After Li Changsheng and Song Xinian pondered for a moment, Song Xinian suddenly had an idea.

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“By the way, there are only two or three of us dealing with the Buddhist Sect this time.
It’s impossible for us to resist the entire Buddhist Sect.
Moreover, Master is an immortal and can’t attack casually.
Otherwise, he will be suppressed by the Heaven Dao laws.
In that case, why don’t we think of a way to summon the other senior brothers?”

Li Changsheng’s eyes instantly lit up.

“The two of us are already so powerful.
The others are probably even stronger than us.
Moreover, we still have so many third-generation disciples from the Nameless Sect.
If everyone works together, we can definitely save Little Junior Sister.”

“However, speaking of which, it’s definitely not appropriate for the three of us to go and find those senior brothers and sisters together.
After all, we still have to find Little Junior Sister’s whereabouts.”

Ling Xinyue immediately said, “I can go and find someone, but… how am I supposed to find them?”

Song Xinian pondered for a moment and immediately said, “How about this? Think of a way to spread the rumors that the Buddhist Sect has captured the Nameless Sect’s junior sister.”

Li Changsheng immediately stopped her.

“We just destroyed the Little Buddha Temple.
It’s very likely that we’ve already attracted the attention of the Buddhist Sect.
If the Buddhist Sect follows the rumors, it’s very likely that they will investigate Little Junior Sister.
Even if the Buddhist Sect can’t investigate Little Junior Sister, they can still investigate Little Junior Sister’s batch of demons, which is the 100,000 demons sent by the Little Buddha Temple.
In that case, the Buddhist Sect can still threaten us.

“Moreover, even if they don’t threaten us, won’t Little Junior Sister also die without a burial place if the Buddhist Sect gets angry and destroys that batch of demons? ”

Song Xinian rubbed his eyebrows fiercely and immediately said, “Then what should we do? In that case, even if we say that Master has been captured, we will still attract the attention of the Buddhist Sect.”

Li Changsheng pondered for a moment again and immediately said, “Got it.
Let’s say that Master was killed by the Buddhist Sect and burned to ashes.
In this way, we can lure out our senior brothers, sisters, and junior brothers first.

“At that time, we will think of a way to send the news to them.

The key now is to lure them out.

Ling Xinyue’s face twitched.

“This… this isn’t too good, right?”

“There’s nothing we can do about it.
They won’t come out unless you make it sound serious.”

After the three of them finished splitting the work, they immediately spread out.

At the same time, a figure had already arrived at the Buddhist Sect’s Lu Ning Temple.

This was a low-grade temple.
It was not big, but even so, there were still tens of thousands of disciples inside, including Ten Domain Martial God Realm experts.

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“Who is this? What is he doing in our Lu Ning Temple?”

“Where are you from? Why have you come to my Lu Ning Temple?”

The disciples of Lu Ning Temple quickly discovered the other party.
At the same time, they began to ask for the other party’s identity.

However, the other party did not answer at all and only raised his right hand slightly.

In an instant, lightning surged.

Billions of equal divine power condensed on the other party’s palm.
As the other party’s palm fell, a million-meter-long saber beam suddenly formed.

The expressions of the disciples of Lu Ning Temple changed drastically.

“Not good, he’s going to kill us!”

“He’s very powerful.
We’re not his match.

However, just as everyone was about to move, the long saber in the other party’s hand fell with a bang.

In an instant, tens of thousands of Lu Ning Temple disciples were killed by this saber.

Boom! The entire Lu Ning Temple was turned to dust by the saber beam.

The same thing had happened not only in Lu Ning Temple, but also in the other temples.

In just two days, the dozens of branches of the Buddhist Sect in this area had been mercilessly destroyed.
Moreover, they had all been destroyed by an opponent with powerful strength.

The Buddhist Sect’s forces quickly disintegrated in this area.

Needless to say, these actions were naturally done by Lu Xiaoran’s four avatars.

Lu Xiaoran did not care how much blood his hands were stained with.
This thing was meaningless.

If Lu Xiaoran did not kill anyone and only talked nicely, the Buddhist Sect would not have bothered with him and would not have returned Zhuge Ziqiong to him.

Most of the time, the effect of a punch was more efficient, simpler, and more effective than words.

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After destroying the Buddhist Sect branches as he wished, Lu Xiaoran should be able to quickly attract the big shots of the Buddhist Sect.
It would be best if these big shots included the two senior monks who had captured Zhuge Ziqiong.
If Lu Xiaoran encountered them, he swore that he would definitely tear the two of them into pieces.

How dare these monks capture his disciple.
They were courting death!

However, this also depended on luck.
If the other party really did not come, he would have no choice but to watch helplessly.

However, now, there was another more important problem.
That was, the two brats, Li Changsheng and Song Xinian, not only were not getting closer to Lu Xiaoran, but their positions were also getting further and further away.

