The baldy was naturally the same baldy from before.
This was because there was only one baldy in the entire Nameless Sect.

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This baldy was naturally Long Kuang.

He was simply extremely frustrated now.

Why did he choose to be a monk?

If he had not become a monk, he would not have ended up like this.

Although his master had all kinds of strange methods, it was still impossible for his master to have a Buddhist cultivation technique, right?

After all, his grand master was not a Buddhist.

Moreover, the Nameless Sect had just had a huge conflict with the Buddhist Sect.
Even if his master had a cultivation technique, he probably wouldn’t give it to him.

Moreover, his foundation in the Divine World was the Buddhist cultivation technique.
If he cultivated other cultivation techniques now, it might conflict with the Buddhist cultivation technique and he might not be able to cultivate it.

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Only by destroying the Buddhist power in his body could he continue cultivating!

Originally, his cultivation should have been the highest among the third generation disciples of the Nameless Sect.

However, with Grand Master’s help, everyone would definitely surpass him.

Thinking of his future, Long Kuang felt extremely sad.

At this moment, Shi Changlin, who was not far away, suddenly shouted, “Baldy, come quickly.
There’s a Buddhist cultivation technique here!”

Long Kuang was suddenly shocked and immediately ran over.

When he saw the row of Buddhist cultivation techniques, he was stunned.

“Heavens! This… this is actually the Gautama Divine Palm! It’s really the Gautama Divine Palm!”

“There’s also the Great Mighty Heavenly Dragon! Great Brahma Buddha Voice! Three Thousand Buddha Hands! Heavenly Dragon Eight Sounds! Heavens, why are there so many Buddhist cultivation techniques? Hahahaha… they’re all top-notch Buddhist cultivation techniques.
Even the Bodhi Temple doesn’t have them!

Grand Master is really too awesome! ”

Long Kuang was so excited that tears fell.

After all, if Lu Xiaoran did not have any Buddhist cultivation techniques, he would have definitely crippled his Buddhist power and restarted his cultivation.

Now, not only did Lu Xiaoran have Buddhist cultivation techniques, but he also had the top-notch cultivation techniques of the Buddhist Sect.
In that case, wouldn’t he be able to ride the wind and break the waves in the future?

Everyone looked at Long Kuang enviously.

There were also other immortal techniques in the dojo Library, such as the eighteen transformations, the avatar technique, and the earth escape technique… However, there was no hierarchy for immortal techniques.

Therefore, although they were all immortal techniques, some immortal techniques were ridiculously powerful.
Some were ordinary.

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It was impossible for them to compare something like the Earth Escape Technique to the Gautama Divine Palm, right?

Even if everyone had never been to the Immortal World, they still knew how powerful the Gautama Divine Palm was!

However, Jun Changming could not help but say, “However, these Buddhist cultivation techniques of yours are basically all immortal techniques! Can you cultivate immortal techniques now? If you want to show off immortal techniques, you probably have to wait until you cultivate an immortal body.
Moreover, you have to be in the Immortal World to cultivate them, right?

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“Otherwise, if the Heaven Dao Divine Punishment descends, won’t you immediately become a roasted mudfish? ”

Jun Changming’s words were like a basin of cold water that instantly splashed on Long Kuang.

Although the cultivation techniques were good, what was the use if he could not cultivate them?

Moreover, how long would it take for him to cultivate to the Immortal Realm?

He was only a Ten Domain Martial God Realm expert now.

There were so many realms after that.
Moreover, the higher one went, the harder it was to cultivate.

When he cultivated to that point, these fellow disciples might have all become Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals!

At this moment, Long Kuang was like a drowning cat.

“No! I have to quickly find Grand Master and ask him to help me!”

Long Kuang immediately rushed to Lu Xiaoran’s room.

“Grand Master, Long Kuang requests an audience.”

Lu Xiaoran, who was originally in seclusion, could not help but be slightly surprised when he heard Long Kuang’s voice.
He immediately undid the seal and let Long Kuang in.

Long Kuang was immediately overjoyed after obtaining Lu Xiaoran’s permission.

He quickly entered the room and bowed to Lu Xiaoran.

“Grand Master, I apologize for disturbing you.
Please forgive me.”

“I’m fine.
However, why didn’t you go to the dojo Library to find a cultivation technique to cultivate? Why did you come to me?”

“Master, I’ve already gone to find a suitable cultivation technique for me.
However, the techniques that are compatible with me are all immortal-level cultivation techniques.
My current cultivation level is very low and I’m unable to cultivate them at all.”

Only then did Lu Xiaoran understand what he meant.

