“Today, I, Jun Bujian, swear to be the master of Myriad City! From today onwards, I will be the master of Myriad City and lead the development and growth of Myriad City until death!”

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In Myriad City, Jun Bujian announced his oath of office.
In the next second, violent cheers surged in the entire Myriad City.

“Long live the City Lord! Long live the City Lord!”

In the crowd, some of the sect elders who had received the “special care” of Jun Bujian had complicated expressions.

“Why didn’t I see that his talent was so good? If I had known that his talent was so good, I wouldn’t have let him leave our sect no matter what.”

“That’s right.
Our sect paid nearly a million divine crystals for him.
In order to save money, we actually expelled him from the sect.
If he persisted for another half a year, he would still be a member of our Red Water Sect.”

Jun Bujian stared at the cultivators of Myriad City below in high spirits.
The suppression he had felt for many years was swept away.

Ever since he followed his master to the Divine World a few years ago, he had been working diligently and tirelessly.

In order to survive and become stronger, he worked hard to take a portion of the third-generation disciples of the Nameless Sect and suck up to the various large sects in Wanxiang City!

It had to be known that he was once a rich young master who did not have to worry about food and clothing.

He had never lacked money.
He was not interested in money.

However, after coming to the Divine World, in order to survive and lead a group of third-generation disciples, he did not even care about his face.

Not only did they lead the team to take advantage of other sects, but they also did not pay or work.

It was said that the cultivators of Myriad City had specially named him Old Dog Myriad.

From this, it could be seen what everyone thought of Jun Bujian.

However, everything was fine now.

He was already the City Lord of Myriad City.
No one in the entire Myriad City could resist him.

It could be said that he had achieved success.

In the future, the entire Myriad City would pay taxes and tributes to him.
In the future, no one would say that he was taking advantage of them.

He had already begun to reap the benefits.

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“I wonder how Master is doing! And how are the senior brothers and sisters?”

Jun Bujian muttered to himself.
At this moment, a figure suddenly arrived beside him.

“Uncle-Master Jun, something big has happened.”

Jun Bujian swept his gaze over the other party and raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Changlin, what’s going on? Why are you so anxious?”

“I just heard the news that someone has killed the sect master!”

“Sect Master is your master, Sect Master Lu.”

Jun Bujian’s pupils immediately constricted, and the hair on his body stood on end.

Shi Changlin smiled bitterly.

“Could it be that someone else will come and lie to us? It’s meaningless.
After all, no one knows our relationship with Grand Master.”

Jun Bujian staggered two steps back.
His blood surged, almost making him vomit a mouthful of blood.

At this moment, he felt as if his heart had been torn apart.
His torn flesh was mixed with blood and was stuck in his throat, making him wish for death!

“It’s the Buddhist Sect!”

“Buddhist Sect! What a Buddhist Sect!”

Jun Bujian clenched his fists tightly, his eyes scarlet red like blood and filled with killing intent.

“Relay my orders.
Use the strength of the entire Myriad City to kill everyone from the Buddhist Sect.
Leave none alive!”

“Uncle-Master Jun, isn’t this too risky? The Buddhist Sect has deep strength.
Do you want to consider it carefully?”

“There’s no need to consider! Master’s kindness to me is as heavy as a mountain.
If not for Master, we wouldn’t be where we are today.
Now that he has been killed by the Buddhist Sect, I wish I could skin and eat all the monks in the entire Divine World.”

“The Buddhist Sect and I will be enemies from now on.
There’s no need for me to play any tricks.
Now, I only want to kill these damn baldies from the Buddhist Sect!”

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Divine World, Wuwang City.

A few figures walked out of the auction house with smiles.

“Tsk tsk, what a huge harvest this time.
I earned so many divine crystals again.”

“It’s all thanks to Grand Master’s Auspicious Cloud Divine Lightning that we were able to find so many treasures and dig out so many resources.”

“Consider ourselves lucky.
This month, the sect has dug more than ten tombs, including the tomb of a Mahayana God King Realm expert.
Otherwise, we wouldn’t have earned so much.”

“Brothers, why don’t we go for a drink tonight? My treat.”

“No, we were the ones who paid last time we went out.
You never paid.”

“It’s different this time.
I brought money.”

“Of course it’s true.
Hurry up and leave.
If you’re late, all the good stuff will be gone.”

“Forget it.
Old Jun, you can’t think about drinking all day.
Our current mission is to cultivate.
How can you think about that thing in your pants all day?”

Jun Changming rolled his eyes.

“My wife doesn’t even care about me.
Why do you have to care so much?”

Your wife died early.
Even if she wants to control you, she can’t.”

