“Divine Maiden Gong, you’re too polite.
I know my place.”

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As soon as Lu Xiaochen finished speaking, he glanced at Lu Xiaoran at the entrance of the martial arts arena and immediately rushed forward.

“Xiaoran, why did you take so long to arrive?”

Lu Xiaoran replied indifferently, “I’m cultivating.”

“You only know how to cultivate.
Did you know that something good has happened to you?”

With that said, he pulled Lu Xiaoran in front of Gong Wan’er and introduced with a smile,

“Divine Maiden Gong, this is my cousin, Lu Xiaoran.
Xiaoran, this is the Divine Maiden Gong of the Misty Pavilion, Gong Wan’er.
She’s also your fiancée.”

Lu Xiaoran said very calmly, as if he did not have any special emotions.

Gong Wan’er sized up Lu Xiaoran carefully.

He was a very clean and handsome man.
His cultivation was ordinary.
Other than his appearance, there did not seem to be anything special about him.

However, there was one thing that was still worthy of Gong Wan’er’s approval.
Lu Xiaoran’s gaze was very pure and did not reveal any other intentions.

It had to be known that her appearance and figure were not ordinary even in the Divine World.
Therefore, there were many people who wanted to pursue her.

Even among the boys of the Lu family’s younger generation, there were many who secretly took advantage of her from time to time.
She knew very well.

However, Lu Xiaoran’s gaze did not stop on her at all.

On their first meeting, she had a good feeling about Lu Xiaoran.

She nodded slightly and replied.

Lu Xiaochen patted Lu Xiaoran on the shoulder and said, “Since you’re here, the two of you can have a good chat.
We’ll retreat first.”

With that said, before Lu Xiaoran could refuse, Lu Xiaochen immediately signaled to the others.
Everyone understood and immediately retreated.

In the blink of an eye, the huge martial arts arena was only left with the two of them.

A breeze blew over, and the air seemed to have an ambiguous aura.

Gong Wan’er brushed away the black hair that was blown by the breeze and immediately said, “You should know the purpose of my visit, right?”

“Then… what do you think?”

Gong Wan’er was immediately speechless.

This guy seemed to be somewhat impatient.

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The other party did not even ask if she had agreed.

“I only came here to see if you’re a good person.
If not, I’ll cancel the engagement.
You’re really not treating yourself as an outsider by directly saying that you agree.”

Gong Wan’er took a deep breath and continued, “I don’t ask for much.
Your cultivation level can be low, but you can’t be without ambition.
If you’re not ambitious, there’s no need for us to discuss anything else.”

This little girl was a little too much.

If she was willing to cancel the engagement, then they can just go their separate ways.
The two of them will be able to mind their own business.

What did his ambition have to do with her?

It was simply not her place to be worried about this.

Not noticing the shock on Lu Xiaoran’s face, Gong Wan’er continued, “Other than that, I hope that you’ll focus on cultivation in the next twenty years.
Although your talent is not good, the next few decades will be the golden era for cultivation.
Therefore, how far you can go mainly depends on the next twenty years.
Therefore, I hope you can work hard.”

The expression on Lu Xiaoran’s face was somewhat strange.

Something… seemed to be wrong?

According to normal plot development, shouldn’t the other party ridicule him and say loudly with her chin raised—you’re not qualified!

Why did he feel that the other party was implying something?

“Wait a moment.
Before we continue talking, let’s get this right.
I keep feeling that something is wrong.”

Gong Wan’er raised her eyebrows slightly and said in confusion, “What do you mean?”

“What I mean is, are you… here to cancel the engagement?”

Gong Wan’er was immediately dumbfounded.
However, her expression quickly became somewhat ugly.

Lu Xiaoran actually thought that she was here to end the engagement.
Was she, Gong Wan’er, that unbearable?

He actually treated her as a snob.

“What do you think our Misty Pavilion is? Our Misty Pavilion is not such a treacherous sect!”

This time, it was Lu Xiaoran’s turn to be dumbfounded.

This woman was unpredictable!

They had announced to the public that he was only at the third level of the God Realm.
With such a trashy cultivation, he was probably not even qualified to carry her shoes.
Yet, she still wanted to marry him?

As if sensing Lu Xiaoran’s shock, Gong Wan’er’s face turned red.

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Then, she coughed lightly and said, “However, don’t be happy too early.
Although I don’t want to be a treacherous person, I won’t marry you casually.
I’ll give you some tests.
Only by passing these tests will I be able to fulfill the engagement.
Otherwise, even if I have to bear the reputation of being treacherous, I won’t marry you.”

