With a thought, Lu Xiaoran had already teleported to the entrance of the valley.

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Soon, small black spots appeared in the distant horizon and gradually enlarged.

The two people in the lead were Ji Wuxia and Fang Tianyuan.

Behind them were Zhuge Ziqiong, Jun Bujian, Jiang Taixuan, and Su Lingwu.

The others were the Nameless Sect’s second-generation disciples and divine beasts.

However, the Nameless Sect’s divine beast team had already grown a lot.
Originally, there were only a few dozen of them, but now, there were at least seven to eight hundred.

Everyone arrived in front of Lu Xiaoran excitedly and knelt in unison.

At this moment, the longing they had not seen for many years had all turned into excited hot tears.
Many people’s eyes began to turn red.

After a lot of effort, the Nameless Sect finally gathered again!

Lu Xiaoran was also filled with emotions.

In the cultivation world, time passed quickly and it was extremely dangerous.
If one was careless, they might be completely destroyed and turned to ashes.

Now, after a few years, everyone was able to return safely and gather together.
This in itself was a fortunate matter!

Lu Xiaoran did not notice that his voice was also slightly choked.

He had never had such sincere and heavy feelings for anyone.

These disciples could almost be considered his lifeblood.

“Master, is this the Lu family? We’ve been searching for a long time but we never found the Lu family!”

“Master, did you find Fourth Junior Brother and Sixth Junior Brother?”

“Master, have you found a wife? Could it be that you’re still a lonely man?”

“Master, we missed you so much!”

Everyone asked a series of questions that made Lu Xiaoran’s head explode.

He immediately waved his hand.

“Stop, stop.
Don’t ask so many questions.
Also, whoever called me a lonely man will be punished with 50 beatings later.”

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The crowd erupted into laughter.

At this moment, a powerful aura suddenly flew over from the distant sky, shaking the heavens and the earth!

As the aura surged, a black and red energy gradually enlarged in everyone’s eyes.

“That’s not right.
Although this aura is powerful, it’s filled with blood essence and a destructive aura.
It’s not the power of the Buddhist Sect at all.”

Everyone panicked, and the corner of Lu Xiaoran’s mouth curled up.

He naturally knew who the other party was, but he did not reveal it.

In a while, everyone would definitely be shocked when they saw him!

Just as everyone was in panic, a blood-colored figure quickly fell in front of everyone and knelt on one knee towards Lu Xiaoran.

“Disciple Yun Lige greets Master!”

The entire scene was instantly silent.
Everyone widened their eyes and stared fixedly at Yun Lige, as if they were in disbelief.

What kind of joke was this?

It was Eldest Senior Brother?

The aura Yun Lige had just displayed was at least above the God Emperor Realm, right?

How could Eldest Senior Brother be so awesome?

In the past, his cultivation was simply trash!

The chief disciple of the Nameless Sect was also the weakest disciple of the Nameless Sect.
Everyone knew that!

In the crowd, many people had already quietly taken out their weapons.

“Brothers, get ready.
This guy might be an imposter!”

“That’s right.
If he dares to be disrespectful to Master later, we’ll rush forward and beat him up!”

Lu Xiaoran smiled and nodded at Yun Lige.

“Not bad.
You didn’t disappoint me.”

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Yun Lige touched his nose and chuckled.

“Hehehe… This is all thanks to Master’s guidance.
Otherwise, how could I be where I am today? Speaking of which, I’ve also found many good things outside in the past few years.
I was just about to bring them back to show my filial piety to Master.”

As he spoke, Yun Lige had already taken out some things from his storage ring.
He was about to step forward and hand them to Lu Xiaoran when the group of Nameless Sect disciples behind him immediately attacked!

“Tsk! Demon, how dare you touch my master! You’re courting death!”

Yun Lige did not expect his junior brothers and sisters to attack him at all.
He did not dare to easily release his cultivation in case he repelled their attacks and injured his junior brothers and sisters.
For a moment, he could only hug his head and shout.

“What are you doing? Are you crazy? It’s me! Your Eldest Senior Brother!”

Jun Bujian held a saber in one hand and a sword in the other as he blocked in front of Lu Xiaoran.

“Master, this Eldest Senior Brother is fake.
Don’t worry, with me around, I definitely won’t let him injure you.”

“How do you know that he’s fake?”

“Isn’t that simple? How can my Eldest Senior Brother be a God Monarch Realm expert? It’s already not bad for him to be a Ten Domain Martial God Realm expert now.”

After a while, he said, “Stop! Lige is real.”

Everyone suddenly stopped and looked at Lu Xiaoran in disbelief, dumbfounded again.

Lu Xiaoran nodded with a solemn expression, and everyone looked at each other.

Yun Lige crawled up from the ground and said with a cold expression, “Which bastard just attacked my crotch with a divine weapon?”

Everyone immediately placed the divine weapon behind them and shook their heads.

“It’s not me.
I hit your head.”

“It’s not me either.
I hit your waist.”

“I haven’t even started yet.
I just got here.”

