacred Land.

In front of them floated a man giving a speech.

“In our human race, there has always been a word that leads the human race forward.
This word is ‘dream’.
In all the living things in the world, only dreams can’t be disappointed.”

“Humans were born from their mothers and so were demons.

“Therefore, demons are also qualified to have dreams.

“Why should demons be stepped on by humans? It had to be known that several periods ago, demons had dominated the world!

“Everyone, please take a look at our Black Tortoise demon friend.
It was once a weak and helpless turtle that almost became dinner for a human.
Ever since it joined us, it has advanced rapidly on the path of cultivation and is now a powerful fifth level God Realm divine beast.

“This is simply a rare opportunity that cannot be missed.

“Join our 999 Sunshine Project.
We’ll help you defy the heavens and change your fate.
What are you waiting for? You deserve to be promoted from a demon beast to a divine beast! ”

After the speech, hundreds of divine beasts roared with monstrous auras.

The man took the opportunity to explain, “Everyone, calm down.
If you want to join us, please line up.
Every demon beast only needs to contribute a drop of blood essence and a wisp of soul essence.
You don’t need to give us natural treasures.
Our services all free! We don’t want money!”

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Under the man’s persuasion, the divine beasts went forward and took out a drop of their blood essence and their divine souls.

Then, the man absorbed all the blood essence and divine soul into his body.

“Beast Control Divine Art, refine it!”

The moment he began to refine it, all the divine beasts present instantly reacted and began to scream on the spot.

Unfortunately, it was already too late.

Under the suppression of the Beast Control Divine Art, the hundreds of divine beasts finally became the man’s demon pets.

At this moment, he wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and heaved a sigh of relief.

“Hah! It’s finally done.
I’m so tired.
Fortunately, the Beast Control Divine Art Master gave me is at the divine technique level.
Otherwise, it would really be difficult for me to suppress these divine beasts.”

Su Lingwu was also quite unlucky.

Most people who came to the Divine World basically transmigrated to the territory of cultivators.

He had been especially tragic.
He was teleported to the Ancient Sacred Land with his master’s divine beast servants.

Of course, it could not be said to be a godforsaken place.
There were still some natural treasures, divine crystals, and even divine crystal mines here.

However, the problem was that this was the lair of a divine beast.
It was not an exaggeration to say that if one went to the washroom to grab a leaf, it would probably belong to a tree demon.

This situation was not a big problem for the divine beasts like the Black Tortoise and the Fire Phoenix.
However, it was a headache for Su Lingwu.

This was because he was a human.

Humans were the natural enemies of demon beasts!

As long as he was seen by demon beasts, he would definitely be killed.

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In this situation, it was already not bad for him to stay alive.
How could he still cultivate?

Although he had also relied on the protection of divine beasts like the Black Tortoise and the Fire Phoenix to survive, if not for him being too close to the Black Tortoise and the Fire Phoenix, he would not have ended up in this state.

Perhaps because he was forced into a corner or for some other reason, Su Lingwu thought of a good idea.

He would not cultivate it for the time being and instead cultivate the Beast Control Divine Art his master had taught him.

Then, he would use the Beast Control Divine Art to fool these divine beasts.

In the beginning, he would start by coaxing low-level demon beasts.
Then, he would use those low-level demon beasts to publicize himself and then lure high-level divine beasts over step by step.

In this way, Su Lingwu expanded his sphere of influence step by step.

In order to further deceive the divine beasts, he had also specially invented a series of words.

For example, the 999 Sunshine Project.

Why was it called the 999 Sunshine Project? This was because according to legend, the emperors of demon beasts, Dijun and Taiyi, were both three-legged Golden Crows.
They represented the suns.

By naming it the Sunshine Project, he would naturally be recognized by the demon beasts and divine beasts.

As for 999, that was because he was ranked ninth among all of his master’s disciples.

With the help of the Beast Control Divine Art, not only had Su Lingwu’s strength expanded step by step, but he had also used the Beast Control Divine Art to control demon beasts and divine beasts to help him find the natural treasures and divine crystal mines in the Ancient Sacred Land to nourish himself and cultivate the Battle God Eight Desolates.
His cultivation had actually improved at a godly speed and had already broken through to the third level of the True God Realm.

“I wonder how Master, Senior Brother, and Senior Sister are doing? There aren’t any sects or any humans in the Ancient Sacred Land.
I cultivate by myself.
My cultivation level must be the worst among my senior brothers and sisters, right?”

No, I have to cultivate harder.
Otherwise, how can I face Master? I’ve decided.
I’ll recruit 100,000 divine beasts to help me cultivate first! ”

On Lu Xiaoran’s side, after leaving, he quickly found his avatar.
Then, he let his avatar enter the Mountain and River State Painting and began to cultivate.

He followed his own clues to find the Lu family.

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Elder Tianji had once said that as long as he injected a drop of blood essence into the token near the Lu family, he could attract the people of the Lu family to save him.

He did not know if it was true.

At this moment, he was sitting in a carriage of a convoy and following the convoy to the vicinity of Tianshui City where the Lu family was located.

This kind of convoy was driven by demon beasts and was several times faster than Earth’s technology.
It was a relatively popular basic vehicle in the Divine World.

Usually, they had a fixed route and were guarded by high-level cultivators.
Moreover, the price was appropriate and the number of passengers was very impressive.

Lu Xiaoran sat in his carriage and did not dare to be too careless.
He opened his divine sense fully and paid attention to the movements in front and behind to prevent any accidents.

The conversation in the other carriages continuously entered his ears through his divine sense.

“Have you heard? A few days ago, a huge phoenix phantom appeared in the southern sky.”

“That phoenix phantom blotted out the sky and caused all the beasts to worship it.
That scene was really legendary!”

“Not only that, I heard that a shocking roar sounded from the East Demon Abyss.
Apparently, someone saw a huge human-shaped phantom in the Demon Abyss.
It had a long tail and held a high iron rod.
It waved it wantonly and disturbed the entire Demon Abyss!”

“I heard that many demon beasts in the Demon Abyss have escaped because of fear.
The few large sects near the Demon Abyss have already sent troops to encircle and suppress them.”

“This is nothing.
I heard that in the past two years, a group of lunatics has appeared in our Divine World.
They specialize in digging the tombs of the ancestors of the various large sects and the experts of the Divine World who have died.
They don’t even let off the dead.
They’re really crazy!”

“Also, I heard that the Ancient Sacred Land is not too safe.
There are often divine beasts gathering restlessly, and they travel in groups.
The roars of the divine beasts could constantly be heard.”

“Sigh! I wonder what’s going on in the Divine World these two years.
It’s getting more and more unstable.
Such things have never happened in the Divine World in the past!”

Hearing this, Lu Xiaoran’s brows fell into a deep dilemma.

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