Realm chat group.

“The group leader is an immortal called Futu, and there are many God Monarch Realm experts in the group.
Moreover, the group leader specifically said that he wants to kill you.

“God Monarch Chat Group?!”

Lu Xiaoran exclaimed.
After hearing this name, he had a feeling that the other party was probably another hacker.

However, he did not expect the other party to be so arrogant.
The other party had even come to recruit his own people to kill him.
The current hot shots were really becoming more and more arrogant.
Moreover, they were becoming more and more shameless.

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“So you got your junior brothers and sisters to cultivate in order to deal with that guy?”

“How can we let him off so easily? In terms of dealing with him, Master, just a single one of your farts is enough to kill him.
However, since he dares to go against Master, we definitely can’t let him off.

“He gives out a huge gift bag with 100 million top-grade divine crystals and profound divine artifacts to anyone that joins his group.

“However, there is a requirement to join the group.
One has to at least be a Supreme God Realm expert with relatively good talent.

“I’ve already thought about it.
In a month, I’ll increase my junior brothers and sisters to the Supreme God Realm.
At that time, we’ll all join that group and take advantage of them.

“Hehehe… I learned all of this from Master.
However, if I want my junior brothers and sisters to cultivate to the Supreme God Realm, I still need Master’s help.”

“I know.
Go and cultivate first.
I’ll think of something.”

Lu Xiaoran had been wondering why the disciples’ cultivation increased so quickly.

It had to be said that this child Lige was really becoming more and more like him.
He was becoming smarter!

Lu Xiaoran also fell into deep thought.

Since the disciples’ cultivation level was about to increase to the Supreme God Realm, it was time for him to increase the dosage.

As his cultivation increased, it would not be a problem for him to increase the time flow by a few times.

It was almost not a problem for him to turn one month into one year in the Mountain and River State Painting.

Moreover, his disciples had all begun to cultivate immortal techniques and their cultivation speed was very fast.
It was not impossible for them to advance to the Supreme God Realm.

Now that Ji Wuxia, Fang Tianyuan, Jiang Taixuan, and Su Lingwu had already become God Emperor Realm experts, it was even easier for them to reach the Supreme God Realm.

“Looks like I should increase the supply of immortal beast eggs and immortal pills.
As long as I have enough, it will be easy for the few of them to advance to the Supreme God Realm.”

Lu Xiaoran immediately arranged the distribution of cultivation resources for the few of them.
He also added some ingredients to increase the time flow.

When the disciples’ cultivation increased, his own cultivation would also increase.
It was just like farming.
By planting a batch of seeds in the spring, he could harvest more food in the autumn.

Now, he was only a realm level or two away from becoming a God Monarch Realm expert.
If he cultivated a little more, wouldn’t he be able to become a God Monarch Realm expert? Just thinking about it made him happy.

On the other side, Old Master Lu led the team and the people from the Lu family also rushed to the Misty Sect.

As Lu Xiaoran’s cousin and the direct descendant of the Lu family’s third generation, Lu Xiaochen was naturally also on this path.

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Along the way, he was especially depressed.

“Grandpa, do you think Xiaoran is…”

“Why do you have so many ridiculous thoughts?”

“It’s not that I have ridiculous thoughts, but Xiaoran’s performance is really too strange.
The Misty Sect is so beautiful and talented, but he doesn’t even fancy her.

“However, that’s not all.
Did you notice? His disciples were all men and were very good-looking.

“There was not a single woman!

“Tell me, if he doesn’t like men, what else could it be?”

Old Master Lu’s face darkened!

“If you put this energy into your cultivation, your cultivation would have been able to increase by two realm levels.”

“Old Master, aren’t you afraid? If Xiaoran really is like that, Uncle’s bloodline will die.”

“Get lost.
Even if your bloodline dies, it’s still impossible for Xiaoran’s bloodline to die!”

What a joke.
The other party had already surpassed the Immortal Realm after cultivating for dozens of years.
How could such a peerless genius lose his bloodline?

After being scolded by Old Master Lu, Lu Xiaochen walked to the side unhappily.

As for Li Changsheng and the other two, after hearing Lu Xiaochen’s words, their hearts were especially solemn.

“Master… could it really be as his cousin said? Could he be gay”

“Get lost! I’m saying that Master is really very suspicious.
Look, the Divine Maiden of the Misty Sect wants to marry him, but he wants to cancel the engagement.
He even told us to kill the other party if she says anything about the wheel of fortune changing!”

“Can you stop talking nonsense? Master looks down on the Divine Maiden of the Misty Sect because the Divine Maiden of the Misty Sect is only a God Production Realm trash.
Master is a Saint.
Do you understand what a Saint is? Do you think someone other than Nuwa is worthy of our master?”

“Moreover, Master didn’t say that we had to kill her.
He only told us to kill her if she said something along those lines because that’s something a hot shot would say.
If she doesn’t say anything like that, we wouldn’t have to kill her!”

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