“This voice is… Junior Brother?”

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Jun Bujian was overjoyed.

In the next moment, Su Lingwu brought the divine beasts to the battlefield of Puhua Temple like a divine weapon descending from the sky.

These Buddhist heroic spirits were condensed from the Buddhist power, divine power, and the power of laws of the Buddhist God Emperor Realm expert’s small world.
However, when the divine beasts appeared, they were instantly shattered.
Their thoughts sank into the soil again.

Su Lingwu arrived beside Jun Bujian.
Jun Bujian had already transformed into a human and tapped the other party’s chest with his fist.

“Damn, you actually brought so many divine beasts.
Looks like you’ve mastered the Master’s Beast Control Divine Art.”

“It’s normal.
It’s all because Master taught me well.”

“By the way, Fifth Senior Sister is here.
The Buddhist Sect captured her.”

“Damn! These bald bastards.
Sooner or later, I’ll kill all the baldies in the world.”

Not far away, after Long Kuang heard this, his face could not help but twitch fiercely.

“Ninth Master, not all baldies are monks!”

Its anxious expression made the Fire Phoenix and the other divine beasts immediately laugh.

Seeing this, the two of them did not waste their breath and immediately began to search for the Buddhist prison.

This was because Zhuge Ziqiong was not the only one in every Buddhist prison.
There were also many other demons.

If all of them were released and the demons rushed out at once, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Who knew if it would cause damage to the disciples?

Fortunately, Long Kuang immediately crawled out of the crowd at this moment.

“Seventh Master, Ninth Master, I know which cage Fifth Miss is in.
I’ll open it.”

He quickly found Zhuge Ziqiong’s cage and opened it.
In the next moment, the demons rushed out crazily.

However, they could still accept this.
After all, it was only the demons from a single cage.

With a thought from Su Lingwu, the divine beasts surrounded them.
These demons immediately became obedient.

Soon, Zhuge Ziqiong was released.
The moment they saw Zhuge Ziqiong, Jun Bujian and Su Lingwu finally heaved a sigh of relief.

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However, when they saw Zhuge Ziqiong’s pale face and her two canine teeth that had been knocked out, their hearts could not help but ache.

These Buddhist bald donkeys had actually knocked Senior Sister’s canine teeth off!

What a bunch of bastards!

Her canine teeth were a symbol for her zombie identity, but they had mercilessly shattered them.
They wondered how much pain the Senior Sister had endured?

At this moment, the two of them hated themselves for not being powerful enough to attack the Bodhi Temple and avenge their master and their senior sister.

“Senior Sister, you’ve suffered.”

Su Lingwu’s eyes were somewhat sour as he said with a choked voice.

Zhuge Ziqiong forced a smile.

“It’s all in the past.
It’s also been difficult for you guys.
You guys even risked your lives to fight the Buddhist Sect for me.”

“We really wish we could kill all the baldies.”

Jun Bujian clenched his fists tightly, his knuckles cracking.

“We have to kill the Buddhist Sect, but not now.
We’re still very weak.
We should develop first.
This is not a place to stay for long.
Let’s quickly retreat.”

Jun Bujian shouted into the sky.

“Eighth Brother, stop fighting.
It’s time to retreat!”

Jiang Taixuan transmitted his divine sense to the disciples, and everyone immediately retreated from the Buddhist Sect.

The Buddhist disciples were naturally unwilling and immediately went forward to counterattack and pursue.

However, Jiang Taixuan would not let them succeed so easily.
He threw out the divine artifact and the divine crystals and directly detonated them.

In the next moment, another huge ball of light rose in the sky, and the powerful light almost pierced through everyone’s eyeballs.

“Damn it! Are we going to let them escape like this?”

The Buddhist Sect disciples were extremely furious.

The Puhua Temple was gone, as were dozens of Buddhist elders.
Moreover, the various Buddhist disciples who had come to support them had also suffered heavy casualties.

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If the enemy escaped, wouldn’t the Buddhist Sect lose face?

How was the Buddhist Sect supposed to command respect in the future?

Wouldn’t the entire Divine World laugh at the Buddhist Sect?

“We can’t let them escape so easily! Even if we die, we have to protect the dignity of our Buddhist Sect!”

Some radical Buddhist disciples could not endure this humiliation and actually pressed their palms together and began to burn their Buddhist power.

“Are you guys crazy? You’ll be consigned to eternal damnation!”

An elder immediately could not help but exclaim, and the other elder shook his head.

“Let them be.
At this point, everyone is already crazy from killing.
Their Buddhist hearts are already in chaos.
If this battle doesn’t end, they will also develop mental demons.
Sooner or later, they will fall into the Demon Dao.”

The elder could not help but sigh faintly when he heard this.

As the Buddhist disciples sacrificed themselves, dense Buddhist power surged into the sky, immediately forming a golden spatial gate.

As soon as the spatial gate formed, a vast and powerful Buddhist power pressed down crazily like a waterfall.

