“Will they really be able to cultivate effectively?”

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Lu Xiaoran, who was secretly spying on the two of them, could not help but be somewhat dumbfounded.

However, these two idiots were really too idiotic.
They were actually discussing this matter here!

They should cultivate properly!

Thinking of this, his divine sense immediately struck their souls fiercely.

“What’s there to be distracted about? Hurry up and cultivate!”

The two of them trembled in fear and did not dare to speak nonsense.
They hurriedly continued to cultivate.

On Lu Xiaoran’s side, he continued to upgrade his items.

Among the few cultivation techniques he had upgraded with the Immortal Dao profundity, there was the Azure Thearch Longevity Art, the Trinity True Eyes that was filled with bloodline power, the Great Mighty Heaven Dragon, the Gautama Divine Palm, the Blood Fiend Demon Art, and a series of top-notch profound cultivation techniques.

There was no need to mention the Azure Thearch Longevity Art.
It was a fast repair technique and a life-saving ultimate move in battle.

Every time Lu Xiaoran upgraded his cultivation technique, he would pick the best choice.
From the Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique to the God Realm cultivation technique, then to the divine technique, and finally to the profound cultivation technique, Lu Xiaoran always did this.

There was no need to mention the Trinity True Eyes.
It had already absorbed a lot.

For example, the teleportation ability of the Great Void Chaos Steps, the 360-degree searching ability of the Ten Directions Everlasting, and the true attack attribute of the True Intent Unravel…

Later, Lu Xiaoran fused the Heaven Demon Ruler that could increase the attack range and the Dragon Four Seas that increased the attack range.

In this way, other than being able to ignore defense, he could also ignore the attack range.

Lu Xiaoran developed the Trinity True Eyes again and again because it was too useful.

As long as he stored the attributes of the cultivation technique in his eyes, the cultivation technique would directly activate on its own.
It was convenient, fast, and powerful.

As for cultivation techniques like the Gautama Divine Palm, the Great Mighty Heaven Dragon, and the Blood Fiend Demon Art, they were all attack cultivation techniques that Lu Xiaoran could directly cultivate.

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He definitely had to upgrade them.

Among the cultivation techniques his disciples cultivated, only Li Changsheng and Song Xinian’s cultivation techniques had advanced to immortal techniquest.
After all, the two of them had already arrived beside him and their safety was ensured.

However, Lu Xiaoran did not let them cultivate them now because this was the Divine World.
Their cultivations were only above the God Realm and they were not immortals.

They did not have Wang Cai as a barrier or the protection of the power of luck like the hot shots.
Therefore, they were unable to cultivate immortal techniques.
Once they did, they would definitely be severely punished by the heavens.

After they became immortals and went to the Immortal World, they could naturally cultivate this immortal technique.

Lu Xiaoran had not upgraded the other disciples’ intrinsic cultivation techniques to the immortal technique range.
They had not returned yet.
If they were killed, it might take a long time for them to be revived in the Body Modeling Mark.

Lu Xiaoran did not like to do things that were not safe.

As for the others, Lu Xiaoran upgraded the few armors on his body to immortal armor.

He could delay upgrading combat weapons, but armor had to be upgraded to immortal armor.

Then, the Xuanyuan Sword, the Kunlun Sword, and the other swords were all upgraded to immortal artifacts.
Now, when he fought, he could increase his attack power even more.

Moreover, Lu Xiaoran discovered a very strange phenomenon.

Although the Xuanyuan Sword, the Kunlun Sword, and the Judgment Saber already had their own consciousness when they were at the divine artifact level, this consciousness was even stronger at the profound level.
It was as if it was already comparable to an ordinary young child.

However, when they became immortal artifacts, their consciousness seemed to have regressed initially but they could actually begin to fight on their own.

This reminded Lu Xiaoran of a sword in the online games he had played in his previous life.
The weapons in there could also fight on their own.

Perhaps this was the awesomeness of an immortal artifact.

However, it was definitely still more effective in the hands of an immortal.
Only then would its benefits be the greatest.

Other than that, Lu Xiaoran had also strengthened the Body Modeling Mark.
This treasure was extremely important and could even revive him.

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Therefore, it had to be advanced to become an immortal artifact.

After advancing to an immortal artifact, its revival speed had increased.

Originally, when Lu Xiaoran had just arrived at the Divine World, a few second-generation disciples of the Nameless Sect had died and had been waiting to be revived in the Body Modeling Mark.
Lu Xiaoran estimated that they would need at least a few more months to be revived.
Now that the Body Modeling Mark had become an immortal artifact, they were all successfully revived.

After being revived, Lu Xiaoran immediately threw them into the valley and began to cultivate so that they could catch up to the main group.

