Lu Xiaoran could not wait to find out how powerful Golden Ao Island was now.

Only by knowing his strength and the other party’s strength could he perfectly control this battle.

As the saying went, know yourself and your enemy.

Luo Yang immediately replied respectfully, “Sect Master, there are a total of 307 people in our Jie School.
Among them are 4 Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, including me.
In addition, there are 10 Taiyi Golden Immortals.
The rest are all Heaven Immortal Realm experts with varying strengths.”

Among them, 270 are on Golden Ao Island.
The other 100 or so are scattered throughout the Primordial World and the three worlds as spies.

“Four Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals.”

Lu Xiaoran pondered for a moment.

It was also not bad.
After all, although there were many Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals during the God Sealing Tribulation, most of them had been on the God Rankings and had become lackeys of the Heavenly Court.
There shouldn’t be many left.

Although it seemed that there were only four Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, in fact, with the total number of Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals in the Primordial World decreasing, their value was very obvious.

It was just like how after many brothels were forced to close down, the cost of a single prostitute would increase from 100 to 1700 yuan.

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Moreover, Tongtian was still very smart.
He had actually arranged for more than a hundred disciples to be spies in various places in the three worlds so that he would be able to collect more information in the future.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran picked up a cup of freshly brewed immortal tea and tasted it.

“What about the other factions in the Primordial World?”

“Hmm… According to our initial estimation, among the other sects in the Primordial World, there are about 30,000 to 50,000 Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals.”

Lu Xiaoran immediately spat out the tea he had just drunk.

After coughing twice, he ignored the discomfort in his throat and continued, “Why are there so many Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals in the Primordial World? Aren’t most Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals in the Heavenly Court?”

Luo Yang’s face was also somewhat embarrassed.

“Uh… Sect Master, it can’t be helped.
Times have changed.
In the past, there weren’t many Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, but ever since the calamity in the west, the world has completely stabilized.

“In the past, Saint Hongjun had yet to control the world, so he did not allow immortals to casually cultivate to the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm.
Therefore, he used the entire Heaven Dao laws to suppress the cultivation of the immortals.

“Now, the three worlds have already completely fallen into the hands of Saint Hongjun.
He is naturally willing to let go of the restrictions and let the immortals cultivate.

“This is because no matter how immortals cultivated, they are unable to escape Saint Hongjun’s control in the end.

“This is also the reason why there are so many Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals.

Um… he could not accept this reason.

He originally thought that Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals were already impressive enough.
In the end, Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals were everywhere, and there were as many Golden Immortals as there were dogs.

Previously, he thought that Tongtian had left him a good team.
However, now, it seemed that this was no different from not leaving anything for him.

Forget it, forget it.
He still had to rely on himself.

Fortunately, he had Wang Cai.

He had only advanced to the Immortal Realm and his disciples had yet to advance to the Immortal Realm, but the resources Wang Cai gave him were already almost comparable to the resources stored by Saint Tongtian.
It was already rather good!

If his disciples all advanced to the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm, he wondered what level of Dharma treasure Wang Cai would give him.

Moreover, with the barrier of Golden Ao Island and these high-level cultivators, he could also develop quickly and cultivate in a safe environment.

Thinking of this, Lu Xiaoran flicked his finger and threw a Postnatal spirit treasure into the other party’s hand.

“You’ve worked hard.
This is your reward.”

Luo Yang immediately knelt and thanked him after obtaining a Postnatal spirit treasure.

“Thank you for your reward, Sect Master.”

Although there were countless Postnatal spirit treasures, a Postnatal spirit treasure was still valuable.
Even though she was already a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal, she could not ignore the preciousness of this treasure.

“Inform all the disciples of Jie School to begin cultivating on the spot.
You don’t have to worry about the resources.
My request is very simple.
In these ten years, refine them as much as you can.”

It would be best if they could all cultivate to the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm!

“In addition, contact the spies in the outside world.
From now on, they have to report all the major events that have happened in the three worlds to Golden Ao Island in time.

Luo Yang’s heart trembled and he immediately cupped his hands.

After Luo Yang left, Lu Xiaoran summoned Yun Lige and the others, as well as a portion of the second-generation disciples.

“We’ve already arrived at the Primordial Land.
The cultivators here are powerful and far surpass our imagination.
Therefore, your cultivation mission is even more difficult.”

“Please instruct us what to do, Sect Master.”

“You’ve all cultivated the avatar technique, so from now on, immediately do your best to summon more avatars.”