“I thought it was something important, but it turns out to be the case.
I indeed don’t have any ordinary Buddhist cultivation techniques.
When it comes to Buddhist cultivation techniques, the cultivation techniques with the lowest level are all at the immortal level.”

Long Kuang’s face immediately twitched fiercely.

Wasn’t this ridiculous? The cultivation techniques with the lowest level are all at the immortal level?

The things that he started out with were actually the ultimate goals of the Buddhist Sect disciples in the entire Divine World!

“Then what should I do? Do I have to cripple the Buddhist power in my body and start cultivating other cultivation techniques again?”

Lu Xiaoran shook his head.

“There’s no need for that.
I’m already preparing to record your marks into my small world.
From now on, you can escape from the three worlds and the Five Elements.
The Six Paths of Reincarnation also won’t be able to restrain you.
At that time, the Heaven Dao won’t be able to monitor you.
Naturally, you can also cultivate immortal techniques!”

Long Kuang immediately felt his scalp turn numb!

Wasn’t this too impressive?

Their grand master could actually help them escape from the three worlds and the five elements!

Wasn’t this too damn powerful?

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Since ancient times, those who could do this had at least reached the Golden Immortal Realm!

However, even in those cases, they could only escape the three worlds themselves.
They wouldn’t be able to help others do the same.

And now, their grand master wanted everyone in the entire Nameless Sect to escape from the three worlds.
Even a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal could not do this!

Then… could it be that their master was a… Hiss ~!

Long Kuang felt that his entire soul was shocked speechless!

They had actually become disciples of a Saint, and they were even first- and second-generation disciples!

This was freaking… awesome!

Long Kuang simply wanted to laugh crazily now.

Back then, he was really too wise!

He chose to join the Nameless Sect and not go against his current master.

Otherwise, he would have long turned into dust.

He had really made a killing this time!

Long Kuang did not doubt Lu Xiaoran’s previous performance in the lower realm at all.
Even when Lu Xiaoran was unable to resist Ye Chen’s self-destruction and could only lead them into the Divine World, Long Kuang still believed in Lu Xiaoran.

It was not because his master could not do it, but because his master’s hands were tied.

This was because even though he was a Saint, the Heaven Dao still surpassed him!

Perhaps because they were in the lower realm back then, it would probably cause the divine punishment of the Heaven Dao laws.

Even Saints had to be wary of the Heaven Dao.

However, a Saint was the strongest existence below the Heaven Dao.
It was not that Long Kuang was especially arrogant.
After all, how many people in the entire three worlds could take a Saint as their master?

Basically, which one of them did not have a cultivation at the Golden Immortal Realm?

Thinking that he would basically be a Golden Immortal in the future, Long Kuang was so excited that his eyes turned red.

“Grand Master! You’re really too good to me.
I won’t say anything else.
I will definitely cultivate diligently and pledge my life to Grand Master and the Nameless Sect!”

“It’s fine as long as you have this intention.
The marks will be completed very quickly and will be done in about a month.
At that time, you can directly cultivate the immortal techniques and not worry anymore.”

“Yes! Thank you, Grand Master.
I’ll leave now and not disturb you anymore.”

Long Kuang was about to leave when he suddenly thought of something and stopped.
He immediately handed the spatial cage containing eight million demons gathered from the Puhua Temple to Lu Xiaoran.

“Grand Master, these are the eight million demons I found in the Puhua Temple.
The Puhua Temple originally planned to send them to the Bodhi Temple for the Demon Exorcism Meeting.

“In the end, I saved them halfway.

“Grand Master, what do you think we should do? ”

Lu Xiaoran did not expect Long Kuang to have eight million demons.

“This is not a small sum of wealth.
We can’t let it go.
It’s already in our hands.
If we let it go for nothing, it won’t conform to the rules of our Nameless Sect.”

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Lu Xiaoran pondered for a moment and immediately said, “Sigh, I got it! I just happened to have created an Eight Treasures Glazed Pagoda recently.
This Eight Treasures Glazed Pagoda is an immortal artifact to begin with.
It just so happens that you cultivate a Buddhist cultivation technique.
I’ll use the Buddhist Dharma to purify these eight million demons and then store them in the Eight Treasures Glazed Pagoda.
I’ll get them to recite the Buddhist scriptures day and night and use their willpower to increase the strength of the Eight Treasures Glazed Pagoda.”

“In the future, as long as we trapped the other party in the Eight Treasures Glazed Pagoda, we would naturally be able to use this Buddhist power to exorcise the other party.

