Chapter 45 Zhishui Peak Is Full of Monsters

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After lecturing the three disciples, Lu Xiaoran set up a spirit energy formation on Zhishui Peak.
It was specially used to increase the spirit energy to ensure that Yun Lige and the other two could absorb the spirit

energy faster.

After setting this up, Lu Xiaoran finally returned to his room and began to cultivate.

The combined cultivation speed of Yun Lige and the other two was not as fast as his own.

Coupled with the cultivation of the three of them and his own cultivation, he wanted to see if he could break through to the Essence Realm before heading to the Black Tortoise True Sect.

“It’s said that those at the Essence Realm can mix the earth, water, wind, and fire.
They have multiple strengths.
I wonder how powerful they are…”

As he spoke, Lu Xiaoran sat cross-legged and fell into meditation cultivation.

Time passed quickly.
In the blink of an eye, it was already night.
Li Daoran woke up in a daze.

He shook his head fiercely and shook away the dizziness in his head.
Then, he slowly stood up and buttoned his shirt as he opened the room door.


Li Daoran burped and looked outside.
There was mist everywhere.

“Eh, why is there a mist? The environment on Zhishui Peak is not good.
It’s not as good as my peak.”

After muttering, Li Daoran walked out the door.
A chill attacked him.
Not only did it not make him feel cold, but it was also absorbed into his body, making him feel refreshed.


Li Daoran was stunned and suddenly woke up.
He rubbed his eyes fiercely and looked forward.

“Damn, this isn’t mist.
This is spirit energy! Because there’s too much spirit energy gathered, it formed a mist.
Did Old Lu set up an array formation to cultivate? He sure works hard.”

Li Daoran placed his hands behind his back and walked down the mountain.

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“I wonder why Old Lu cultivates so hard all day? We’re all ordinary people.
Cultivation just needs to be done casually.
Without talent, you won’t be able to reach that realm no matter how hard you cultivate.”

Not long after he finished speaking, he saw a figure standing proudly with a spear in the white fog.

“Eh? That figure looks a little familiar.
Isn’t that Old Lu’s eldest disciple, Yun Lige?”

“Tsk tsk, it’s already so late, but he’s still cultivating outside.
He’s quite serious.
Old Lu’s disciple is just like him.”

Li Daoran sighed faintly and evaluated,

“This child, Yun Lige, seems to have been beaten until his meridians are all broken.
Even if Old Lu helps him repair his meridians, it’s impossible for him to make much progress.
With his current cultivation, it’s already

not bad for him to be able to break through to the second or third level of the Body Refining Realm.”

As he spoke, Yun Lige suddenly opened his eyes.
Two bolts of lightning shot out, shooting straight towards the tree not far away.

Immediately after, his spear shot out like a dragon.


Yun Lige shouted and waved the spear in his hand.
A sharp beam swept out like a meteor.
In an instant, it slashed out a huge ravine more than 200 meters wide.


Li Daoran’s eyes widened, and his jaw almost fell out of shock.

Yun Lige’s attack was actually stronger than his?

Was there a mistake?

Wasn’t Yun Lige a good-for-nothing with severed meridians? How could he have such powerful means and strength?

He had only been in the Heaven Demon Sect for a few months? Even if he cultivated diligently, wasn’t it impossible for him to cultivate so quickly?

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Something was wrong.
Something was very wrong.

Li Daoran’s pupils constricted.

Could it be that Yun Lige was a spy? Could he have been appointed by others to specially set up in the Heaven Demon Sect as a spy?

“No, I have to go back quickly and tell Old Lu.”

He hurriedly ran back.
He had not walked far when he saw a perfect figure standing hundreds of meters away.

“Is that Ji Wuxia? She’s actually cultivating at night?”

Out of curiosity, Li Daoran quietly approached and stared.

At the beginning, Ji Wuxia shouted softly as a ten-meter-tall phoenix phantom appeared behind her.

As the phoenix flapped its wings, all the mist formed by the spirit energy in front of it was stirred up like a hurricane.


Li Daoran trembled in fear again.
Yun Lige’s cultivation was already very abnormal.
In the end, another Ji Wuxia appeared who was even more abnormal than him?

“I better run!”

He did not dare to be careless at all and immediately escaped to Lu Xiaoran’s house.

At this moment, with a violent explosion, a small house not far away was suddenly broken through by a golden light.
Immediately after, Li Daoran saw a huge golden giant step out from the house.

The cultivation of the other party had actually surpassed his cultivation by an entire realm and had already reached the Mountain Sea Realm!


The consecutive terrifying attacks made Li Daoran completely collapse.
He staggered and actually fainted from fear.

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After a while or a long time, Li Daoran heard a voice in his ear and woke up ina daze.

“Is Uncle-Master Li alright?”

“Will he die?”

“He should be fine.
After all, Uncle-Master Li is not an ordinary person.”

When Li Daoran slowly opened his eyes, he saw Yun Lige and the other two.

The eight eyes looked at each other, and the air was silent for a moment.

After a while, Yun Lige finally smiled and said,

“Uncle-Master Li, are you alright?”

“Stop, don’t come near me.
Get away from me.”

Li Daoran took a defensive posture, making Yun Lige somewhat embarrassed.

He touched his nose and immediately said,

“Uncle-Master Li, what’s wrong? I’m Lige.”

Li Daoran was filled with vigilance.

“Il want to see Xiaoran.
Get Xiaoran to see me.”

“But our master just went into seclusion.”

“I don’t care.
Other than Xiaoran, none of you are to come forward.
Otherwise, I’ll fight you to the death.
Don’t blame me for being heartless.”

The three of them looked at each other, not knowing what Li Daoran was doing.

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Just as they were feeling conflicted, Lu Xiaoran’s voice suddenly sounded from behind.

“You guys can leave.”


The three of them turned around and bowed.
As for Li Daoran, he immediately circled around the three of them and pounced behind Lu Xiaoran.

“Old Lu, let me tell you.
You have three spies on Zhishui Peak!”

Lu Xiaoran’s eyes moved slightly as he signaled to Yun Lige and the other two.
The three of them immediately retreated.

Then, Li Daoran continued,

“Let me tell you.
Your three disciples have very high cultivation levels.
Their cultivation is even higher than ours.
The might of that Yun Lige’s spear is definitely not inferior to the fifth level Spirit Realm.
Also, there’s

that Ji Wuxia and her huge phoenix phantom… I’ve never seen a cultivation technique of that level.”

“The most terrifying one is your youngest disciple, Fang Tianyuan.
According to a conservative estimate, his cultivation level should also be at the Mountain Sea Realm!”.

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