He raised his head slightly, and killing intent spread in his eyes.
The surrounding blood aura began to gradually spread.

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The Buddhist disciples under the Bodhi Mountain discovered the other party’s figure immediately.
Sensing the heart palpitating killing intent and demon aura on the other party’s body, the expressions of the Buddhist disciples immediately changed.

“Which demon is it? How dare you come to my Bodhi Mountain?”

As soon as they finished speaking, a few figures used the Buddhist technique and attacked with golden light.

The distance of a thousand meters was instantly covered.
However, just as the few of them arrived beside the other party, they were directly blasted into a bloody mist.

The young figure did not even attack.
Just the killing intent surrounding him directly killed several Buddhist Sect disciples.

It had to be known that the weakest among these disciples was also at the God Production Realm!

In some Buddhist branches or small sects in the Divine World, they were already about to catch up to the strength of the abbot.

However, despite this, they were still unable to resist the killing intent surrounding the other party.

The pupils of the Buddhist disciples behind the mountain gate immediately constricted when they saw this.

“Quick! Ring the alarm bell.
Someone is trespassing into the Buddhist Sect!”

After he finished speaking, no one responded.

He turned around and swept his gaze over.
Immediately, his hair stood on end, and his pupils constricted.
His entire body seemed to have fallen into an icehouse.

His few companions had all been pierced in the chest and were dripping with blood.

Although they were dead, their expressions remained.

This meant that they were already dead the moment they saw the other party.

A nauseating smell of blood floated past them.
It came from the young man in a black trench coat who had stepped onto the Bodhi Temple.

The Buddhist Sect disciple trembled.
At such a close distance, he felt as if death was right in front of him.
The despair made him feel that even if the other party did not attack, he would still die.

However, to his surprise, the other party did not attack him.
The other party only slowly walked towards the Bodhi Mountain.

He heaved a sigh of relief, and his strength seemed to have been sucked dry.

However, soon, a happy voice sounded from the corner of his mouth.

“Hehe… I’m not dead! I’m not dead!”

After a pause, the smile on his face gradually disappeared, and his eyebrows raised slightly.

However… why didn’t the other party kill him?

As soon as this doubt appeared, he vaguely felt a pain in his chest.

He could not help but look down.

In an instant, a mouthful of blood surged out of his mouth, and his entire body collapsed with a bang.

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It turned out that it was not that the other party did not attack, but that the other party’s speed was too fast!

As a result, he did not even feel pain.

Actually, a huge hole had long been blasted in his chest like the others!

After collapsing, his eyes stared fixedly at the Bodhi Mountain.
Before his consciousness gradually disappeared, he actually felt that the world in front of him was gradually becoming enveloped in a dense blood red color.

At this moment, it was as if the entire world had fallen into a massacre.

Soon, a scream sounded from ahead.
Then a second, a third, a fourth…

Endless screams sounded endlessly, and his consciousness completely fell into darkness.

Just what kind of existence had the Buddhist Sect provoked?!

Ignoring him, the black-robed youth had already killed his way to another place.

Everyone he passed by died!

Be it the young monks or the big shots of the Buddhist Sect, they seemed to be lifeless cabbages in front of him.

Other than blood-colored killing intent, there was nothing else in his eyes.

The entire Bodhi Temple was enveloped in blood.

However, strangely, these Buddhist Sect disciples were all above the God Realm, and their blood was golden.

However, after being killed by the other party and being absorbed into the other party’s body, their blood gradually turned into a blood-red color!

The other party’s killing intent was so powerful that it had already changed the color of a god’s blood.

“Enemy attack! Enemy attack! Someone has barged into our Bodhi Temple! Quick! All Buddhist Sect disciples, hurry up and fight.”

The warning bell was finally rung.
Countless Buddhist disciples surged down from the mountain.

The Buddhist light shone brightly on the mountain of the Bodhi Temple.
At the foot of the mountain, the young man’s body was like a border and everything behind him was blood red.

The two sides directly collided in a breath, forming a clear line that distinguished red from gold.

The weakest among the disciples of the Bodhi Temple was above the God Production Realm.

