“Master, don’t you want to be happy?”

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“My happiness is unimportant.
Teaching and nurturing people is a big matter.
In order to nurture better talent, I should put my personal happiness behind me.”

“Where’s the SS-level disciple?”

“At the Great Zhou’s Purple Peace Imperial Palace.”

“Wang Cai, that’s too far away.
I don’t want to go.
The mountains are high and the rivers are long.
What if I encounter any trouble or powerful enemies and die?”

“Uh… if Master doesn’t want to go, there are other ways to do it.
After all, she’s only an SS-level disciple, I can use Soul Guidance.
Once Soul Guidance is activated, I can attract her to the Heaven Demon Sect.
In that case, Master can recruit her.”

“Then let’s activate Soul Guidance.”

A few days later, a hundred miles away from the Heaven Demon Sect, two beautiful figures flew over quickly like two streams of light.

“Princess Wu Xia, slow down.
We’re not far from the Heaven Demon Sect.”

However, this did not slow the other party down.

“Granny Li, I can’t stop.
A voice told me that I have to go to the Heaven Demon Sect.
There’s an opportunity there that can change my fate.
Missing this opportunity will be my life’s regret.”

Granny Li sighed faintly, and her eyes could not help but reveal a trace of heartache.

As the illegitimate daughter of the Imperial Palace, Ji Wuxia was a hundred times more hardworking than any prince or princess in the Imperial Palace.

In order to live up to her status as a princess, she had worked hard all the time.

The hard work she had put in had finally paid off.
She was gradually recognized by the people of the Imperial Palace.

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Originally, as long as she did this, she would one day shed her ugly duckling appearance and become a true princess of the Great Zhou Empire’s Purple Peace Imperial Palace.

However, the appearance of that matter instantly destroyed all her efforts.

Overnight, she became the laughing stock of the entire Imperial Palace.

However, she was not defeated.
Instead, she worked even harder.
Other than eating, she cultivated, cultivated, and cultivated every day.

Even a man might not be able to do this.
Moreover, she was only a delicate girl!

She originally did not have to work so hard.
Even though she was mocked by everyone in the Imperial Palace, she was still the daughter of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.
There were still countless young geniuses in the Great Zhou who wanted to pursue her.

However, she still worked hard.

She fought hard to prove the others wrong.

The two of them rushed forward and quickly arrived at the Heaven Demon Sect.

Because of their strength, the two of them did not stop at the mountain gate.
Instead, they directly flew past the mountain gate and entered the Heaven Demon Sect.

The two of them did not inform the Heaven Demon Sect.
Although the entire Heaven Demon Sect would definitely respectfully welcome her in with her identity as the princess of the Great Zhou, they still decided to go in secretly.
After all, they were worried that the senior would be angry at them for making a scene.

Since he could travel such a long distance to convey his faith, it must be because he did not want others to know about this.

“Miss, there are so many peaks in the Heaven Demon Sect.
Do you know which peak it is?”

Wu Xia closed her eyes and calmly listened to the voice in her heart.
In the end, she opened her eyes and flew in a direction.
The old nanny followed closely behind.

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The two of them quickly arrived at Zhishui Peak.

The old nanny frowned slightly and said, “Princess, before I came, I investigated the Heaven Demon Sect.
Zhishui Peak is an extremely ordinary peak among the three hundred and twenty peaks of the Heaven Demon Sect.
Not only that, the peak master of Zhishui Peak, Lu Xiaoran, is also an extremely ordinary cultivator.
Perhaps his cultivation is even lower than yours.”

Despite this, Ji Wuxia still responded with a firm gaze,

“It’s here, it must be here.
I sense that the person who called me is on this mountain!”

“Alright, in that case, I’ll accompany Miss.”

In any case, with her cultivation, protecting the princess was not a problem.

The two of them could sense that Zhishui Peak was protected by an array formation, so they did not fly from the sky.

Although they were not afraid of the Heaven Demon Sect, it was still not worth it to provoke them.

As soon as they landed, the two of them noticed the inscription Lu Xiaoran had set.

“The forbidden area of Zhishui Peak.
No one is allowed to enter.
Enter at your own risk.”

After reading it softly, Granny Li couldn’t help but shake her head and smile.

“This peak master of Zhishui Peak… what an arrogant tone.
A mere peak master actually dares to say such arrogant words.”

“Perhaps it was Lord Lu Feng who established it for the disciples of the Heaven Demon Sect?”

Ji Wuxia said indifferently, and Granny Li retracted her smile.

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“That’s right.
No matter how poor this Peak Master Lu’s cultivation is, he’s still a respectable figure in the Heaven Demon Sect.
To those Heaven Demon Sect disciples, he’s not someone they can casually provoke.
However, to people of our level, his prohibition seems like a joke.”

“Although that’s the case, we’re still the ones who are trespassing on other people’s territory.
Granny Li, remember not to injure anyone.
You also can’t bully others just because I’m the princess of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace.”

Granny Li did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

“Got it, my little princess.”

However, she also felt very impressed.

Although Ji Wuxia pursued strength, her nature was not bad.
She would not bully others because of her status.

This was very rare for a person with an extremely high status and strength.

Ji Wuxia was the first to step into the array formation.
Granny Li followed closely behind.

As soon as the two of them stepped into the array, Lu Xiaoran instantly sensed them.

The Eight Trigrams Sky Sealing Formation was controlled by his thoughts and had naturally become a part of him.

“Eh? Someone really came knocking on my door.
Wang Cai, this soul guidance of yours is quite useful.
It’s like a radio.
Give me a copy of her information and let me see who she is.”

Wang Cai immediately produced a document for Lu Xiaoran to check.

“Ji Wuxia, at the peak of the Spirit Realm.
An illegitimate daughter of the Purple Peace Imperial Palace of the Great Zhou Empire.
When she was young, she wandered among the commoners and was engaged to a young man.
After that, she was found by King Purple Peace and her identity and status changed drastically.
The Purple Peace Imperial Palace forcefully ordered Ji Wuxia to cancel the engagement.
Unexpectedly, three years later, the other party came to challenge Ji Wuxia and defeated her, making Ji Wuxia become the laughing stock of the Imperial Palace.”

“Why is this plot so familiar?”

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“Wang Cai, this is another villain, right? I beg you to show mercy.
Can’t you find a hot shot for me?”

“Master, all the hot shots are arrogant and rebellious.
It’s impossible for them to stay under others for long.
Even if they enter the sect, they will definitely surpass you in the future.
Master, are you willing to be a dog?”

It’s better for you to be the dog.”

Lu Xiaoran would rather kill himself than to become a dog for those brainless, self-righteous protagonists.

After Ji Wuxia and Granny Li stepped into the array formation, they were no longer disturbed by external forces.
There were also no traps or attack formations.
Even with their martial artist’s sixth sense, they could not sense any danger.
They could not help but feel somewhat speechless towards Lu Xiaoran’s inscription.

“I originally thought that the peak master of Zhishui Peak would set up one or two array formations.
Now, it seems that I’m thinking too highly of him.”

Ji Wuxia smiled faintly and said, “Granny Li, this place is not like our Imperial Palace.
The Heaven Demon Sect is very small and lacks resources.
There’s no need to build any array formations in the sect.”

After a while, the two of them gradually felt that something was wrong.

They were indeed walking.
The scenery around them was also gradually regressing.

However, according to the strength of their feet, they should have reached the peak long ago.

In reality, the two of them were still at the foot of the mountain.

“Princess, something’s wrong.”

Granny Li, whose cultivation level had reached the Creation Realm, was the first to discover the abnormality.

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