Lu Xiaoran was certain that as soon as his disciples returned, he would hide and develop to the Immortal Realm.

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“Since the disciples have already begun to rush over, it shouldn’t take long.
Hehe… I’ll wait here.”

In a corner of the Divine World.

An old man who was struggling at death’s door held the hand of a young man and lectured while panting.

“Han Zhen, I’m afraid I can’t make it.”

“This time, when we were summoned by the Buddhist Sect, we originally wanted to take the opportunity to take advantage of them and also get in their good books.

However, I didn’t expect the other party to be so powerful.
He directly destroyed our sect, leaving only you and me.

Han Zhen said helplessly,”Sect Master, you’re already injured like this.
Stop talking.
You’ll die slower this way.”

“No, if I don’t tell you now, I’m afraid I won’t be able to tell you in the future.”

After a pause, he continued, “Han Zhen, I can’t.
After I die, you’ll be the only one left in our sect.”

“You didn’t die when the sect suffered this time.
This means that you’re a person with great luck!

“I’ll pass the sect to you now.

Han Zhen was speechless.
He did not survive because he was lucky.
He simply knew that the Buddhist Sect wanted to deal with Lu Xiaoran’s disciples, so when the entire mountain gate went out to participate in the encirclement, he had been hiding in the toilet.

After everyone finished fighting, he went to the battlefield to pick up the spoils.
In the end, he did not expect to coincidentally encounter the sect master who was beaten half to death.

Then, the sect master mistakenly thought that he was lucky to survive such an intense battlefield.

This was purely a misunderstanding.

“Sect Master, I’m afraid I can’t.
Why don’t you find someone else? I’m not cut out to be the sect master!”

“You can do it.
You have to believe in yourself.
Back then, I also felt that I couldn’t.
There were so many people in the entire sect.
I was ugly and short.
However, in the end, the previous sect master’s wife still took a fancy to me immediately and made me the new sect master.
Now, I think you have a very good future.

“Madam, I can’t stay with you forever.
See you in the next life!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the sect master also died completely.

He finally understood why the sect master’s wife was so ugly but the sect master still loved her to death.

It turned out that she was the wife left behind by the previous sect master and had even supported him to the position of sect master.

At this moment, a rough voice suddenly sounded in his ear.

“Husband! Wuwuwu… why did you leave alone! How am I supposed to live if you leave me alone? I’m all alone.
What if I get bullied?”

Han Zhen looked at her burly figure and his face could not help but twitch fiercely.

The sect master’s wife looked up at Han Zhen and shouted, “Elder Han, from today onwards, you’re the sect master.
Now, there’s only the two of us left in the sect.
I know that I’m beautiful, but you can’t have any improper thoughts about me.
Otherwise, I…”

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Before she could finish speaking, Han Zhen had already slashed out and sent her to see the sect master.

Han Zhen vomited in disgust.
Then, he rinsed his mouth and turned to leave.

He would not stay in this lousy sect.
Since everyone was dead, why should he stay? Did they really think he wanted to be the sect master? What a joke! Only a fool would return to be the sect master.

What was so good about being the sect master of a lousy mountain gate?

However, before he could step out of the hall, several voices sounded in his mind.

Ding! Sensing that you have already become the sect master, the strongest sect auxiliary system has been activated.
Requesting binding.

Ding! Sensing that you’re somewhat depressed, your sect’s Golden Luck Dragon has begun to grow automatically.
It will greatly increase the sect’s luck.

Ding! Sensing that you’re somewhat uneasy, your sect’s mountain gate has begun to automatically build a profound-level sect-protecting formation.

Ding! Sensing that you want to leave, your sect’s Scripture Depository has contributed 100 divine techniques.

Ding! Sensing that you’re already prepared to escape, your sect’s treasure vault automatically produced a number of top-grade divine crystals, top-grade divine weapons, and ten top-grade divine artifacts.

Ding! If the binding is successful, you can control everything in this sect.
Do you want to bind it? ‘

Han Zhen was stunned.

He had encountered more than one system.
Previously, in the lower realm, someone had wanted to give him a system fruit, but he had thrown it away.
Later, after arriving at the Divine World, another system had come to find him but was shattered by him.

Now, there was yet another system?

Did they really think he was stupid?

“It’s fine if you want me to bind you, but I have to say this first.
I won’t go against Lu Xiaoran.
It’s impossible for me to beat Lu Xiaoran up.
As long as you don’t ask me to beat Lu Xiaoran up or go against Lu Xiaoran’s disciples, relatives, and friends, I’ll agree to the binding.”

