Seeing that Yun Lige’s body was quickly repaired, the abbot of the Bodhi Temple narrowed his eyes slightly.

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“What a powerful move.
It’s actually able to repair your injuries at such a fast speed.
However, no matter how fast your recovery speed is, it’s impossible for it to compare to the damage I’ve caused you!”

After saying another Buddhist proclamation, the Bodhisattva phantom behind the abbot of the Bodhi Temple actually appeared again.
It spread even higher and quickly exceeded ten thousand meters!

In the next moment, he fused the four profound divine artifacts into the divine soul behind him.

After obtaining the enhancement of the four profound divine artifacts, the divine soul of the Bodhi Temple’s abbot also started to look more corporeal.

He was using the profound divine artifacts to strengthen his divine soul so that he could directly use his divine soul to attack.
This way, he could attack with stronger and faster mental strength!

Indeed, after he used this move, he instantly arrived beside Yun Lige.

The Bodhisattva Divine Soul smashed down.

The huge attack did not give Yun Lige any chance to resist.
With a punch, it directly blasted Yun Lige more than a thousand meters into the ground.

Yun Lige used the Earth Explosion Art to quickly return to the ground.
Just as he arrived, another palm landed.

The dense Buddhist power mixed with divine power directly shocked Yun Lige until his organs trembled.
Several bones in his body shattered on the spot! Blood surged out from his cracked skin.

His combat strength was very powerful, but in order to fight more perfectly, he had already given up on his defensive ability and removed the protective divine armor.
This way, he could better unleash his destructive strength.

However, it would also reduce his defense to a certain level.

Facing a Supreme God Realm expert, he could rely on his advantage in attack to obtain the upper hand.
However, there was a limit to his ability to fight those at a higher level.
When he encountered a God Monarch Realm expert, especially when the other party had the enhancement of four profound divine artifacts, his weakness was also completely exposed.

The abbot’s consecutive attacks made Yun Lige turn into a bloody figure.

If not for the black and red destructive killing intent surrounding his body, it would be impossible to identify him.

The Azure Thearch figure behind him was also repairing his body endlessly, but it was simply unable to make up for the damage he had suffered!

Just as Yun Lige was constantly avoiding the attacks, he was also forced to the back of the mountain by the abbot of the Bodhi Temple!

Just as Yun Lige stepped in, four golden Buddhist lights suddenly soared into the sky and trapped him firmly like a heavenly pillar.

“This is the supreme profundity of our Buddhist Sect, the Four Great Vajra Formation! It’s also known as the Four Great Vajra Town! With the four Great Vajra as the foundation, it suppresses all evil.
As long as demons step in, it’s impossible for them to escape from this array formation.

“Previously, I had already exhausted most of your strength and also injured you!

“Now that you are suppressed by the four Vajra Formation, I can directly send you to the netherworld.

He pressed his palms together and mixed supreme Buddhist power with divine power to create a huge golden Buddha.
It descended from the sky and pressed down on Yun Lige’s head.

Perhaps because the might was too powerful, even the spatial power began to shatter!

Yun Lige was unable to escape the control of this golden Buddha at all and was completely suppressed by the other party.

He used the black lotus with all his strength.
The black lotus quickly spun.
Because of the rotation of the black lotus, weak black and purple lightning began to appear.

He knew that once this golden Buddha pressed down, if he was unable to resist it, he would be completely finished!

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The dark power resisted the Golden Buddha crazily and refused to be suppressed.

The golden Buddha was actually blocked by Yun Lige!

“He even blocked the divine soul that was blessed by four profound divine artifacts.
This brat is simply too abnormal!”

As everyone discussed, the abbot suddenly said, “Elders and disciples, please help me! This brat’s cultivation is too powerful.
Even with my strength and four profound divine artifacts, I’m still unable to completely suppress him!”

Tens of thousands of Buddhist elders and disciples used their cultivation techniques at the same time and injected their divine power into the huge Bodhisattva Divine Soul.
The Bodhisattva Divine Soul actually began to rise again.

Its body was originally ten thousand meters long, but now, its sitting height was already ten thousand meters high!

After receiving the enhancement of so much powerful divine power, the abbot’s Bodhisattva Divine Soul shattered the space again in an unstoppable manner and began to press down.

Lige spat out another mouthful of blood.
He felt that the strength in his entire body had been completely exhausted.

