Chapter 72 Lu Xiaoran’s Method

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“Re… rebirth of a Martial Monarch Realm expert?!”

The three of them could not help but tremble.

A Martial Monarch Realm expert!

That was a legendary existence that they did not even dare to imagine.
As for Xiao Bei, he was actually the legendary Martial Monarch Realm expert who had been reborn.
It was no wonder that he had advanced from a young master of a poor family to such a powerful strength in such a short period of time and was able to instantly kill the Yun family.


Fang Tianyuan swallowed hard.

“Master, is this the strength of a hot shot? Isn’t this too powerful?”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and said, “It’s alright.
He isn’t that impressive.
There are many hot shots that used to be a Martial Monarch Realm expert in another life but only end up as an ordinary character in their new life.
After all, he only has the cultivation memories and experience of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
He still has to cultivate bit by bit from a newbie.” The three of their faces could not help but twitch fiercely.

You call this not impressive?

How powerful was an impressive hot shot?

Could he be a Martial Monarch Realm expert from the beginning?

After being shocked for a moment, the few of them continued to read on.

Seeing the second piece of information, everyone’s faces could not help but twitch fiercely.

According to a conservative estimation, Xiao Bei had at least two cultivation techniques above the Martial Monarch Realm.

Was there a mistake somewhere?

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They each only had one, alright? In the end, this Xiao Bei actually obtained several Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques.
Wasn’t this too monstrous? However, thinking about it carefully, Xiao Bei was still the reincarnation of a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
It seemed to be more reasonable for him to have a few Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques.

The few of them continued to read on.

He had a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

The few of them were immediately petrified on the spot.

Was this a joke?

A Martial Monarch Realm weapon!

A Martial Monarch Realm weapon!

That was a legendary existence.
Even a current Martial Monarch Realm expert like his master only had a single Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
This Xiao Bei had just been resurrected and already had a Martial Monarch Realm weapon?

Was there any justice in this world?

The few of them did not know that Lu Xiaoran was not a Martial Monarch Realm expert.
Moreover, Lu Xiaoran had more than one Martial Monarch Realm weapon.

Otherwise, they would all be riled up.

At this moment, they were all shocked speechless by Xiao Bei’s information.

The few of them forced themselves to continue reading the last page.

Xiao Bei’s current cultivation level was at the perfected tenth level of the Mountain Sea Realm.

Due to the fact that he was once a Martial Monarch Realm expert, it was estimated that he could fight someone a realm higher than him without using a Martial Monarch Realm weapon.
He was equivalent to being at the perfected tenth level of the Soul Refinement Realm.

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The few of them completely collapsed.

“Master, how can we fight him? We can’t beat him.
We really can’t.”

“A Martial Monarch Realm cultivation technique can cancel each other out, but what about his Martial Monarch Realm weapon? Moreover, the other party can fight someone above his realm level with his bare hands.
We also have Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques, but at most, we can only fight above two realm levels.
Most importantly, the other party’s basic cultivation is already stronger than ours.”

Lu Xiaoran glanced at the few of them.

“Look at how cowardly the three of you are.
Are you admitting defeat just like that? Do you have any future left? You can’t even beat this simplest hot shot.
Do you still want to deal with the other hot shots? I think you should all shave your heads.
Let’s all become monks and not fight.
We definitely don’t have to deal with hot shots.”

Ji Wuxia said helplessly,

“Master, it’s not that we want to act cowardly.
The difference is simply too great.
He’s Senior Brother Yun’s mortal enemy.
Senior Brother Yun will definitely be the one to destroy him.”

However, Senior Brother Yun’s current cultivation level was only at the first level of the Mountain Sea Realm.
His cultivation level isas not even enough to reach the other party’s basic cultivation level, let alone fight the other party at his full strength?

I think Master should be the one to kill this Xiao Bei.”

Lu Xiaoran waved his hand.

“Of course I know what you’re talking about.
However, don’t worry.
I never fight a battle I’m not confident in.
Moreover, Lige’s revenge will be taken by him himself.
I don’t have to do anything.”

“First of all, Xiao Bei definitely wouldn’t dare to use his Martial Monarch Realm weapon in public.
Once the secret of the Martial Monarch Realm weapon is leaked, I’m afraid the entire world will want him dead.”

“Secondly, since he came out of the Black Tortoise True Sect, he will probably be pursued by the Demon Sect until his death.
In his weakened state, his cultivation in the battle won’t be able to surpass another realm.”

“Lastly, I’ll help the three of you increase your cultivation level one time without any side effects to ensure that you can resist Xiao Bei.”

The three of them looked at Lu Xiaoran doubtfully.

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After all, aside from the first thing he said, everything he said was simply too mysterious.

It was not that they were unwilling to believe their master.
It was definitely not a problem for their master to fight Xiao Bei.

However… just by looking at Xiao Bei’s resume, they were already trembling in fear.
How could they dare to fight him?

Lu Xiaoran shook his head helplessly.

“You guys are just too unconfident.
With me as your backup, what are you afraid of?”

With that said, he took out three Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pills.



Sensing the pressure transmitted from the Martial Monarch Realm Blood Pill, the three of them immediately felt their scalps turn numb.
“What powerful pressure! This medicinal pill can actually have such a powerful pressure? Is this a joke?” “Too powerful.
This has already surpassed the scope of ordinary medicinal pills, right?”

Lu Xiaoran nodded and spread his hand, removing the suppression of his cultivation technique.
The three medicinal pills instantly seemed to have come to life and scattered around the room.

“Heavens, this medicinal pill… can actually fly?”

Yun Lige and Fang Tianyuan were both dumbfounded.

Ji Wuxia’s heart trembled as if she had recalled something

“It’s a Martial Monarch Realm Pill! This is a Martial Monarch Realm Pill!”

“What? Martial Monarch Realm Pill!”

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Hearing Ji Wuxia’s words, Yun Lige and Lu Xiaoran exclaimed in shock, their jaws almost dropping “Master… Master, is this a Martial Monarch Realm Pill?”

Yun Lige asked in disbelief.

After all, Martial Monarch Realm pills were simply too rare.
It could even be said that they were even rarer than Martial Monarch Realm weapons, Martial Monarch Realm cultivation techniques, Martial Monarch Realm formations, and so on.

This was because those things could spread far and wide.

They would not lose their spirit energy or expose themselves.
They had their own independent consciousness and could also attack and protect themselves.
Among them, Martial Monarch Realm Pills were the most monstrous existences, but they were also the ones that could disappear the most easily.

Its spirit energy would disappear over time, or it would be stolen and consumed.
This would all lead to the world losing another Martial Monarch Realm Pill.

However, now, not only had his master taken them out, but he had also taken out three at once.

This was simply inhumane!

At this moment, the three of them respected Lu Xiaoran as if he was a god.

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