They were all geniuses chosen from all over the Divine World.

Those with low strength had long been sent to other Buddhist branches and were not qualified to stay in the Bodhi Temple.

However, in the face of these overwhelming Buddhist experts, the young man was not afraid at all.

The moment the two sides collided, the twenty Buddhist disciples directly exploded on the spot, exploding into a golden blood mist that was then absorbed by the young man.

Then, the young man waved his right hand, and a red spear suddenly appeared in his hand.

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It was as if no one could resist this spear.

With a flick of his wrist, an ancient roar emitted from the tip of the spear.

With a cold light, a world-shaking blood aura transformed into a long dragon that roared out of the spear.

The blood dragon rushed into the crowd and forcefully blasted a huge pit more than a thousand meters in diameter on the Bodhi Mountain.

It had to be known that this was the holy land of the Buddhist Sect.
Every inch of land here had been nurtured by the Buddhist Dao over the years.
Its hardness was at least comparable to a quasi-divine artifact and was far from what the ordinary rocks outside could compare to.

However, it was still unable to resist the other party’s attack.

At the same time, a total of 500 Buddhist Sect disciples were killed by this move.

The moment the blood essence surged, countless blood auras spread and splashed onto the other Buddhist Sect disciples, immediately corroding their protective barrier.

Under this might, the expressions of the Buddhist Sect disciples changed and they immediately retreated.

“Don’t touch that blood!”

Someone exclaimed.
Before everyone could react, the young man had already stabbed his spear into the ground.
With a slight twist of his wrist, the blood on the ground actually turned into blood threads that instantly swallowed the bodies of the Buddhist disciples.

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically.
Just as they were about to escape, they discovered that the intense corrosiveness of this blood had corroded their divine power defensive barrier and seeped into their bodies.

Screams sounded everywhere.
The blood had actually transformed into blood threads that directly corroded their flesh and bones.

Even if they used their divine power to transform into Buddhist power and risked their lives to use the Buddhist Sect’s Mahayana Vajra Art and the Golden Bell Shield to protect themselves, it would still be useless and a waste of energy.

This move caused the bodies of nearly a hundred Buddhist disciples to be severed alive.

They were all severely injured!

Senzai senzai.
Your killing intent is so strong.
Aren’t you going to give us an explanation for trespassing on our Bodhi Temple?”

With a Buddhist proclamation, another wave of Buddhist disciples flew down from the mountain.
There were more than 700 of them, and they were all above the Ten Domain Martial God Realm.

As soon as they appeared, their divine souls lit up behind them.
They were basically mainly Buddha Venerables, with a few Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts mixed in occasionally.

From afar, it was as if hundreds of Buddhas emitting golden light had charged out from the mountain.

There were hundreds of Ten Domain Martial God Realm experts!

Such a force would be able to greatly increase the strength of any faction in the Divine World.

However, the young man did not even look at them.
He pulled out the spear from the ground, snorted, and stepped forward!

A dense blood-red light instantly spread from the spear, reaching 100,000 feet.

It seemed to have turned the spear into a blood sword that reached the sky!

The young man swung his hand and threw out the blood sword.
A blood-colored demon light seemed to have torn the entire sky apart in the air.

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It landed directly among the hundreds of Buddhist disciples who were rushing down.

Almost everyone that was in the trajectory of the blood sword was killed in this second.
They were all shattered into dust by the sword aura of the blood sword.

The people scattered on both sides by his sword beam were all shocked to the extreme at this moment, and their scalps began to turn numb.

“A mere group of Ten Domain Martial God Realm experts wants me to explain? Are you guys worthy?”

With that said, the other party’s body had already teleported over and began to attack crazily like a ferocious tiger entering a flock of sheep.

The Buddhist Sect disciples were no match for him at all.
Even though there were so many Ten Domain Martial God Realm experts, they could only be trampled by him like ants.

The killing spread and blood flowed.

At this moment, this place was like the end of the world.

“Stop! Don’t you dare injure our Buddhist Sect disciples! Otherwise, we won’t let you off!”

At this moment, the one who flew down was already a Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts of the Buddhist Sect!