He was no longer able to resist the attack of this Bodhisattva Divine Soul!

The pain in his body had already gradually disappeared.
He was already numb from the pain!

All the divine artifacts in his hand shattered!

Yun Lige had already lost all his trump cards.

He slowly closed his eyes and smiled.

“Master! It was worth it for me to kill tens of thousands of Buddhist Sect elders and disciples for you!”

Yun Lige recalled his master’s previous guidance.

If not for his master, he would not have been able to defeat Xiao Bei in his life and kill the Xiao family to avenge the Yun family.

If not for his master, he would probably still be trash who could not cultivate.

Perhaps he would still be begging on the street and struggling at death’s door, or perhaps he would still be bitterly pursuing the path of martial arts.

If not for his master, he would not have received so much care.
Even though he was clearly the worst disciple in the Nameless Sect!

However, his master had never abandoned him.
That was why he was able to fight the Buddhist Bodhi Temple and kill countless Buddhist experts today!

Everything he had was given to him by his master.
Now, he would return all of them back to his master!

If he had a next life, he hoped that he could still become his master’s disciple.

However, he did not want to become the eldest disciple again.
As someone who was talentless, he only wanted to become an insignificant disciple under his master and sit in a corner far away to listen to his master’s lecture.

In that case, even if his cultivation was not powerful enough, he would not embarrass his master.

All his thoughts flashed like a shadow.
Unexpectedly, he did not feel any pressure from the other party!

Instead, there seemed to be an extremely familiar aura beside him.

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Yun Lige suddenly opened his eyes.
In the next second, his face was covered in tears!

That was not his master.
It was only his master’s phantom that had helped him resist the Bodhisattva phantom.

At this moment, Yun Lige felt as if his heart had been torn into pieces!

Even after dying in the netherworld, his master’s remnant soul was still protecting him!

Endless gratitude surged into his heart, but what followed was an even stronger anger!

It was because these bald Buddhist monks had killed their master!

And he had actually chosen to give up in front of these bald monks!

He was the chief disciple of the Nameless Sect!

He was his master’s favorite disciple!

He had received so much love and guidance from his master!

What right did he have to die? After all,he had yet to destroy the Buddhist Sect.

In the sky, a black lightning bolt suddenly exploded.
The tens of thousands of lotus golden Buddha phantoms that were produced because of the chanting of the Exquisite Dharma Lotus Scripture suddenly began to tremble, as if they had sensed something.

The sky was covered by a black and blood-colored aura, and the power of the demon kept spreading.

Endless killing intent constantly exploded from Yun Lige’s body!

At this moment, on the mountainside, the fragment of the Primordial Chaos Battle God Spear that had been shattered by the Golden Buddha Relic of the Bodhi Temple’s abbot actually emitted a strange blood-red color.

In the end, blood-colored lightning surrounded it and actually reconstructed it!

At this moment, the Primordial Chaos Battle God Spear was revived, and it was no longer the Primordial Chaos Battle God Spear.
On the handle of the spear, the words “God Slaying” were engraved!

It had already surpassed the scope of a profound divine artifact and had become a true immortal artifact!

Boom! Boom! Boom! In the sky, a layer of lightning tribulation started to gather, as if it wanted to specially deal with this immortal artifact.

This was because Yun Lige was not like Lu Xiaoran.
He did not have Lu Xiaoran’s luck or Wang Cai’s ability to hide from the heavens.

As soon as the immortal artifact appeared, he was directly targeted by the lightning tribulation.

However, at this moment, the God Slaying Spear let out a low cry.
Demon aura and killing intent gathered in the sky and actually blocked the lightning tribulation!

That’s right.
He had used his demon aura and killing intent to create a huge barrier in the sky, blocking the surveillance of the Heaven Dao laws.

In the sky, a range of at least 50,000 kilometers was covered in killing intent and demon aura!

Then, the God Slaying Spear transformed into a blood beam and arrived in Yun Lige’s hand.

After obtaining the God Slaying Spear, an unprecedented memory surged endlessly into Yun Lige’s mind.

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His red eyes throbbed with a strange light.
The black lotus above his head actually split into two.
A second black lotus was created!

His cultivation actually began to increase without any warning.

Originally, he had already reached the third level of the God Emperor Realm, but in the blink of an eye, he actually began to break through again.

Fourth level of the God Emperor Realm!

Fifth level of the God Monarch Realm!