“What are these two brats doing?”

After spending a day setting up the array formation, Lu Xiaoran stood at the entrance of the valley and frowned.
He did not understand what the two of them were doing at all.

“Strange, there are no changes in the activity information of these two guys.”

Now, the activity information was all about Yun Lige being attacked again.
Li Changsheng and Song Xinian were fine.

According to this situation, the two of them were probably no longer staying outside!

Lu Xiaoran shouted for Wang Cai.

“Wang Cai, could it be that something happened to you? Why do I feel that you’re becoming more and more unreliable?”

Your Soul Guidance is useless against the disciples.
Changsheng and the others did not come at all.

“This is impossible! This doesn’t make sense.
There’s nothing wrong with my Soul Guidance.”

“There’s definitely something wrong with you.
Is there a program wrong with you? Where is it?”

“Hey, hey.
Master, don’t move your hand.
No, it’s not good there.
It’s dirty.
No, it’s really not good! It’s really not good!”

Lu Xiaoran had not done anything and just stood on the spot in confusion as he watched the other party get into all kinds of dirty poses.
He was speechless.

“Are you done acting? Did I even touch you?”

Wang Cai wagged its tail and smiled awkwardly.

“I just wanted to help Master prepare.”

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“Get lost.
I won’t touch you.
Hurry up and summon my disciples back.
Hurry up.”

“Alright, Master.
This time, I’ll use the super powerful Soul Guidance to capture them.”

Then, he and Buttface squatted at the entrance of the valley and waited for Li Changsheng and Song Xinian.

The sun rose… fell… rose… fell… rose… fell again…

After repeating this for a few days, Lu Xiaoran really could not sit still.

“Wang Cai, I think something’s wrong with you.
Did you really summon them?”

Lu Xiaoran was speechless.

He felt that he could not listen to this dog anymore.
This dog’s skills were getting worse and worse.
If he listened to it again, he would probably get into trouble.

It was better for him to rely on himself.

In this way, Lu Xiaoran immediately sent out his divine sense order to get the four avatars to stop dealing with the Buddhist Sect and turn to find Li Changsheng and Song Xinian.

In any case, many branches of the Buddhist Sect had already been destroyed, and their goal had almost been achieved.

Unless the people from the Buddhist Sect were crazy and did not care that dozens of their branches had been destroyed.

At the same time, in the Bodhi Temple of the Buddhist Sect.

The High Buddha who was meditating suddenly opened his eyes, and his pale golden eyes revealed a puzzled expression.

“Strange, why has the Buddhist mental strength in this small world decreased so much all of a sudden?”

The Buddhist Sect’s mental strength not only provided the foundation of one’s cultivation to the Buddha Patriarch, Buddha, Bodhisattva, Arhat, Bodhi,, and the other Buddhist experts on the Spirit Mountain, but it also represented the prosperity of the Buddhist Sect in this world.

However, now, the incense offerings of this world had suddenly decreased by so much, naturally making him somewhat surprised and puzzled.

Almost at this moment, a Buddhist elder quickly flew into the Zen Hall.

“High Buddha, something happened.”

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The High Buddha’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.

“High Buddha, dozens of our Buddhist Sect branches have been destroyed.”

A cold glint instantly flashed in the High Buddha’s eyes.

“What’s going on? Tell me in detail!”

“I don’t know either, but we’ve already lost contact with dozens of branches.
I used my divine sense to communicate with the branches near them and sent people to investigate.
In the end, I discovered that a few branches had been destroyed.
The same thing probably also happened to the other branches.”

The High Buddha could not help but raise his eyebrows.

“Strange, strange.
In the past, no one dared to do such a thing to our Buddhist Sect.
Why has everyone been swarming over recently?”

“I don’t know either.
However, the Demon Exorcism Meeting is imminent.
Could it be that we have captured someone we shouldn’t have?”

The High Buddha shook his head slightly.

“Not likely.
If we really captured someone we shouldn’t have, then the other party wouldn’t just be dealing with our branch.
Instead, they would directly attack our Bodhi Temple.

“Looks like our Buddhist Sect has provoked a relatively powerful little flea.

“Where is that place? Did you find anything?”

“It’s the place around the Little Buddha Temple where Huixin and the others were sent.
Moreover, I’ve also investigated.
Huishi and Huiwu are also…”

The High Buddha’s eyes became a little more solemn.

“Got it.
Looks like I made a mistake.
This little flea is not ordinary.

“In that case, we’ll send out the four Bodhi Vajras from our Bodhi Temple.
At the same time, with the identity of a Buddhist Sect, we’ll pressure the other sects in that area and get them to help our Buddhist Sect find the mastermind.

“If anyone discovers a clue, they would be rewarded heavily!

“If they dare to disobey… you understand what to do.

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