They had powerful strength that surpassed the Ten Domain Martial God Realm.
In an invincible manner, they wanted to forcefully suppress the young man and stop him from continuing to kill the Buddhist Sect disciples.

However, the young man seemed to have long predicted this.

It was as if they did not care at all and were still killing wantonly in the crowd of Ten Domain Martial God Realm experts!

With a single spear, he killed several Ten Domain Martial God Realm experts.
It was as if he was cutting vegetables.

The Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts of the Buddhist Sect were all on the verge of going crazy.
Their eyes were scarlet, as if they were no longer holy Buddhist monks but groups of bloodthirsty yakshas.

Everyone roared and flew down crazily.

The Bodhi and Arhat divine souls behind them emitted a powerful and dazzling light, as if they were about to purify this world with supreme Buddhist power!

The young man never panicked.
With the spear in his hand, he continued to kill the Ten Domain Martial God Realm disciples of the Buddhist Sect calmly.

It was as if these so-called Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts were simply not worth mentioning in front of him!

“Bastard! You better stop! Die!”

With a furious roar, the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts had already arrived beside him.
Their divine souls exploded with golden light, but they were still unable to suppress the blood-red divine souls and killing intent of the other party!

Before he arrived, they had already unleashed their attacks.
When the other party arrived, countless Buddhist cultivation techniques had already exploded on the young man’s body.

Hundreds of Buddhist cultivation techniques landed on the young man in unison.
The air exploded on the spot, and divine power surged.

Just as everyone asked this question, a huge hand wrapped in blood stretched out from the explosion light and directly grabbed the neck of a Hundred Domain Battle God Realm expert.

With a crisp sound, his neck was directly broken.

This was not the end because he had a powerful life force and would not die so easily.
He could still attack!

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He circulated his divine weapon with all his strength and bombarded this blood-colored figure crazily, wanting to kill him.
Unfortunately, he could not even break through the other party’s defense.

The other party had already rushed into the crowd of Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts.

The blood-colored spear was like a ferocious tiger that had left the mountain.
Wherever it passed, it would definitely end a few lives.

Even the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts could only be crushed and torn apart like a weak ant in front of him.
They did not seem like they were much stronger than those Ten Domain Martial God Realm experts.

The Hundred Domain Battle God Realm expert whose neck was grabbed was about to collapse.

The young man seemed to be deliberately keeping him alive.
He was only holding him up so that the other party could not escape or injure him.

He wanted the other party to watch him kill the Buddhist Sect disciples one by one!

He kept shouting in a hoarse voice, but the young man clearly did not hold back at all.

He continued to kill and his attacks were becoming more and more intense!

At this moment, even the Hundred Domain Battle God Realm experts could not withstand the mental pressure and began to choose to escape like the other “ants”.

The young man seemed to have long expected this scene, so he did not have any emotional fluctuations and only spread out his divine soul.

What kind of divine soul was this?!

It was a black hole that was as black as jade.
There was no light at all, as if it was about to devour the heavens and the earth, not giving anyone any hope!

On it was a black lotus.
It did not contain any impurities, but it revealed an aura that made one unable to breathe!

As soon as the divine soul appeared, it slowly spun.
Be it the Bodhi Divine Souls or Bodhisattva Divine Souls, they were actually stripped from the corpses and absorbed into the black hole, becoming nourishment for the other party’s divine soul.

It was a divine soul that devoured other divine souls!

The Buddhist disciple whose neck was locked collapsed when he saw this.

This guy could actually devour divine souls! Was he dreaming?

Divine souls could actually be devoured?

Before he could react, several more powerful auras descended from above in the next second.
These auras were several times stronger than his own!

“It’s the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm experts! Our Buddhist Sect’s Thousand Domain Battle God Realm experts! Hahahaha… our Buddhist Sect’s Thousand Domain Battle God Realm experts are here.
Let’s see if you die this time!”

On the mountainside, the Thousand Domain Battle God Realm experts also saw this scene and immediately berated, “Stop, brat.
How dare you!”

However, before he could finish speaking, the young man directly retracted his hand.
In an instant, the hostage’s neck was completely broken, causing his head to be separated from his body!

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