Sixth level of the God Emperor Realm!

Seventh level of the God Emperor Realm!

Eighth level of the God Emperor Realm!

Ninth level of the God Emperor Realm!

Perfected tenth level God Emperor Realm!

He only stopped when he reached this level!

As his cultivation increased, the power of the Azure Thearch Longevity Art also continued to increase, circulating faster.

In the blink of an eye, his body was completely repaired.

In the valley, Lu Xiaoran had just used the Absolute Heaven Song when he was suddenly bombarded by a huge force above his head.
It was as if there was a stench accompanying it, making him dizzy.

“Damn, isn’t Lige’s opponent too ferocious?! Why does this attack feel like it has surpassed the God Monarch Realm? Even an existence like me who fights those at a higher level is dizzy from the attack.”

However, before he could circulate his cultivation technique to make himself feel more comfortable, the divine power in his body suddenly erupted and quickly circulated.

Had he broken through again?

Lu Xiaoran was dumbfounded.
How did he break through just like that?

The disciples were all rushing over and were not cultivating.

He did not cultivate either, and Li Changsheng and Song Xinian had not broken through.

“Wang Cai, quickly open Lige’s information panel.”

Wang Cai quickly opened Yun Lige’s interface.
When Lu Xiaoran saw Yun Lige’s cultivation break through from the third level of the God Emperor Realm to the perfected tenth level of the God Emperor Realm, he was dumbfounded!

The speed of this cultivation increase was simply ridiculous!

What spirit medicine had he eaten?

Lu Xiaoran felt puzzled at this moment!

“By the way, Wang Cai, my Absolute Heaven Song has already arrived.
Is the Soul Guidance that slow? Why haven’t the disciples arrived?”

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“Master, the Absolute Heaven Song is a life-saving move to begin with, so the speed will be very fast.
Your cultivation has already spread to Lige’s side.

“However, Soul Guidance was not a life-saving move.
It’s definitely not as fast!

However, don’t worry.
they;ll probably be able to arrive in a few dozen breaths.

In the Bodhi Temple, Yun Lige, whose cultivation had increased, stepped out again.

At this moment, he regained his previous high spirits!

With the God Slaying Spear in hand, he directly pierced the butt of the Bodhisattva phantom!

The God Slaying Spear was an immortal artifact level existence.
How could the other party’s divine soul resist it?

Yun Lige’s spear directly pierced through the other party’s Bodhisattva Divine Soul.

The abbot suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood, and Yun Lige sneered repeatedly.
He activated the Black Hole Divine Soul behind him and directly began to devour his Bodhisattva Divine Soul!

“Didn’t you want to use your divine soul to destroy me? Come on!”

Yun Lige wanted to directly devour the other party’s divine soul!

The Black Hole Divine Soul crackled and quickly swallowed the Bodhisattva Divine Soul, making the abbot of the Bodhi Temple scream and immediately retract his divine soul.

However, at this moment, even if he retracted his divine soul, it was useless because his divine soul was already half crippled.

However, even if he still had his full strength, he was still no match for Yun Lige!

The advantage he had just now completely disappeared!

As for Yun Lige, he jumped forward and held the God Slaying Spear as he began to kill!

He wanted to kill all the bald monks in this Bodhi Temple!

As the God Slaying Spear swept over, a ten thousand feet red light constantly swept past everyone’s bodies.
One after another, the Buddhist experts were killed.
Their bodies turned into blood essence that was absorbed by Yun Lige, and their divine souls became nourishment for Yun Lige’s divine soul!

These people were all super experts outside.
They all provided abundant nourishment to Yun Lige.

Soon, the black lotus above Yun Lige’s head divided again.
Now, there were four black lotuses!

Moreover, his cultivation had actually increased again, reaching the first level of the Supreme God Realm!

In the holy land, the expressions of the God Monarch Realm experts and Supreme God Realm experts changed drastically.

“We have to fight him now! Otherwise, more than 90% of the people in the Bodhi Temple will be completely wiped out by him!”

“No! Previously, this child was only at the first level of the God Emperor Realm and could already resist a Supreme God Realm expert.
Now that he has already become a Supreme God Realm expert, I’m afraid even God Monarch Realm experts won’t be able to suppress him.
If we go out now, I’m afraid we won’t be able to kill him either.
If he kills one or two God Monarch Realm experts and the High Buddha blames us, won’t we be done for?”

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