“That’s good.
Let’s just skip the assessment.
Our engagement will be canceled.
I, Lu Xiaoran, will unilaterally cancel the engagement.”

Lu Xiaoran directly canceled the engagement.

He did not care at all about Gong Wan’er’s identity, strength, or beauty.

Gong Wan’er was powerful in the eyes of others, but to him, she was only ordinary.

He had already cultivated to the fourth level of the God Production Realm now.
Not to mention that he was an entire realm higher than her, with his cultivation speed, he would probably become a God Monarch Realm expert in a few years.

At that time, Gong Wan’er would probably still be at the God Production Realm.

Unless he was crazy, why would he get himself such a burden?

If any enemy captured her again and threatened him, wouldn’t he be even more aggrieved?

As long as he was not crazy, Lu Xiaoran would definitely not find a wife when his cultivation had not reached the peak.

Moreover, even if he was crazy, he would rather find a brother than a woman.

He had to work hard every day.
Not to mention that he had given away hundreds of millions for free, but the other party also had to throw a tantrum from time to time.

What if she angered him to the point of qi deviation and caused him to bleed from all seven orifices?

Even if she did not anger himself to the point of qi deviation, if she was unhappy and cheated on him, it would still cause him to explode on the spot even if he cultivated to the God Monarch Realm.

Women were obstacles in the path of cultivation.

When there was danger, women were burdens.
When there was no danger, women were dangerous!

Therefore, the best way was to prevent any improper relationship with any woman.

Of course, to really explain, Lu Xiaoran did not care about Gong Wan’er at all.

She was very good, but that was for ordinary people.
Compared to him, she was not qualified.

After all, he wanted to become a lady’s… no, a supreme man!

Gong Wan’er was dumbfounded on the spot.

What kind of joke was this?

The dignified Divine Maiden of the Misty Pavilion, Gong Wan’er, had actually been rejected.

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Of course, she would not be like some brainless woman who would be angry because of this.
She also wouldn’t suddenly feel that she had fallen from the clouds.

She did not have those idiotic thoughts.

She was only somewhat puzzled.

Why would Lu Xiaoran do this?

After taking a deep breath, Gong Wan’er continued, “I want to know something.
Are you serious?”

“Do you even need to ask why? Don’t you understand such a simple thing?

“You’re the Divine Maiden of the Misty Pavilion, and I’m only a long-lost orphan of the Lu family.

“You’re a first level God Creation Realm expert, and I’m only a third level God Realm ant.

“If you were bullied, how was I supposed to protect you?

“Moreover, if you marry me, you will also be mocked by others, right?

“Since it was a marriage that was destined to be unhappy, why should I go along with it?

“Breaking off the engagement is the best choice for you and for me.

Gong Wan’er’s delicate body trembled.
She was deeply shocked by Lu Xiaoran’s words.

She did not expect the other party to have thought of so many things!

Moreover, he was mostly thinking about her.
He was worried that his cultivation level was low and that he could not protect her.
He was worried that she would be mocked when she went out.

Such a man was so loyal.
So what if his cultivation was low?

Therefore, after taking a deep breath, Gong Wan’er bowed deeply to Lu Xiaoran.

“I know what to do.
Thank you.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she turned around and left.

The corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth curled up slightly, and he was in a good mood.

He had resolved a small problem.

Although it was a little dangerous, it was still easily resolved.
He was indeed a genius.

However, speaking of which, it would be great if Gong Wan’er could cancel the engagement.

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If Gong Wan’er canceled the engagement, she would definitely give him some compensation.

Although it would not be impressive, it was at least free.

It did not matter.
In any case, it was fine as long as the engagement was canceled.

As long as she did not disturb his cultivation and let him live alone until the end of time, it was fine.

Gong Wan’er also quickly arrived at the Lu family’s hall.

At this moment, Old Master Lu and the elders of the Misty Pavilion were chatting.

Seeing her come, Old Master Lu immediately stood up and smiled.

“How is it? Divine Maiden Gong, have you made a decision?”

“I’ve already made up my mind.”

Looking at her somewhat solemn expression, Old Master Lu had already vaguely guessed something.

However, he did not complain.

This was because Gong Wan’er had already spoken to him in private when she first arrived.

If Lu Xiaoran’s character could not pass her assessment, the marriage contract would be invalid.

The little girl was reasonable, so Old Master Lu did not pester her endlessly and agreed to her decision.

Now, it seemed that she was probably going to cancel the engagement.

“I agree to marry Lu Xiaoran.”

This simple sentence instantly made the entire hall fall into a deathly silence.

Even Old Master Lu’s sigh was suppressed in his throat.
He did not know whether to sigh or not.

The others were all petrified.

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