There were also the Mountain and River State Painting, the Primordial Painting, the Seven Treasures Exquisite Pagoda, the Emperor Brush, and the Earth Emperor Book…

They had also been upgraded to immortal artifacts by Lu Xiaoran.

However, after advancing these weapons into immortal artifacts, Lu Xiaoran kept feeling that something was wrong.

After advancing, they seemed to have begun to develop some special independent consciousness.

It was not that they wanted to resist him.

Instead… it was as if they had become intelligent existences that could help him resolve his problems.

This simply made Lu Xiaoran feel unbelievable.

Could it be that these Dharma treasures had also become spirits?

Unfortunately, Wang Cai was also not here and could not give him any explanation.
Otherwise, he could have asked Wang Cai.

After doing all of this, another month passed.
Coupled with the previous two months, it could be said that their battle with the Buddhist Sect had already lasted for three months.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the entire hall was solemn to the extreme.
An extremely terrifying aura made all the Buddhist elders in the entire hall have solemn expressions.
They did not even dare to breathe.

The High Buddha sitting at the top of the hall had already turned black.
He was no longer as kind as before.
All that was left was sinister and vicious.

His pair of poisonous eyes stared fixedly at the people below and said coldly, “Another three months have passed! Coupled with the previous few months, it’s almost half a year.

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“If not for these trivial matters, the Demon Exorcism Meeting would have long been held as scheduled.
In that case, the Buddhist God Monarch would have already transcended the tribulation to become an immortal.
My mission in this Divine World would also have been completed.

“However, after such a long time, not only did we fail to capture a single person, but those people are also causing more and more losses to our Buddhist Sect.

“If this continues, I think all the Buddhist branches in the entire Divine World can directly be disbanded on the spot.

“High Buddha, please calm down.”

The elders immediately knelt on the ground, but the High Buddha did not have the slightest intention to calm down.

“Stop fooling around.
I don’t need to calm down now.
What I need now is for those bastards who are dealing with the Buddhist Sect behind my back to crawl out from the grass and come in front of me.
I want to hack them into pieces!”

“High Buddha, we’ve already investigated the matter and we have a little bit of findings.”

“A little bit? After investigating for so long, you’re telling me that you only have a little bit of findings? At this rate, even if I increased your investigation time by tenfold, you still won’t be able to find anything.”

“If not for the fact that I’m an immortal and can’t attack because of the Heaven Dao laws, I would have long resolved this matter.

“High Buddha, calm down.
We were wrong.”

The High Buddha waved his hand.

“Stop talking nonsense with me.
I want to hear something practical and meaningful.”

“Yes! High Buddha, after our detailed investigation, there are currently many factions targeting our Buddhist Sect.
However, the most arrogant among them are from three factions.

“”One of them is the original City Lord of Myriad City.
This child’s name is Jun Bujian and his cultivation seems to be at the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm.
He rarely attacks, so we can’t easily detect his cultivation.
It’s also possible that he’s the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm expert.

“However, in a real battle, his true combat strength seems to be able to easily surpass opponents with the same cultivation as him.”

The High Buddha was shocked and immediately raised his eyebrows slightly.

“An existence that can fight those at a higher level? Could it be… that kind of existence?”

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When he came to this world from the Spirit Mountain to carry out a mission, he had once heard the elders of the Spirit Mountain say that there might be an extremely special existence in the Divine World or the lower realm.

This had been arranged by the person above the Heavenly Court.

Even the two Saints of the Western Sect did not dare to easily get involved.

He immediately prayed to the heavens and wished that he wouldn’t encounter that kind of existence.

“What about the other two factions?”

After a moment of silence, he began to speak again.

“We’re not too sure about the names of the other two factions.
However, we know that one of them specializes in tomb robbing and is also very powerful.
They’re not inferior to Jun Bujian’s bloodline at all.

“The last bloodline was an existence called the Ten Thousand Demon Emperor.
He controlled many divine beasts and is the strongest in combat.

“In the beginning, these three factions attacked our Buddhist Sect’s branch the most ruthlessly.

“However, with our arrangements, we have already gradually turned the tables and are starting to suppress the people from the three factions.

“It’s just that because there’s a lack of top-notch experts in our lower ranks, these enemies often escape.
Although we have the advantage, we have never really taken down these three factions.
According to our investigation, the three factions seem to be prepared to work together.
Soon, they will move in the direction of our Bodhi Temple.

“As for the other scoundrels, they are not worth worrying about.

“Alright, they’re heading straight for my Bodhi Temple.
Interesting! Looks like these children are greedy and want to show off in my Bodhi Temple.”

“High Buddha, do you mean…?”

“Let them come.
Looks like it’s also time for our Buddhist Sect to send out some true experts to play with them.”

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