Yun Lige gritted his teeth in anger.

“Stop talking nonsense.
I’ll deal with everyone who attacked me one by one later.”

Everyone’s expressions turned bitter as they looked at Lu Xiaoran.

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“Um, since you’re all back, let’s talk about the cultivation problem first.
All of you, come in.
We have to start replenishing our strength.”

The meaning of his words was clearly, “Don’t look at me.
This has nothing to do with me.
I won’t get involved.”

Everyone was also helpless.
They could only pray that Eldest Senior Brother would be gentler with them later.

Then, under Lu Xiaoran’s guidance, everyone entered the valley first and began to receive the resources Lu Xiaoran prepared for them to cultivate.

This time, Lu Xiaoran did not pass it to them in person.

He had made a library in the Mountain and River State Painting.

This library was actually also an immortal artifact.
It was an immortal artifact dojo.
Just like the Mountain and River State Painting, it could be enlarged or shrunk.

However, it could change its appearance according to its master’s thoughts.
It could also change its interior structure at any time.

Moreover, it was very hard and had its own teleportation formation and defensive formation.
Thus, Lu Xiaoran turned it into a dojo.

Lu Xiaoran directly got the disciples to go in and choose their cultivation techniques.

Yun Lige and the others could also go in to choose cultivation techniques.
However, most importantly, Yun Lige and the others mainly cultivated the intrinsic cultivation techniques Wang Cai had given them.
Lu Xiaoran had already upgraded those cultivation techniques to the profound version and the immortal technique version.
As for the other cultivation techniques, he could only choose appropriate ones to replace them.

What surprised Lu Xiaoran was that Yun Lige could already cultivate the immortal technique version.
This was because he actually had a special power that protected him from being discovered by the Heaven Dao Supervision Law.

Other than that, the other disciples could only cultivate profound-level cultivation techniques first.

This problem made Lu Xiaoran think of something else.

Since Yun Lige could reach the level of blocking the Heaven Dao, Lu Xiaoran wondered if the other disciples could also do the same?

From the current situation, the disciples should all have been reincarnated from their previous lives.
Moreover, they might all be big shots, but they were not as awesome as him.

That Lige had already increased his talent.
Next… would it be Wuxia? Or Tianyuan?

However, he still did not know what the key point was.
Only by finding this key point could he help them increase their talent.

“Lige’s talent is to devour others to infinitely strengthen himself.
In other words, the more divine souls he swallows, the stronger he will be!

“Wuxia’s divine soul is a phoenix.
Am I supposed to go and catch a few phoenixes and roast them for her to eat?

“However, a true phoenix should have a very powerful cultivation, right? It should be an existence above the Immortal World.
I can’t beat it now.

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“Moreover, this method might not work.
This is because Tianyuan’s divine soul is a Demon Ape.
Am I supposed to feed him monkeys because of that?

“Then wouldn’t Changsheng and Xinian have to devour swords and sabers? ”

Um… Thinking of that scene, Lu Xiaoran could not help but shudder.

They would not be able to digest it even if they swallowed it.
If they swallowed it from the top and pulled it from the bottom, it would be too painful to watch.

“Forget it, I’ll worry about this after we reach the Immortal World.
In any case, their current cultivation levels are still very low.
I’ll increase their cultivation to the Immortal Realm first.”

Lu Xiaoran still had a huge project to do.
That was to store the marks of Yun Lige and the others in his small world, allowing them to escape the surveillance of the Heaven Dao.
In this way, even if they became immortals, they would not need to transcend the tribulation.
In the future, no matter how powerful their cultivation was, they would not have to worry.

He taught the cultivation techniques to his disciples one by one before teaching Yun Lige the immortal techniques.

After teaching them the respective techniques, Lu Xiaoran retracted his disciples’ weapons and prepared to increase their grades.
Then, he distributed immortal pills, profound pills, and the like for his disciples to cultivate.

After obtaining the resources, everyone immediately prepared to leave and find a place to cultivate in the valley.

Before Yun Lige left, he could not help but stop.

“By the way, Master, speaking of which, for some reason, I didn’t encounter a single God Monarch Realm expert in the Bodhi Temple this time.
There were only five or six Supreme God Realm experts.
Moreover, five of them are only at the first level of the Supreme God Realm.”

Lu Xiaoran frowned slightly.

“Really? I understand.
You can leave first.”

After Yun Lige left, Lu Xiaoran analyzed with a solemn expression.

The Buddhist Sect was the strongest sect in the Divine World.
Putting everything else aside, they definitely had many God Monarch Realm experts.

There was no need to mention the Supreme God Realm experts.

However, Lige actually did not encounter a single God Monarch Realm expert.

Looks like there was something fishy going on.

It was said that the highest existence of the Buddhist Sect was the High Buddha.
He was sent from the Spirit Mountain in the Immortal World to supervise the work of the Buddhist Sect.
In the 3,000 worlds, there were many such High Buddhas.

Could it be… that the other party knew his identity because the other party had come from the Immortal World?

Or perhaps… the other party was plotting something?

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