After the novice monk entered the hall, he immediately escaped into the underground space.

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After the elders of the Puhua Temple saw him, their expressions immediately changed.

“Bastard, why did you come in? If you attract those demons, don’t you know you’ll be punished?”

The novice monk said in fear, “Elder, calm down.
Everyone above has been killed.
I had no choice but to come and hide in here.”

The elder who cursed wanted to speak again, but another elder shouted softly.

“Alright, since he’s already in, let him stay.
In any case, it’s impossible for the other party to know that we’re underground.
We can rest assured when the reinforcements sent by the Bodhi Temple arrive.”

On the other side, everyone rushed into the hall, but the novice monk was nowhere to be seen.

“What’s going on? Why did he disappear?”

“No, he didn’t disappear.
There’s an array formation preventing us from detecting him.”

“So many big fish haven’t escaped, but this little bastard has?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take a look!”

Long Kuang immediately used the Buddhist cultivation technique, Heaven’s Eye, and his eyes immediately turned golden.

“Damn, Brother Long, isn’t this the Buddhist Sect’s Heaven Eye? I’ve encountered it once before.
It was used by the other party when Seventh Master was fighting an abbot of the Buddhist Sect.
It’s said to be a top-notch divine technique of the Buddhist Sect that can see through all illusions.
Where did you learn it?”

Long Kuang coughed lightly and said, “As the Buddha says, this information can’t be disclosed.”

“Brother Long, you’re not a real monk.
Aren’t you being a little pretentious?”

He could not tell others that he had learned it in the Peach Blossom Monastery, right?

Because a certain nun of the Peach Blossom Monastery had a good relationship with the High Buddha, the Peach Blossom Monastery had many top-notch Buddhist divine techniques.

If Shi Changlin and the others learned of this, wouldn’t they laugh their heads off?

After scanning with his Heaven Eye, Long Kuang immediately discovered the Buddhist diversionary tactic in the entire hall.

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He formed a hand seal and shouted.

The Buddhist Sect’s array formation was instantly opened.
When the leisurely elders of the Puhua Temple below saw this, their expressions immediately changed.

“How is this possible? How can you break through our Puhua Temple’s array formation?”

“You want to hide from us with just two Buddhist Light Blocking Formation? Aren’t you thinking too highly of yourselves?”

Seeing Long Kuang take the lead, the people from Puhua Temple were even more shocked.

“Buddhist Sect disciple? You’re a Buddhist Sect disciple? Why did you betray the Buddhist Sect?”

The other party was definitely a Buddhist disciple.
This was definitely true.
This was because the other party’s head had been shaved and scarred.

The other party obviously had the status of a Buddhist disciple.
Disciples from the other sects were unable to replicate it.

However, why would the disciples of the Buddhist Sect help these evil demons?

As soon as he finished speaking, Long Kuang directly attacked without any mercy.

“Mahayana Vajra Fist, Hinayana Prajna Palm, Dragon Subduing Tiger Fist, Hinayana Gautama Divine Palm…”

“Brothers, take care of them.”

Shi Changlin and the others also rushed forward and directly attacked.

At the same time, a figure quickly rushed into the hall.

“Abbot, the Puhua Temple is in danger.
The eight million demons can be released at any time.”

The abbot of the Bodhi Temple, who was dressed in a red kasaya, sat cross-legged on the meditation cushion.
When he saw the other party, he only glanced at the other party.

“Didn’t we already ask the disciples of the Tianhui Temple and the Buddha Heart Temple to send reinforcements?”

“For some reason, the people from the Tianhui Temple and the Buddha Heart Temple were stopped 70,000 kilometers away from Puhua Temple.
Their speed has decreased a lot.
Perhaps they were stopped by the companions of those demons.”

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“There’s no rush.
Let the disciples of Guang Neng Temple help from another direction.”

“It would be too slow and it also doesn’t make much sense.
Can we ask them to send a God Monarch Realm expert? Or… a Supreme God Realm expert will also be enough to resolve the danger of the Puhua Temple.”

“God Monarch Realm? Those are all treasured experts of the High Buddha.
Do you think you can touch them just because you want to?”

“What about the Supreme God Realm experts? They should at least be able to send one, right?”

“Stop thinking about it.
The High Buddha has already arranged for an entire ten years.
Supreme God Realm experts have to help set up the Buddhist Sect’s Heaven Ascension Formation to absorb all the power of faith in this world and increase the cultivation of all the God Monarch Realm experts to their peak state.
Then, the Demon Exorcism Meeting will be carried out to help them ascend to become immortals.
It’s simply a fool’s dream for you to ask the High Buddha to remove the Buddhist Sect’s Heaven Ascension Formation and send out God Monarch Realm experts and Supreme God Realm experts.
However, they can still send out some God Emperor Realm and God King Realm experts.”

“How can the High Buddha be like this? Recently, our Buddhist Sect has been in trouble.
It’s time for him to send experts to fight.
Why can’t he give up on the Buddhist Sect’s Heaven Ascension Formation and send experts to calm the situation? If he sends out a God Monarch Realm expert, he will definitely be able to kill those ants.”

