In the Divine World, the Taiyi Sword Dao.

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When the first sun rose in the east, a wisp of sword intent suddenly rushed out from the forbidden area of the Taiyi Sword Dao.

At the entrance of the forbidden area, a white-haired old man who swept the ground stroked his beard and smiled.

“This child is indeed talented and intelligent.
In just a few years, he broke through from the third level of the God Realm to the first level of the God Creation Realm.
My Taiyi Sword Dao won’t have to worry for the next ten thousand years.”

A moment later, a figure in a pure white robe that looked like a sword immortal quietly appeared at the entrance of the forbidden area.

Seeing the old man, he immediately cupped his hands and said, “Li Changsheng greets Senior.”

The old man smiled and nodded.

“You’ve broken through from the lower realm.
In just a few years, your cultivation has already broken through to the first level of the God Creation Realm and formed your own space.
Your improvement can’t be said to be slow.”

Looks like the Taiyi Sword Dao was right to do its best to find you and bring you back.

What? Are you still unwilling to find a master in my Taiyi Sword Dao?! ”

Li Changsheng cupped his hands again.

“Senior, Changsheng has received the favor of the Tai Yi Sword Dao and is naturally a disciple of the Tai Yi Sword Dao.
However, if you want me to find a master, I’m afraid I can’t.”

“Alright, looks like that master of yours is indeed extremely important to you.
In that case, I won’t force you.
It’s fine as long as you admit that you’re a disciple of my Tai Yi Sword Dao.”

Li Changsheng bowed again and immediately said, “Senior, I want to ask you something.”

“I want to know if Senior knows that there’s a Lu family in this world?”

“Lu family? I’ve never heard of them.”

Li Changsheng could not help but frown.

“Could it be that the Lu family doesn’t exist in this world?”

“That’s not necessarily true.”

The old man shook his head.

“You have to know that although my Taiyi Sword Dao is said to be an extremely powerful sect in the Divine World, it’s still not the top-notch faction.
Even for me, my current cultivation level is only at the Immortal God Emperor Realm.
Perhaps the Lu family you mentioned is an even higher existence.”

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Li Changsheng could not help but be somewhat disappointed and sigh faintly in his heart.

“Master, are you alright now? Also, senior brothers and sisters, where are you guys right now? I wonder if they’ve found Master?”

Just as he was sighing, the old man suddenly spoke again.

“Changsheng, although you’re already at the God Creation Realm and have outstanding talent, you can’t relax.
It has to be known that there’s always someone better.
I heard that the Heaven Saber Pavilion, which is as famous as my Taiyi Sword Dao, also has a top-grade genius.
His current cultivation is probably not inferior to yours.”

“That’s right.
The Heaven Saber Pavilion is a sect that is as famous as our Tai Yi Sword Dao.
However, our Tai Yi Sword Dao mainly cultivates the Sword Dao, and the Heaven Saber Pavilion mainly cultivates saber techniques.
Our two sects have been good friends and rivals for many years.”

“If the other party has a genius with very powerful talent, our Tai Yi Sword Dao can only place our hopes on you.
I hope you don’t disappoint us.

“Heaven Saber Pavilion, saber technique… Could it be him?”

Li Changsheng frowned for a moment and immediately cupped his hands.

“Senior, don’t worry.
I definitely won’t let the Taiyi Sword Dao fall to others.”

The old man stroked his beard and smiled.

“That’s for the best.
A new divine tea was delivered by the sect yesterday.
It tastes quite good.
I saved a portion for you.
It’s in your room.”

On the other side, Buttface and Old Tie ran for a few days before finally stopping.

“Hah… ha, Old Tie, is anyone chasing after me?”

“No one should be chasing after us.
The two of us have run so far, so there shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Too terrifying.
In the Divine World, the two of us are equivalent to the weakest existences.
We can’t beat anyone.”

“Stop talking.
Let’s find Master first.”

Ever since Lu Xiaoran learned of Gong Wan’er’s thoughts, he treated Lu Xiaochen to a meal and got him drunk.

He quietly went to the Seven Water Pavilion and brought back the divine crystals exchanged by the Seven Water Pavilion.
Then, he gave the sect master of the Seven Water Pavilion a large number of top-grade spirit stones and asked him to continue exchanging for top-grade divine crystals before sneaking back to the Lu family.

After that, he directly chose to enter seclusion and never came out again.

In the following time, it was as if he had disappeared from the entire Lu family.

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It was even to the extent that he got the Lu family to change the monthly offerings to annual offerings.

Old Master Lu only thought that Lu Xiaoran had been stimulated and wanted to catch up to his fiancée, so he did not think much of it.

Therefore, Lu Xiaoran only came out once a year when he was receiving offerings.
The rest of the time, he stayed in his room to increase his strength.

Time passed quickly.
In the blink of an eye, another two years had passed.