“Your main body and most of your avatars will stay on Golden Ao Island to cultivate.
I will increase your cultivation speed by 30 times to ensure that you can cultivate to the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal Realm in the shortest time possible.

“Other than that, each of you will send one of your avatars to carry out the mission in the 3,000 worlds.

There were two reasons why Lu Xiaoran did not let the disciples of Golden Ao Island go despite them being stronger.

Firstly, the disciples of the Nameless Sect were all brought here by him and had been imprinted by him.
There was naturally no doubt about their loyalty.

The disciples of Jie School could naturally also enter their small worlds to increase their loyalty.

However, Lu Xiaoran did not want to bring them into his small world yet.

This was because they were Tongtian’s disciples and had incomparable faith in Tongtian.
If he directly absorbed them into his small world and forcefully changed their faith, who knew if Tongtian would know and fight him to the death?

In any case, he was the new sect master of Jie School appointed by Tongtian.
It was enough for him to have this identity to restrain them.

If Tongtian was furious and ran back to Golden Ao Island in the middle of the night… he would not be able to escape.

Secondly, the 3,000 worlds were all far inferior to the Immortal World.
If a large number of immortals were sent to the lower realm, they might be discovered by the Heaven Dao laws.

As for his disciples, because they were not branded in the three worlds, they would not be discovered.

It was like how a virgin was incomparable to someone who had given birth to many children.

Because of this, Lu Xiaoran prioritized the disciples of the Nameless Sect and got them to send their avatars.

Since they were only sending their avatars, it didn’t matter even if they died.
They would not have to worry about any losses.

In this way, the entire Golden Ao Island began a long development period of ten years!

On the other side, when the Saint phantom appeared on Golden Ao Island and Tongtian’s power sealed the entire island, the entire Primordial World trembled.

Countless extremely powerful existences flew out from their cultivation places and looked in the direction of Golden Ao Island.

“Floating clouds,a Saint phantom appearing on Golden Ao Island… What’s going on?”

“Could it be that there’s something going on in Jie School?”

“Could it be that the Golden Ao Island that has been silent for tens of thousands of years has finally lost its patience?”

For a moment, countless experts stepped onto Golden Ao Island.

However, when they arrived, they shockingly discovered that there were no additional fluctuations on Golden Ao Island.
There was only a golden barrier that had completely sealed Golden Ao Island.

“There’s the aura of a Saint on this defensive barrier.
It must have been established by Saint Tongtian.
However, I wonder what’s going on in Golden Ao Island.”

“Hmph! So what if he’s a Saint? Now that Tongtian is imprisoned in the Purple Cloud Palace, the world belongs to our Ren School and Chan School.
There’s no need to care about him.
Just shatter this light barrier and see what he’s planning!”

As he spoke, a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal had already attacked first!

He used a Nine Revolutions Star Soul Art and circulated the star aura of the world.
He condensed it in front of him and transformed it into an attack pillar that directly struck the golden light.

Unfortunately, when his attack entered the golden light, it was immediately useless.

“Damn, this sure is hard to break!”

Another Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal also used a righteous light technique to attack the golden light formation.

Unfortunately, his attack was no different from the previous Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

This golden light formation became stronger in everyone’s hearts.

Many people’s expressions were extremely solemn.

After taking a deep breath, the few Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals exchanged glances and attacked at the same time.

In an instant, a total of 400 attack pillars attacked the golden light formation in the entire sky!

Every pillar of light represented a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal!

The 400 pillars of light attacked the golden light in unison, but they were still like mud entering the sea.
No matter how many pillars of light there were, it did not affect the golden light formation at all.

Everyone’s expressions were solemn as they immediately communicated.

“Let’s work harder and summon more Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals! I don’t believe it! After all, Tongtian has already been imprisoned.
How can the array formation he set up overturn the heavens?”

“That’s right! Today, no matter what, we have to break this golden light formation.
We can’t let Jie School have any chance of development!”

However, just as everyone was about to summon more Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals, two words suddenly sounded from the golden light.

That was all the other party said, His tone was even extremely calm, and no anger could be heard!

However, after it erupted, the 400 attack pillars actually exploded and shattered at the same time!

The space outside Golden Ao Island was directly shattered at this moment!

The pupils of the 400 Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals constricted, and the hair on their bodies began to stand on end!

This was what almost every Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal thought!

However, even though they wanted to escape, the speed of this sound wave was even faster!

Almost in an instant, the sound wave caught up to the 400 Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals!

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