The three of them were shocked.

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Lu Xiaoran walked towards the peak of the mountain, covering 10,000 meters with each step.

“The secret of Zhishui Peak must not be leaked.
I’ll go back and prepare.
Wait for me here.
Tonight, don’t leave a single person from the White Bone Demon Sect alive.”

The three of them immediately felt their scalps explode.

“Master actually wants to destroy the White Bone Demon Sect?”

“Isn’t this too crazy? He actually wants to destroy an entire sect! Although the White Bone Demon Sect’s strength is inferior to the Heaven Demon Sect, it’s still a sect! If we destroy the White Bone Demon Sect, it will definitely cause the Great Zhou Empire to investigate.”

Although fights between cultivators were common, there was a limit.

Killing a few people was not a problem.

However, destroying an entire sect was a problem.

Otherwise, if a sect coveted the resources of other sects and started a massacre, the entire Great Zhou would fall into chaos.

The Great Zhou Imperial Family would definitely investigate such matters

However, Fang Tianyuan said, “But if the entire Great Zhou learns of the secret of our Zhishui Peak, not to mention the Great Zhou Imperial Family, even the other disciples in our Heaven Demon Sect will probably attack us, right?”

As soon as he said this, Yun Lige and Ji Wuxia fell completely silent.

A man’s wealth was his own ruin.

If the secret of Zhishui Peak was spread, it would definitely attract more and more attention.

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And as the exposure reached a certain level, if the secret of the Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique could not be hidden, the four of them would become the envy of everyone in the entire Great Zhou.

At this moment, even Ji Wuxia, who was relatively kind-hearted, would not show sympathy.

It was true that she was kind, but she was not stupid.

By then, the matter would not be simply limited to Zhishui Peak.
If her Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique was exposed, it was even possible that it would implicate the Purple Peace Imperial Manor.

No one could resist the temptation of a Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique.

After all, that was the path to the Martial Monarch Realm!

500 kilometers away from the Heaven Demon Sect, in the White Bone Demon Sect’s hall.

The sect master sat high in the hall.
On the mat below, several sect elders were sitting cross-legged.

The dark space seemed somewhat strange.

The sect master touched the jade thumb ring in his hand and looked into the distance in the direction of the Heaven Demon Sect.

“Elder Chen Xuan has already gone to the Heaven Demon Sect to investigate the news.
He will probably only return in a day or two.
Inform the entire sect and all the disciples to be prepared.
Once Elder Chen Xuan finds any good news, we will work with the surrounding sects to deal with the Heaven Demon Sect.”

“We can’t let the Heaven Demon Sect monopolize the benefits.”

“Sect Master is right.
We have already arranged for our disciples to mobilize at any time.
As long as Sect Master gives the order, we can attack the Heaven Demon Sect at any time and anywhere.”

The White Bone Demon Sect’s Sect Master’s eyes flashed.

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He definitely would not destroy the Heaven Demon Sect.
After all, the Great Zhou Imperial Family did not allow the sects in the Great Zhou to kill each other.

However, if he joined forces with a few sects to besiege the Heaven Demon Sect and only attacked the higher-ups of the Heaven Demon Sect without causing a large-scale killing, the Great Zhou Imperial Family would also turn a blind eye.

This was also something that could not be helped.
The Heaven Demon Sect was already a relatively powerful existence in the surrounding few sects.

A few days ago, the Heaven Demon Sect had another natural phenomenon.
Thus, the others guessed that they must have obtained a good opportunity.

If the Heaven Demon Sect continued to develop and grow, it would definitely continue to reduce the living space of the other sects.

The Reliance Sect closest to the Heaven Demon Sect was relatively strong.
Perhaps they were not afraid of the Heaven Demon Sect, but the White Bone Demon Sect was not.

Ever since the establishment of the sect, the White Bone Demon Sect had been far inferior to the Heaven Demon Sect.

If the Heaven Demon Sect continued to develop, the White Bone Demon Sect’s many years of inheritance might even be destroyed.

The White Bone Demon Sect’s sect master would definitely not allow such a thing to happen.

Right at this moment, the teleportation formation in the center of the hall suddenly lit up.

Everyone’s eyes moved as they stared at the teleportation formation in unison.

In the next second, Elder Chen Xuan’s soul broke through the teleportation formation and appeared in the hall.

Everyone’s pupils suddenly constricted.

“Elder Chen, what’s going on?”

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Chen Xuan’s soul was dispirited, but he couldn’t care less about his injuries.

Instead, he hurriedly said, “Sect Master, the Heaven Demon Sect has indeed obtained a huge opportunity.
This subordinate had just arrived at the Heaven Demon Sect and had yet to find anything when I was severely injured by the Zhishui Peak disciples of the Heaven Demon Sect.
Almost all of them have cultivations above the Spirit Realm.
Previously, according to what we know about the Zhishui Peak of the Heaven Demon Sect, only peak master Lu Xiaoran had a cultivation at the third level of the Spirit Realm.”

Everyone was in an uproar.

“What? All the disciples of Zhishui Peak are at the Spirit Realm?”

“Hiss ~! Heavens, Zhishui Peak is only a small peak of the Heaven Demon Sect.
Are they that terrifying? Then just how powerful are the other peaks of the Heaven Demon Sect?”

“Sect Master, the Heaven Demon Sect is clearly harboring ill intentions by hiding the cultivation of their disciples!”

The Sect Master of the White Bone Demon Sect gripped the chair handle tightly as killing intent surged in his eyes.

“Damn you, Heaven Demon Sect.
You actually hid the cultivation of the inner sect disciples and even attacked my White Bone Demon Sect’s elder until only his soul was left.
Do you still think you can just disrespect our White Bone Demon Sect like this? If Elder Chen did not enter the tiger’s den and risked his life to investigate the situation, I’m afraid we would still be in the dark.”

The elders were excited again.

These elders didn’t exactly want to protect the White Bone Demon Sect, nor did they really want to deal with the Heaven Demon Sect.

However, in a battle between sects, they would definitely have a chance to obtain benefits.

After all, it was only natural for people to prioritize their own interests.

“Sect Master, we definitely can’t let the Heaven Demon Sect off so easily!”

“That’s right.
We have to attack the Heaven Demon Sect and pursue this matter.”

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However, at this moment, a killing mark suddenly shot out from the array formation and instantly bombarded Elder Chen Xuan’s soul.

Elder Chen Xuan let out a frightened cry.
Before he could finish speaking, the mark exploded.

The huge explosion made everyone in the hall tremble violently!

The extremely powerful might caused the spirit energy to tremble and fluctuations spread in the hall.
Many people who were close were even sent flying to the ground.

After the commotion, the dust on the ground gradually settled.
The group of people who had been excited just now instantly fell silent.

Everyone stared at the huge pit.
No one dared to say anything about the suppression of the Heaven Demon Sect.

That mark actually blew up a huge pit in the entire hall.

It had to be known that the ground was made of black bronze.
Not only was it as smooth as a mirror, but it also had the ability to absorb spirit energy.

In order to damage it, one had to at least be at the Void Reversion Realm.

At this moment, Elder Chen Xuan’s soul had been blasted into a huge pit by that mark.

The other party’s strength had probably surpassed the Creation Realm!

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