The moment Lu Xiaoran opened his eyes, the entire Lu family seemed to sense a strange fluctuation.

Ordinary people could not sense this fluctuation, but Old Master Lu’s body suddenly trembled.

However, his strength disappeared in the blink of an eye and was suppressed by Lu Xiaoran.
Therefore, he lost the source and was unable to trace it.

“Strange, could it be an illusion just now?”

In the room, Lu Xiaoran slowly exhaled and revealed a happy expression.

“I’ve finally broken through, Ten Domain Martial God Realm!”

In the past two years, Lu Xiaoran had finally broken through from the God Creation Realm to the peak and reached the cultivation of the Ten Domain Martial God Realm.

The so-called Ten Domain Martial God Realm was achieved when one developed the small world created by the God Creation Realm.
It meant that one had developed a Creation Realm small world to the limit and developed various elements such as earth, water, wind, and fire.

To put it bluntly, it meant that one had increased the attributes in one’s space to the point where the space was strengthened and synchronized with the outside world.

The more attributes there were, the more types of life one could create, and the stronger the cultivation.

Lu Xiaoran finally understood the use of private small worlds.

The first use was to use the created things to attack.

The stronger the small world, the stronger the things it created, and the richer the attack methods.

For example, Lu Xiaoran could already transform the earth, water, wind, and fire in his small world into various elemental attacks.

He estimated that when his cultivation reached a certain level, he could even create a living being with an extremely powerful cultivation.

This was simply comparable to Nuwa creating humans.
Just thinking about it made Lu Xiaoran feel somewhat crazy.

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Another attack method was to pull people into his small world to fight.

Of course, this also required the strengthening of the small world.
If an ordinary small world was not powerful enough, after pulling people in, if they destroyed the small world, it would instead severely injure the owner’s main body.

However, if the small world was very powerful, it would not be a problem.

Not only was it not a problem, but it would also increase the small world owner’s attack methods and isolate the other party’s ability to absorb the divine power and various elements of the world.
It would also constantly consume the enemy to strengthen him.

It could be said to be an extremely abnormal attack technique.

Lastly, even if both parties had small worlds and could not pull the other party into their own small world, they could still activate their small worlds to collide to produce attack damage.

At this moment, if one’s small world was relatively weak, they would also be severely injured by the enemy.

Therefore, small worlds had to be cultivated and strengthened.

There was another saying in the Divine World.

It was called “the divine soul depends on the heavens and the small world depends on cultivation.”

This was because the divine soul was destined by the heavens.
How powerful it was was destined from the beginning.
Even as one’s cultivation increased, the divine soul would still slowly increase and advance steadily.
It was definitely impossible for one to instantly make up for the huge difference.

However, a small world was different.
As long as one cultivated diligently, they would definitely be able to quickly increase their strength in a short period of time.

Therefore, sometimes, those who were not talented in the divine soul would also work hard to make up for it with their small worlds.

If the other party was powerful in terms of the enhancement of the soul, he would be powerful in terms of the suppression of the small world.

The two overlapped.
Some geniuses with high divine souls might not be able to defeat powerful cultivators from small worlds.

From this point of view, the heavens seemed to be relatively fair and did not make those hard working people lose hope.

Lu Xiaoran got off the bed and suddenly felt that something was wrong.

His clothes seemed to be… a little inappropriate.

This was strange.
He was cultivating.
When did he touch his clothes?

He lowered his head and swept his gaze over.
He felt that his collar was a little itchy and immediately touched it.

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Then, a white, soft… hair appeared?

“Strange, why do I have white hair? Moreover, this white hair is so familiar.”

He tried to shout, but Wang Cai did not move.

After shouting a few more times, Wang Cai did not respond.
It seemed that Wang Cai had not woken up.

In that case, it was probably useless to ask her.

However, speaking of which, the hot shots from before, Ye Chen, and the others, were all relatively powerful.
Therefore, it took Wang Cai a long time to absorb the luck.

However, now, this Yang Jian that Wang Cai had swallowed should not have much luck.

Could such trash not be digested in two years?

He did not quite understand Wang Cai’s digestion mechanism.

Just as he was feeling puzzled, a knock suddenly sounded from outside.

Lu Xiaoran’s mind stirred and he directly teleported to the door.

He knew that it was Lu Xiaochen who had given him this year’s cultivation resources.

This was also the date he had agreed with Lu Xiaochen.
That was why he woke up from his meditation today.

Otherwise, even if he continued to break through to the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm, it would be impossible for him to end his meditation.

However, when he arrived at the door, he did not see Lu Xiaochen.
Instead, he saw Steward Lu coming to deliver offerings to him.

“Greetings, Young Master.”

Steward Lu bowed and handed a storage bag to Lu Xiaoran.

“Young Master, this is your offering this year.”

“Why isn’t my cousin here?”

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