“Doesn’t your master’s sect rule forbid you from approaching women?”

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“My master also said that people have to be flexible.
When I was by Master’s side, I had all kinds of cultivation resources, medicinal pills, and equipment that I couldn’t use up.
Of course, I didn’t have to get close to women back then.

“Now that I’ve come to the Divine World, if I don’t rely on my handsome appearance and outstanding skills to earn some cultivation resources, how can I increase my cultivation? ”

“Don’t you feel embarrassed?”

“What’s there to be embarrassed about? The dignified sect master of the Divine World’s Heaven Saber Pavilion even got so many experts in the entire sect to serve me.
If it were you, would you refuse such a comfortable life?”

“Can you be any more shameless? Aren’t you afraid of losing face?”

“What I want is to cultivate successfully.
I don’t want face! Is face edible? Can it be eaten?”

She was already completely speechless.

At this moment, she suddenly had a feeling.

As long as one became Lu Xiaoran’s disciple, they would be like Lu Xiaoran and have no bottom line.

“Actually, let me tell you.
It’s also important to have a good life.
Don’t think that it’s easy for me to live off a woman.”

Usually, when men relied on women, they would all become bootlickers!

If he lived off a woman, he would do it properly.
He would make the woman the bootlicker!

I’m a man who wants to become the king of gigolos! ”

Ling Xinyue felt a chill and created some distance between her and Song Xinian.

Song Xinian glanced at her disdainfully.

“Why are you avoiding me? You’re not even a God Monarch Realm expert.
Do you think I fancy you? To put it bluntly, if your cultivation level is not at the God Production Realm now, I can’t even be bothered to pay attention to you.”

The Little Buddha Temple was quiet and peaceful.

In the hall of the temple, the abbot and the elders looked at the booklet in their hands with relieved expressions.

“That’s right.
After decades of accumulation, our Little Buddha Temple has finally accumulated 100,000 demons.
This is enough for us to report to the Bodhi Temple.”

“Amitabha, I hope that our Little Buddha Temple can obtain more Buddhist Dharma and cultivation resources by participating in the Demon Exorcism Meeting this time.”

Just as everyone was feeling happy,

Suddenly, an explosion sounded from the foot of the mountain.

In an instant, all the monks in the Little Buddha Temple were shocked to the extreme and arrived at the temple square.

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“This mountain is so intense.
Could it be that a demon has come to cause trouble? But why can’t I sense any demon aura?”

The abbot and the elders raised their eyebrows slightly.

“Looks like someone is dissatisfied with our Little Buddha Temple.
However, it’s fine.
Our Little Buddha Temple has 18 Arhats guarding the entrance.
With the Buddhist Sect’s 18 Bronze Men Formation, even if the other party’s cultivation reaches the God Production Realm, there’s no need to worry.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a young monk rushed in and cupped his hands towards the abbot.

“Abbot, something bad has happened.
The eighteen Arhats have been killed.”

The abbot frowned slightly.

“The other party’s aura revealed that he’s only at the God Production Realm.
However, the true strength he displayed far exceeds the God Production Realm.
Looks like he’s hiding his true cultivation.”

After a pause, he smiled again.

“However, it’s fine.
After the eighteen Arhats, there are still the four Vajras.
Their cultivation levels are extremely powerful and they’re all at the peak of the God Creation Realm.
If our Buddhist Sect’s four Vajras worked together, they could even fight a Ten Domain Martial God Realm expert!”

However, just as he finished speaking, another novice monk covered in blood crawled into the hall.

“Abbot, something bad has happened.
The four Vajras have been completely wiped out.”

The abbot was immediately stunned.
The expressions of the others were even more colorful.

Even the four Vajras had been destroyed.
This guy’s strength was a little abnormal.

“Abbot, don’t worry.
I’ll go and meet him.”

Hearing this voice, the abbot’s expression recovered to joy.

“Hehehehe… With Jue Yuan around, it should be fine this time.”

On the mountainside, Li Changsheng’s clothes fluttered as he slowly stepped forward with his hands behind his back.

Although his steps seemed slow, he was actually covering ten thousand meters with a single step!

Several astral sword beams surrounded him.

It made him look like a peerless sword immortal.

Within ten thousand meters, as long as a figure entered Li Changsheng’s sight, his astral sword beam would instantly send the other party flying.

The moment the sword beam flashed, heads flew and none of them survived.

His senior had once said that Sword Dao cultivators should advance courageously.

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He would kill whoever he encountered!

It didn’t matter who the person who had captured his junior sister was.
Since the other party was from the Buddhist Sect, all the Buddhist Sect disciples were guilty!

At this moment, another astral sword beam flew out in an attempt to kill a Buddhist monk.

However, at this moment, a golden light fell and directly shattered the astral sword beam.

The moment the sword aura shattered, the shock wave erupted and directly sent the Buddhist monk flying.

However, he did not fall heavily to the ground.
Instead, he was stopped in the sky by a huge hand.

The novice Buddhist monk was extremely excited.

Jue Yuan slowly landed on the ground and placed him aside.

From the beginning to the end, his gaze never left Li Changsheng.