Just as he was joking, another figure rushed over quickly and said angrily, “Old Xu, Old Jun, the few of you, quickly return.
Something big has happened.”

The few of them could not help but frown.

“What’s the matter? Why the rush?”

“Grand Master was killed by the Buddhist Sect! Uncle-Master Jiang is grief-stricken and wants to gather people to destroy the surrounding Buddhist Sect.”

“What did you say? Master was killed?! Or was he killed by a baldy? Damn, brothers, prepare yourselves and kill these baldies!”

Ancient Sacred Land, Hundred Thousand Mountains.

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Suddenly, a sharp cry sounded.

“Buddhist Sect! You killed my master.
I, Su Lingwu, am irreconcilable with you! From today onwards, I will definitely do my best to kill the Buddhist Sect disciples.
Every demon beast in the Ancient Sacred Land’s Hundred Thousand Mountains will eat the Buddhist Sect disciples until the entire Buddhist Sect is destroyed!”

When the Black Tortoise, Fire Phoenix, and the others heard this, they could not help but frown slightly.

“Lu Xiaoran is dead? Strange, if he’s dead.
Why didn’t we receive any news? Lu Xiaoran’s blood essence hasn’t disappeared from our sea of consciousness!”

“Perhaps our senses have been delayed.
The Divine World is too big.
Lu Xiaoran is too far away from us.
Although he died, the news of his death has not been transmitted to this drop of blood essence.
Therefore, the drop of blood essence in our sea of consciousness still has vitality.”

“By the time we arrive, the blood essence will probably have dissipated.

“However, even if he’s no longer our master, it’s still because of him that we came to the Divine World and cultivated to our current level.
He has always done us a huge favor.
We’ll accompany Su Lingwu on the expedition and kill some baldies.
It can also be considered as us repaying this favor to Lu Xiaoran.”

On this side, Li Changsheng sensed an extremely special force in his body and could not help but frown slightly.

“Junior Brother, it seems that Master is summoning us again.”

“That’s right! Master must have missed us.”

Li Changsheng’s heart trembled as he clenched his fists.

“The more Master is like this, the more we should work hard to save Little Junior Sister.
Otherwise, how can we live up to Master’s love for us?”

As the two of them flew, their attention was suddenly attracted by a dazzling light below.

“What a shiny bald head.
It’s a bald head.
There’s a bald head hidden below.”

“As long as they’re bald, don’t let them off.”

On Huixin’s side, he had just received an order from the Buddhist Sect to quickly gather the surrounding Buddhist Sect disciples and find out who was behind this and had destroyed so many branches of the Buddhist Sect.

In the Buddhist Sect, he could eat, but he wouldn’t work.
However, it was not impossible for him to work.
It was just that he would always delay work.

Originally, he did not mind helping the Buddhist Sect clean up a few small caterpillars.

It was not a big deal to him.

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However, ever since Huishi and Huiwu died, he immediately changed his strategy and found a place to hide.

It had to be known that the other party was already at the perfected Hundred Domain Battle God Realm.
If even they could be killed, the other party’s cultivation had to be at the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm.

Huixin had always advocated that if he did not surpass the other party by two realm levels, he would not fight the other party!

He was only a first level Mahayana God King Realm expert now.

In other words, the other party’s cultivation could not exceed the first level of the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm.

If the other party surpassed this realm, he would not fight the other party no matter what.

This might make it seem very cowardly, but in fact, it was very safe.

Therefore, after Huishi and Huiwu died, he immediately found a place to hide.

After this storm passed, he would return to the Bodhi Temple to receive his reward.

“What reward should I ask for? Hmm… First, I’ll tell them that I destroyed ten Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts, oh no, I destroyed twenty Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts.
In any case, I announced to the public that my cultivation level is at the peak of the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm.
Although I’m still hiding a realm level, it’s still not a problem for a Thousand Domain Battle God Realm expert to destroy ten to twenty Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts.

“With just this alone, they would probably reward me with one or two million top-grade divine crystals.

“Then, I would tell them I used all my strength to kill two Thousand Domain Battle God Realm experts.

“In this way, I should also be able to obtain some rewards.

“It’s best if they can let me enter the top floor of the Treasure Pavilion and let me learn a few more divine techniques.
At that time, these divine techniques can cultivate on their own and my cultivation will increase greatly.”

As he spoke, the cultivation technique in his body began to become active.

“Your cultivation technique, Light Steps Floating On Water, has sensed that you’re in a very good mood.
It has advanced to a top-notch divine technique, a half profound existence.”

“Your cultivation technique, the Vajra Art, can sense that you’re secretly happy.
Your cultivation is accelerating.
You’re becoming tougher and tougher.”

However, at this moment, two pressures suddenly descended from the sky, making Huixin narrow his eyes.

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