Ding! Detected that the host is shameless and wants to eat for free.
The system has already retreated.
Moreover, it raised its middle finger and spat at you.
Goodbye! ‘

The voice disappeared.
Han Zhen snorted and could not be bothered.

What kind of bullshit system was this? It only wanted to trick him into beating Lu Xiaoran up.

After all, Lu Xiaoran was not someone to be trifled with.

Look at how awesome Lu Xiaoran was now.

His disciples had already begun to fight the Buddhist sects of the Divine World.
How could he fight such an awesome existence?

He could not even defeat Lu Xiaoran’s disciples now!

Of course he wasn’t going to fight Lu Xiaoran!

“It can’t be helped.
This sect has already been destroyed.
Looks like I have to find another sect to hide in.
What sect should I find this time?”

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“I heard that there’s a sect nearby called the Misty Sect? Why don’t I go and test the waters?”

On Fang Tianyuan’s side, almost all the disciples of the Nameless Sect were flying towards the valley at high speed.

Fang Tianyuan’s cultivation was very abnormal and had already reached the fifth level of the God King Realm.
His movement speed was naturally very fast, but the cultivation of the others was far from this level.

In order to prevent the others from being ambushed, he could only follow the main group.

No matter how much he wanted to immediately find his master, it was impossible.

Because of the Buddhist Sect’s killing mark on his body, Buddhist experts also kept chasing after him along the way.

“Everyone, be careful.
More Buddhist disciples are coming.”

“Set up the formation! Set up the formation!”

As Jun Bujian and Jiang Taixuan spoke, the disciples they led immediately set up defensive array formations.

It was not that they were not qualified to fight, but their cultivation was really too weak.
If they rashly went forward, it would only delay the battle.

Therefore, Fang Tianyuan had been in charge of all the battles along the way.
If they encountered any Buddhist disciples, he would directly kill them.

At this moment, a few Buddhist disciples had just appeared in front of him.
Fang Tianyuan held the Mountain God Pillar and rushed forward.

With a wave of his rod, divine power condensed, making the Mountain God Pillar begin to emit a golden light.

This was because the divine power was too powerful, making it overflow from the divine artifact.

Before the Mountain God Pillar arrived beside them, the divine power that seeped out directly exploded the few Buddhist Sect disciples into a bloody mist.

Fang Tianyuan frowned slightly and vaguely felt that something was wrong.

Just as he felt that something was wrong, a golden light suddenly fell from the sky in the next second, enveloping Jun Bujian and the others before he could even react.

Fang Tianyuan’s expression changed and he immediately returned to help.

However, just as he turned around, several auras attacked him directly from the void.

Fang Tianyuan’s pupils constricted as he used the Indestructible Golden Body with all his strength.

In the next second, a total of seventeen attacks smashed fiercely onto his body.

Explosions constantly sounded.
Even through the Indestructible Golden Body and the divine artifact, it still made Fang Tianyuan’s organs surge.

After all, this was an attack from 17 God Emperor Realm experts!

“Amitabha! We’ve been waiting here for a long time.”

“You all have killed many of our Buddhist Sect’s disciples.
And yet you still want to escape?”

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As the dust dissipated, Fang Tianyuan’s body appeared in front of everyone.

He was not injured much.
The golden giant was still intact.

However, his expression was somewhat solemn.

Among the 17 God Emperor Realm experts, 8 were at the fourth level of the God Emperor Realm, 6 were at the fifth level of the God Emperor Realm, two were at the sixth level, and one was at the seventh level.

The lineup was extremely powerful.

If they had not come at once, Fang Tianyuan would not have cared too much.

However, when they came together, Fang Tianyuan found it really difficult to beat all of them.

He swept his divine sense behind him and said coldly, “Junior Brother Jun, are you guys alright?”

Jun Bujian shouted, “Not bad.
This is a purple gold alms bowl.
It’s a top-grade divine artifact and is very hard.
We can’t shatter it from inside, but it won’t be a big deal for a while.
On the other hand, Senior Brother, you have to be careful!”

One of the Buddhist God Emperor Realm experts smiled and said, “Careful? I’m afraid you won’t be able to, right? Facing seventeen God Emperor Realm experts, even if your cultivation and cultivation technique are extremely powerful, it’s impossible for you to be our match.”

He was right.
The effect of seventeen God Emperor Realm experts working together was not one plus one.

The more people there were, the greater the effect.