Sensing the terrifying aura above their heads, the expressions of Zhuge Ziqiong and the others could not help but change.

“What a powerful aura! It’s a God Emperor Realm expert! Moreover, there’s more than one!”

Su Lingwu’s eyes revealed a solemn expression.

“The other party’s cultivation is very powerful.
He’s not an ordinary early-stage God Emperor Realm cultivator.
Looking at the strength of this aura, the other party is at least at the fourth level of the God Emperor Realm.”

Everyone’s hearts suddenly sank.

The first level of the God Emperor Realm was already terrifying enough.
Now, they had sensed the aura of an expert above the fourth level of the God Emperor Realm had actually arrived.
Moreover, there were probably more of them.

With this, how could they win?

No, to be precise, this was no longer a matter of whether they could win or not.
This was a matter of whether they could escape.

This was because the moment that aura appeared, it directly enveloped everyone.

How powerful was the aura of a God Emperor Realm expert?

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Only Jun Bujian, Jiang Taixuan, and Su Lingwu could resist.
Jun Bujian also could only barely resist after transforming into a dragon.

However, what about the others?

It was impossible for the four of them to leave the others behind and escape alone, right?

“Amitabha! Senzai senzai.
Due to your stubbornness, you’ve forced many of our Buddhist disciples to sacrifice themselves.
Even though I’ve cultivated the Buddhist Dao for many years, I have no choice but to start a massacre today.”

As soon as this voice sounded, a figure emitting golden light transmigrated from the spatial gate.

The divine soul behind him was a Bodhi Supreme divine soul.

Although it was only the lowest-level divine soul in the Buddhist Sect, this still did not change the fact that he was a fourth level God Emperor Realm expert.
His cultivation and attack power were still the same.

After he completely walked out of the spatial gate, his aura soared crazily, suppressing Shi Changlin and the other second-generation disciples of the Nameless Sect, the Fire Phoenix, and the other divine beasts.
They were unable to control themselves, and the divine power circulating in their bodies fell into a standstill.

Zhuge Ziqiong gritted her teeth and immediately said,”Junior Brother Jun, Junior Brother Jiang, Junior Brother Su, your cultivation is powerful enough.
Leave quickly.
Let’s save as many people as we can.”

“But how can we abandon you?”

“I’m just a burden now.
If you bring me along, you’ll only die without a burial place.

“Why don’t you guys leave first and save a trace of hope for our Nameless Sect? In the future, you can avenge Master.”

The three of them looked at each other, their eyes revealing sadness.

Who could bear to see their senior sister and so many brothers they had spent time with be killed by the Buddhist Sect?

However, if they did not escape, they would all die here.

Once they all died, who could avenge the Nameless Sect in the future?

“Fifth Senior Sister, take care!”

Jun Bujian gritted his teeth and directly transformed into a dragon and left.
Jiang Taixuan and Su Lingwu also turned around and left.

It was not that they did not value feelings.
It was precisely because they valued feelings that they left.

Death was not terrifying.
On the other hand, if no one could take revenge, that would be truly terrifying.

Only an idiot would rashly choose to stay.

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They could not save their senior sister and the others today… However, in the future, they would definitely be able to avenge their senior sister and the others.

If all of them died here, there would really be nothing left.

However, before the three of them could leave, another powerful aura surged out from the spatial door in the next second.
It was even stronger than the fourth level God Emperor Realm Buddhist expert!

Fifth level God Emperor Realm expert!

“You came to our Buddhist Sect to cause trouble and still want to escape.
Do you really think that our Buddhist Sect is a place where any Tom, Dick, or Harry can behave atrociously?”

The previous fourth level God Emperor Realm monk suppressed Zhuge Ziqiong, Shi Changlin, and the other divine beasts.

This Buddhist God Emperor Realm expert directly suppressed Jun Bujian, Jiang Taixuan, and Su Lingwu.

The fifth level of the God Emperor Realm was enough to suppress the three of them.
Even though the true combat strength of the three of them was already powerful enough, they were still not the other party’s match.
Their divine power immediately stopped and circulated slowly.
The strength in their bodies was suppressed to the point of zero.

Jiang Taixuan roared as the Netherworld divine soul behind him surged crazily.
The ghost aura around his body kept erupting and colliding… He actually vaguely felt like he was about to break out.

However, at this moment, a third aura arrived from the spatial gate.

It was another fifth level God Emperor Realm expert!

Almost as soon as the three of them thought of this, a heavy blow fell on their heads.

At this moment, the three of them fell like meteors at the same time.

This time, the God Emperor Realm expert did not use his aura to suppress the other party.
Instead, he directly used his divine power to attack.

The three of them smashed fiercely into the ground, creating three huge pits.

The huge rocks on the ground shattered.
Some of the rocks were even more than ten meters tall and were sent flying by this huge force.

One could imagine how powerful this attack was!

Zhuge Ziqiong exclaimed, her heart desolate.

She knew that her junior brothers were really doomed this time!

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