“Congratulations, the pigs think so too.
Unfortunately, even though pigs can understand this, the High Buddha might not.
Or rather, he deliberately doesn’t want to understand.”

“Don’t forget that the term of the High Buddha is almost up.
As long as he gets ten more God Monarch Realm experts to transcend the tribulation and become immortals, he will be able to complete the mission and return to the Immortal World’s Spirit Mountain.”

“It is true that he would be somewhat responsible for the disaster of the Divine World’s Buddhist Sect.
However, this has already happened and he could not change it.

“However, if he could bring a few more God Monarch Realm experts to the Immortal World, his credit would be enough to offset his work mistake in this world.

“What he wanted was to obtain the reward of the Spirit Mountain.
As long as he could obtain the reward of the Spirit Mountain, he would have a chance to advance his cultivation.

“As for what will happen to the Buddhist Sect in our world, that would be none of his business.

“This is because after he leaves, a new High Buddha would take over.

“He could just leave the mess to the next High Buddha.”

The messenger disciple clenched his fists tightly, his face red from anger, and the veins on his forehead bulged.
He was as ferocious as a dragon on a mountain range.

“Monks are merciful.
How can he sit idly by and let our Buddhist disciples be massacred?”

The abbot glanced at him and said with an indifferent expression, “Merciful? We only say that in our slogan.
If our Buddhist Sect is really merciful, why would we have strict rules? Why would we surpass other sects?”

“This so-called mercy and love are only said to attract disciples.

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“Among the 3,000 Great Dao, becoming a god, becoming a demon, becoming an immortal, becoming a Buddha, there are all kinds of peaks for one to advance to…

“The High Buddha is also a human, not a Saint.
He only wants to complete his goal and then return to the Spirit Mountain to continue cultivating.
Why should he care about us?

“Don’t be too naive.
Listen to me and ask the disciples of the Guang Neng Temple to send reinforcements first.

“As for the rest, we don’t need to worry about it anyway.
There’s no need to ask so many questions.

“Moreover, there’s an expert holding down the fort at the Puhua Temple.
Nothing should happen for a while.

The disciple quickly retreated, and the abbot looked at the forbidden area of the Bodhi Temple behind him and shook his head helplessly.

In the forbidden area, the nearly 200 Supreme God Realm experts of the Buddhist Sect were doing their best to help the 15 God Monarch Realm experts speed up their cultivation.

The High Buddha in the middle of the Buddhist Heaven Ascension Formation could not help but smile when he saw the cultivation of the God Monarch Realm experts increase endlessly.

Very good, as long as these fifteen God Monarch Realm experts all advanced to the Spirit Mountain, he could erase his mistake and not be punished and perfectly obtain the reward.

He was not stupid.
Of course, he was aware how much these people from the Buddhist Sect hated him for not sending experts to fight.

However, awareness was one thing, and taking action was another.

Originally, the High Buddha also wanted to send experts to suppress the rebellion and deal with the demons that disturbed the Buddhist Sect.

However, when he thought that the other party might be the hot shot his senior brother had once told him, he immediately rejected this idea.

If the other party was that so-called hot shot, not only would it be impossible for him to defeat the other party, but he would also die.

It was said that those were existences that even the two Saints of the Buddhist Sect were afraid of.

It was said that every hot shot’s luck was top-notch and peerless.

They were invincible.
In fact, all of them had the potential to become Saints!

This was a terrifying existence that these Buddhist disciples in the Divine World did not understand at all.

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He would rather be cursed at in secret than face the hot shots.

It was not like reputation could help him become stronger.
How could it be more valuable than returning to the Spirit Mountain to obtain rewards and continue cultivating?

If… he cultivated to the Buddha Realm, he would really become an existence that could last for thousands of years and not die.

At the border of the Ancient Sacred Land, a group of demon beasts lay in ambush in the forest, forming a dense and extremely long battle line.

Su Lingwu lay on a tree trunk with his eyes closed and cultivated his cultivation technique.

At this moment, a figure flew over quickly and landed beside him.

It was a golden lion divine beast.

“Ninth Master, the disciples of Guang Neng Temple have all been dispatched.
Even the disciples of the few small temples near Guang Neng Temple have come out.
They’ve gathered an entire army and are heading over.”

Su Lingwu sat up and frowned slightly.

“Strange, haven’t we killed enough of these baldies from the Buddhist Sect? Shouldn’t they be afraid of coming out? Why are they out again now? Moreover, why are there so many of them at once?”

“Do they want to go to the Bodhi Temple?”

“The Bodhi Temple is in the east.
If they really went to the Bodhi Temple, they wouldn’t have come this way.”

“But they don’t seem to be heading in our direction.”

Su Lingwu frowned and thought of the reason.

“No, there’s a problem.
They might be going to reinforce someone or deal with someone.
Although I don’t know who the other party is, it’s very likely that they’re disciples of the Nameless Sect or are people dealing with the Buddhist Sect like us.”

The golden lion’s expression turned cold.

“Then we can’t let them pass.”

“That’s right.
No matter what they’re going to help, someone is definitely attacking the Buddhist Sect’s branch.
Although I don’t know who the other party is, as long as they’re going against the Buddhist Sect, I, the Ten Thousand Demon Emperor, will definitely help them!”

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