It could be said that with the combined strength of 17 God Emperor Realm experts, even Fang Tianyuan, who could fight those at a higher level, had to be careful.

However, Fang Tianyuan’s expression still did not change.

It was not that he was confident in defeating them.

However, his junior sisters and junior brothers, as well as the disciples of the Nameless Sect, had all been captured.

Now, he was the only one who could save everyone.

He had nowhere to retreat!

He would either win this battle or die!

Without wasting his breath, Fang Tianyuan activated the Battle God Art and the Indestructible Golden Body.
After the two divine techniques strengthened his body limitlessly, Fang Tianyuan took a step and transformed into a stream of light that spread out for ten thousand meters and arrived in front of two fourth level God Emperor Realm Buddhist elders.

He wanted to break through them one by one to reduce the enemy’s advantage.

Unfortunately, although his idea was good, the other party was not stupid.

Almost the moment he attacked, the other dozen or so Buddhist God Emperor Realm experts attacked at the same time.

Fifteen Buddhist divine techniques suddenly landed on his body, immediately making him feel exhausted.
His body directly lost control and was blasted 100,000 meters away, collapsing a ten thousand meters tall mountain.

Boom! A violent explosion suddenly sounded in the world.

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With this attack, Fang Tianyuan had actually already escaped from the other party’s encirclement.
He could completely use the Great Void Chaos Steps to escape.

This was because Zhuge Ziqiong and the others were still in the other party’s hands.

The other party had planned this trap from the beginning.

First, they would use a few small fries to attract his firepower.
Then, they would think of a way to lock onto Zhuge Ziqiong and the others.
Only then would the seventeen God Emperor Realm experts attack him to ensure that he would not escape even if he was defeated.

“Everyone says that the Buddhist Sect values mercy.
I didn’t expect them to be so scheming.
How ironic.”

“Amitabha, you’ve committed a lot of sins and have killed many of our Buddhist Sect disciples.
There’s naturally no need to be righteous when dealing with evil people like you.”

“Everyone, don’t waste your breath on him.
He can fight those at a higher level.
It’s very dangerous.
Everyone, quickly work together and kill him.
Otherwise, if anything happens, it will only be more troublesome.”

Everyone replied in unison and attacked at the same time.

The seventeen Buddhist elders used their divine souls at the same time.

There were a total of twelve Bodhi Supremes and five Arhat Supremes.

Their talent was not too impressive, but their strength could not be underestimated.

The battle immediately erupted and directly entered the climax.

Explosions sounded everywhere in the world, and light constantly shot everywhere, dazzling everyone.

The suppressed Fang Tianyuan gradually fell into a furious state.
The Demon Ape Divine Soul let out low roars, and the chains on its body actually vaguely felt like they were about to shatter!

In the sky, there were a total of eighteen golden lights.
Among them, Fang Tianyuan was the strongest!

He had forcefully fought seventeen God Emperor Realm experts as a fifth level God King Realm expert!

It was as if several suns were fighting each other in the sky.

Every time they collided, they would cause an extremely powerful divine power fluctuation, making the wind and clouds flow backward, making the sun and moon change color, and making the mountains and rivers below begin to totter!

In the purple gold alms bowl, Jun Bujian clenched his fists tightly in anger.
He circulated the Dragon God Art with all his strength and punched the purple gold alms bowl.
Not only did it not make the purple gold alms bowl tremble at all, but it also reflected the strength and shook everyone.

Some disciples or divine beasts with weak cultivation were unable to withstand the might of Jun Bujian’s punch and spat out a mouthful of blood on the spot.
The divine power in their bodies began to become chaotic.

Long Kuang immediately shouted, “Seventh Master, you can’t.
This Buddhist divine artifact has the strength of 17 Buddhist God Emperor Realm experts.
Your attack is unable to penetrate it at all.
It will only injure the people inside.”

“Damn it! How could we have been so careless! Because of us, Third Senior Brother is constantly being restrained.
Otherwise, even if he can’t beat them, it would still be very easy for him to escape.”

Zhuge Ziqiong used the Azure Thearch Longevity Art to treat everyone as she consoled,

“Don’t panic.
There’s always a way out for the righteous.”

Ling Xinyue said faintly, “But more than half of the people here are demons.”

She looked at Ling Xinyue speechlessly, and Ling Xinyue said in all seriousness, “What are you looking at me for? You’re also a demon! You’re a zombie.”

“You should shut up.
I’m afraid I won’t be able to resist the urge of hitting you.”

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