Chapter 57 This Is Kind of Addictive

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Under normal circumstances, the hot shots would not be praised like this.

This was because the hot shots would be looked down upon by others.
At first, the others would tend to suck up to others and ignore the hot shots.
In fact, they might even humiliate the hot shots.

However, once the hot shots revealed their strength, people would immediately suck up to them!

It was obvious that Xiao Bei had already won two rounds of first place.
These passersby had probably already shifted their attitudes and started sucking up to him.

At this moment, even the sect master and the others beside Lu Xiaoran began to praise him.

“Master Xiao is really a rare genius! Thinking back two days ago, no one took him seriously.
However, I didn’t expect that in just two days, he had already become the focus of everyone’s attention.”

“He’s more than a rare genius.
Ever since the Great Zhou Empire was established, it seems that there has never been any record of someone like him who can look down on everyone at a young age with his attainments in array formations.
Which one of the people who came here wasn’t a top-notch array formation master of their sects? Unfortunately, all of them were defeated by him.”

“What’s even more praiseworthy is that his cultivation is also very powerful.
Moreover, he’s decisive in killing.
Two days ago, just because someone mocked him, he killed the other party with a single punch! I still remember the impact of that punch even now.”

Lu Xiaoran automatically blocked these bootlickers beside him.

At this moment, he had already begun to investigate the other party’s cultivation.

“Perfected Tenth Level Mountain Sea Realm.
This brat’s cultivation level is clearly at the Mountain Sea Realm, but he wants to disguise himself as a Spirit Realm expert.
Moreover, as a hot shot, he has always been able to fight those at a higher level.
His true combat strength should at least be at the tenth level of the Soul Refinement Realm!”

“This is only in terms of cultivation.
Other than that, his methods must be endless.
Looks like I should think of a way to understand his information.”

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Lu Xiaoran secretly decided.

This Xiao Bei was an extremely dangerous person.
He had to be on the Avengers Alliance’s kill list.

He had already grown to the tenth level of the Mountain Sea Realm.
If he was given a little more time, he would probably grow to the tenth level of the Soul Refinement Realm.
By the time he reached the tenth level of the Void Reversion Realm, coupled with his combat characteristics and the gradually increasing number of techniques, even he would probably be helpless against him.

However, before investigating him carefully, Lu Xiaoran would not attack him.

As if sensing that he was being stared at, Xiao Bei also swept his gaze over.

His gaze met Lu Xiaoran’s.

At that moment, a golden electric arc flashed in his pupils.

“Trash at the third level of the Spirit Realm?”

Then, he no longer looked at Lu Xiaoran.

It was as if a mere third level Spirit Realm trash was not worthy of his attention.

Lu Xiaoran rubbed his eyebrows speechlessly in the face of this arrogance.

As expected of a hot shot, his posturing was indeed perfect.
The other party had only taken a look at him and then completely ignored him.
It was as if he was just a small character.

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However, in fact, the other party had just used an extremely powerful eye technique and still failed to see through Lu Xiaoran’s disguise.

This was also because he was a hot shot.
If it were anyone else, they might have long been smashed apart by a punch.

Lu Xiaoran did not care either.

For a hot shot like the other party, not only did he have endless means, but he was also very popular.

If Lu Xiaoran made a move to suppress him now, his strength would probably be enough.

However, that would expose his secret.
At the same time, some Grand Elder of the Black Tortoise True Sect might run out and say that the other party was his disciple before Lu Xiaoran could kill the other party.

Then, he would fight a huge battle with him.
The two sides would fight to a draw.
In the end, Xiao Bei would also challenge him in front of the entire world.

Xiao Bei would probably challenge him to a fight in three to five years.
If Lu Xiaoran was not a transmigrator, his IQ would inexplicably decrease and he would agree to it.

With this agreement, he was doomed.
He could not attack Xiao Bei.
He was also furious and could only send his trusted subordinates to help Xiao Bei grow stronger.

In the end, when Xiao Bei matured successfully, Xiao Bei would come and unleash a peerless attack on him.

Although he did not understand why those idiotic supporting roles always had to support a pretentious and arrogant main character who always looked down on everyone, there was nothing he could do about it.

At this moment, the array masters of the various sects had already gradually begun to enter the competition ground.

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Lu Xiaoran was no exception.

His attention was no longer on Xiao Bei.

Xiao Bei was not a god.
Lu Xiaoran would not keep an eye on him from the beginning to the end.

His divine sense had already projected onto the scene.

This scene made an elder on the high platform with his eyes closed suddenly open.
His cultivation was already at the first level of the Essence Realm, so he was in charge of guarding the place.

However, Lu Xiaoran’s cultivation was above his.
Even though he sensed that it seemed like someone was releasing their divine sense, he was unable to deduce who it was.

Was it the genius from Jiangbei?

He turned his gaze to Xiao Bei.
He knew that Xiao Bei was hiding something.
After all, the difference in their cultivation levels was huge, and Xiao Bei could not easily hide it from him.

However, although he was unable to completely see through Xiao Bei, he more or less knew that this divine sense was definitely not Xiao Bei’s.

He knew the other party did not have the strength.

In the end, he could only shake his head and continue to close his eyes to rest.

The main examiner of the Black Tortoise True Sect also began to announce the start of the competition.

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“On the first day, we compete in the basic array formation, the Spirit Gathering Formation!”

“On the second day, we competed in the simplest illusion formation.”

“Today, we’re competing in the defensive array formation.”

“Next, the competition begins.”

The array masters began to set up the array formation.
Xiao Bei took a deep breath and said,

“Master, back then, you were forced to die.
Even if Bei’er became a Martial Monarch Realm expert and killed all of your enemies, I was still unable to revive you.
However, Bei’er was lucky enough to live another life.
This time, Bei’er will win the first place in this array formation competition and enter the Black Tortoise True Sect.
At that time, I’ll propose to Master.”

“In this life, Bei’er will protect you! No one will dare to harm you again!”

Lu Xiaoran could not help but scoff when he heard these words.
What was he pretending to be innocent for? In Jiang City, Xiao Bei had already stolen his disciple’s fiancée, so why was he bringing this up now? He was actually trying to start a harem, but he still said that he would protect her and not harm her.
Wasn’t this disgusting? If you really like your master, you can just focus on her and marry her.
Why did you have to provoke other women? Indeed, the hot shots were all extremely arrogant and stupid.

Moreover, the other party had the ability to reduce the intelligence of those around him.
His master would probably be coaxed to be his concubine sooner or later.

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