“In that case, the Eight Treasures Glazed Pagoda could even be considered a Postnatal spirit treasure.
It can be considered to be quite impressive in the three worlds.

“Alright, go out first.
I’ll arrange it for you after I finish the mark.”

Long Kuang’s hair stood on end again!

His master was indeed a Saint!

His thinking was indeed extraordinary.

With this move, he directly transformed an immortal artifact into a Postnatal spirit treasure.

He finally understood why his grand master had so many cultivation techniques and top-notch Dharma treasures.

If he could do whatever he wanted.
didn’t it mean that he could also get whatever he wanted.

No, he had to suck up to his master in the future.

By the way, speaking of which, wasn’t Master Yun his grand master’s favorite disciple? Master Yun definitely knew what his master liked.
If he learned from Master Yun, he would definitely be able to obtain his grand master’s favor in the future.

It would be fine as long as his grand master could be swayed by bootlicking.

Be it being a bootlicker or a servant, he, Long Kuang, was definitely going to obtain the favor of the grand master!

Of course, if his grand master had special hobbies, he… um… he could even consider becoming a female dragon!

After all, why would he care about gender if he could be liked by a Saint?

After reaching the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm, he could roam the entire three worlds.
Wasn’t it better than keeping that thing in his pants?

Thinking of this, he immediately bowed deeply to Lu Xiaoran and loosened his belt slightly, his butt sticking out high.

“Thank you for your love, Master.
Thank you, Master.
I’ll leave now.”

As he spoke, he pouted and retreated step by step.

Lu Xiaoran could not help but tilt his head and raise his eyebrows, his face filled with confusion.

Why did he suddenly see Lige’s figure in Long Kuang?

Was it the shadow of… um… a bootlicker?

“If I remember correctly, Long Kuang should have taken Lige as his master, right?”

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran’s face immediately darkened.

Why had Lige’s disciples become bootlickers like him?

This brat Lige never did anything serious.
What had he been teaching his disciples?!

No, he had to lecture Lige properly when he saw the other party later.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran immediately began to engrave nervously.

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In fact, he was also doing other work.

For example, refining weapons and upgrading weapons to the level of Connate spirit treasures.

Moreover, he also cultivated his cultivation technique, the Little Life Technique, and the other immortal techniques he had just obtained and improved them all to the perfected realm…

However, he already had ten avatars.
Moreover, all these avatars even shared his cultivation and intelligence.

They could help him complete those unnecessary missions.
He only needed to focus on being himself.

As for Long Kuang, after leaving Lu Xiaoran’s room, he placed his hands behind his back and walked leisurely on the valley path.

At this moment, Jun Changming had just returned from the dojo library.
He had learned two profound cultivation techniques and was about to find a place to cultivate when he saw Long Kuang walk over with a smug expression.

“Brother Long, what’s going on? Why are you so happy? Did Master give you a profound-level cultivation technique?”

Long Kuang glanced at him.

“Profound cultivation technique? What do you want that for?”

“To cultivate, of course!”

Long Kuang’s words made Jun Changming even more puzzled.

“Brother Long, did you take the wrong medicine?”

“Get lost! I didn’t take the wrong medicine.
Don’t talk nonsense.”

“Then why don’t you even care about profound cultivation techniques? It’s not like you can cultivate immortal techniques.”

Long Kuang waved his hand.

“Alright, alright, I’ll tell you the truth.
I don’t need to cultivate a profound cultivation technique.
In a month, at most a month, I can cultivate an immortal technique! At that time, you will definitely also cultivate an immortal technique.
Therefore, there’s no need for me to cultivate a profound cultivation technique at all.”

Jun Changming was silent for a moment before saying carefully, “Old Long, are you sure you’re not sick?”

Long Kuang glared at him angrily.

“What are you saying? I already told you that I’m not sick.”

“Then why are you being so mysterious? Immortal techniques can only be cultivated with the body of an immortal.
If you don’t cultivate a profound cultivation technique, how can you quickly advance and obtain the body of an immortal? If you don’t obtain the body of an immortal, how can you cultivate immortal techniques?”

Long Kuang shook his head helplessly.

“Forget it, forget it! I’ll tell you the truth! Get closer.
I don’t want others to hear us.”

Jun Changming leaned over and whispered, “Grand Master wants us to escape from the three realms and the five elements! In this way, we can escape the surveillance of the Heaven Dao and cultivate immortal techniques!”

“Hiss ~! No way? Is Grand Master that awesome?”

“Grand Master is not just awesome! Grand Master is simply ridiculously awesome! Let me tell you, Grand Master is very likely to be a legendary Saint!”

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