“You don’t have any demon aura on you.
Clearly, you’re not from the Demon Dao.
Why did you come to find trouble with our Little Buddha Temple?”

Li Changsheng’s gaze was calm, and his eyes were like stars.
The sword beam shot out was enough to pierce through everything.

“Let me ask you.
Two years ago, did your Little Buddha Temple capture a first level God Creation Realm zombie?”

“A first level God Creation Realm zombie?”

Jue Yuan was slightly stunned before continuing, “I see.
I understand.
Looks like that little zombie has a deep relationship with you.”

Li Changsheng narrowed his eyes.

“Looks like my junior sister was indeed captured by your Little Buddha Temple.”

“That’s right.
Not only that, but she was also captured by me.
She’s a zombie and a demon.
As a member of the Buddhist Sect and a righteous cultivator, I naturally have to kill demons and devils to contribute to the safety of the world.”

“Then… no one can guarantee your safety.”

As soon as he finished speaking, with a thought, thirteen astral sword beams burst out at the same time.

The sharp sword aura swept through the entire mountainside.
Although the sword aura only slashed through the air, sword marks were actually left on the ground wherever it passed.
It was so terrifying that it was as if there were monsters walking underground.

The thirteen astral sword beams instantly arrived in front of Jue Yuan.

Jue Yuan chanted softly.
In the next second, the surface of his body was immediately enveloped by a golden defensive barrier.

The astral sword beam attacked the golden defensive barrier, emitting lightning sparks.

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The entire defensive barrier trembled and almost shattered.

Jue Yuan narrowed his eyes.

However, the other party’s expression was very calm, as if he had not used his full strength!

Jue Yuan had just reacted and turned around.
Indeed, Li Changsheng had actually released fourteen sword auras.

One of the sword auras slashed at the neck of the novice monk as he defended.

In an instant, blood flew and his head was separated.

Jue Yuan’s expression instantly turned extremely cold.

With a low roar, the Buddhist light on his body instantly exploded, suddenly shattering Li Changsheng’s thirteen astral sword beams.

Then, he held a golden alms bowl and headed straight for Li Changsheng.

Li Changsheng did not dodge and allowed the other party to rush over with the alms bowl.

Jue Yuan’s speed was very fast.
In almost 0.001 seconds, he had completely closed the distance between them.

A hundred meters, fifty meters, ten meters, one meter!

When Jue Yuan’s body arrived in front of Li Changsheng, a trace of disdain and ridicule flashed in Li Changsheng’s eyes.

In the next second, the astral sword beam around him suddenly condensed into a huge nine-meter-long astral sword beam.
Not only was it incomparably sharp, but it was also mixed with an invincible peerless pressure.

Sensing the might of the sword beam, Jue Yuan’s pupils instantly constricted.
He felt that a sword beam had instantly shattered his divine weapon, the golden alms bowl, in an unstoppable manner.

Then, it became bigger and bigger in his eyes!

In the hall of the Little Buddha Temple, the elders discussed with smiles.

“Dozens of breaths have already passed since Elder Jue Yuan left the mountain.
Yet, they’re still fighting.
Looks like the other party is not Master Jue Yuan’s match.”

“Hehehehe… Of course.
Jue Yuan is the most dazzling genius in our Little Buddha Temple for hundreds of years.
His cultivation is so powerful and his speed of improvement is so fast, even when compared to the higher-level branch.
It is too terrifying.”

The abbot narrowed his eyes slightly, a calm smile flowing in them.

It was also a good thing for him that the Little Buddha Temple could produce a talented person.

Looks like he could consider retreating behind the scenes to cultivate the Buddhist Dao in peace.

However, at this moment, a violent explosion suddenly sounded from the foot of the mountain.

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A shocking explosion made the entire Little Buddha Temple tremble.

“Why is there such a huge commotion?”

The next moment, a young monk rushed in and said with a frightened expression,

“Abbot, something bad has happened! Elder Jue Yuan has been killed!”

At this moment, everyone in the hall was instantly shocked!

The number one genius of their Little Buddha Temple!

Moreover, he was not only a genius, but his cultivation had also been cultivated to an extremely powerful Ten Domain Martial God Realm!

However, he had now been killed?

Then how powerful was the other party?

After a while, the abbot finally recovered.
He took a deep breath and said with an extremely solemn expression,

“Looks like our Little Buddha Temple has really encountered trouble this time.
In that case, I can only ask my junior brothers to go down the mountain to destroy the demons.”

“Senior Brothers and Sisters, who is willing to leave the mountain and help our Little Buddha Temple resolve our worries? ”

“Abbot, we’re all willing to go.”

“Alright, then let the other party know the price of trespassing into our Little Buddha Temple!”

Everyone shouted in unison and replied.
In the next moment, they transformed into Buddhist lights and flew down the mountain in unison.

Golden light gathered, and Buddhist light filled the sky like stars.

At this moment, the entire Little Buddha Temple seemed to be enveloped by a holy Buddhist light.
It was holy and inviolable!

Just as everyone was about to leave the mountain, with a bang, the entrance of the Little Buddha Temple was suddenly shattered by a sword beam.

“Baldies, let my junior sister out!”

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