Caring for Spiritual Plants

After each of the new disciples were registered in the sect’s ledger, six drops of spiritual power fell from the spiritual text to form their six identity tokens.
From the point on, Tianxuan Sect’s defensive formations and barriers would recognize them.

With that, the entrance ceremony was completed.

Liu Weiming stepped forward to distribute the identity tokens to each of the juniors, and explained how they could use them to communicate.

“You only need to input your own spiritual power on the other person’s identity token, and then you’ll be able to contact each other in the future.”

After Liu Weiming’s words fell, Chu Qi’s eyes blurred.
When they came back into focus, he saw that there was an identity token engraved with the words ‘Yan Jiuge’ in front of him.

“Let’s exchange.” Yan Jiuge said concisely.

So he just wanted to exchange contact information.

Chu Qi took the identity token belonging to Yan Jiuge and handed his own to him, “Here you are.”

Tianxuan Sect’s identity token was made from dark wood, with black iron banding patterns on the edges.
It wasn’t particularly heavy, but it still had a certain weight to it.

Chu Qi was only in the early stage of Qi Refining.
He still needed to concentrate for a while before he could mobilize his spiritual power.

After putting in his spiritual power in Yan Jiuge’s token, Chu Qi found that Yan Jiuge had already finished and was waiting for him.

Yan Jiuge’s eyes dropped slightly.
It seemed like his gaze was on the tips of his ears, and he looked to be in a daze, thinking about who-knows-what.

“I’m done.” Chu Qi handed back the identity token.

“Me too.” Yan Jiuge snapped out of it.

While the two of them were exchanging contact information, a lot of people gathered around them.
All of them were their shixiong and shijie who were curious about the new disciples.

As more and more people gathered, suddenly a voice came from the crowd, with a respectful tone they said, “This disciple has met the Sect Head.”

Immediately, the surroundings became quiet and the crowd parted.

The Tianxuan Sect Head had come down from the main hall at some point, and was now walking in the direction of Chu Qi.

“This disciple has met the Sect Head.” Chu Qi, Yan Jiuge, and the others also greeted him.

The Tianxuan Sect Head was a great master in the Void Refinement stage.
His dao was the Way of Heaven and Earth, and he was an upright and rigorous man.
In his last life, Chu Qi had a good impression of this Sect Head.

“You don’t need to be polite.” The seriousness within the furrow of his eyebrows eased, “Elder Ming told me about the expansion of the medical fields.
Our Tianxuan Sect has not recruited medical cultivators for many years.
Now that you are in the sect, if there’s anything you need, just ask.”

He directed the second half of his words towards Chu Qi.

Elder Ming had also told Chu Qi about the expansion of the medical fields.

However, Chu Qi recalled how Bai Xuan-shijie talked about the difficulties with taking care of the spiritual plants.
He couldn’t help but say, “Thank you for your care.
This disciple has only just started as a medical cultivator.
Right now, I do not know if I have the stamina to take care of the fields we already have.
Could we delay the expansion of the fields for a while?”

“Of course.” He didn’t act arrogantly because of his good talent, and was humble and polite.
He would certainly become a good weapon.

The Tianxuan Sect Head looked at Chu Qi with a little more appreciation, “It’s up to you to decide.
Just learn from Elder Qingyue’s medical cultivation methods.
If you find that you lack alchemist cauldrons or some other thing, you can go to Yuxiu Peak’s Treasure Pavilion to get it.
Take this jade talisman.”

The Sect Head raised his hand, revealing a jade talisman in his palm, and he handed it to Chu Qi.

With this jade talisman, most of the items in the Treasure Pavilion could be freely used by Chu Qi.

Chu Qi accepted the talisman, “Thank you, Sect Head.”

He would have to dedicate himself to studying medicine so that he could live up to the expectations of his sect and the potential of his new spiritual roots.

“You’re welcome.
You are now my Tianxuan Sect’s disciple.
I have only done what should be done.”

There were many sects that practiced medical cultivation, and their Tianxuan Sect was not as good as them in this aspect.
Setting that aside however, their Tianxuan Sect had a lot of things they didn’t.

After the Sect Head finished what he had to say, he left.
With him around, the rest of the disciples would be very cautious.
The Sect Head was well aware of this fact, so he wouldn’t linger if he didn’t have anything to do.

After the Sect Head left, the surrounding atmosphere relaxed.

As all the sword cultivators were thinking about how to get the contact information of the medical cultivator-shidi, they felt the pressure of a Nascent Soul stage cultivator from behind them.

They turned and saw a shijie in the robes of a medical cultivator, holding a spiritual sword in her hands, and looking at them with furrowed brows, “Make way.
I will be taking my shidi back to Zhongling Peak.”

All the sword cultivators: “…”

Although a little dazed, they still had the sense to make way for the medical cultivator-shijie.

There were rumors in Tianxuan Sect about how when this medical cultivator-shijie left the sect to gain experience, she used her spiritual sword to teach those ignorant sword cultivators from Fuyao Palace and Qingling Sect a lesson.

To this day, people in the Yunhua Realm still speak about this medical cultivator-shijie’s actions from back then.
These sword cultivators needed to be sensible.

“Shidi, it’s time to go back to Zhongling Peak to study.”

Bai Xuan made her way through the parted crowd of sword cultivators to pick up her shidi.

“I understand, Bai Xuan-shijie.”

Her xiao-shidi responded, but his feet did not move.

He turned his head and whispered softly into the ear of the sword cultivator next to him, “My shijie is calling me.
I’ll be going back to Zhongling Peak first.”

“Okay, ba.” The sword cultivator in black and white robes was not very happy.

He didn’t get to see him for the whole day yesterday, and today he was only able to exchange a few words before they had to separate again.
Yan Jiuge didn’t fully understand what he was feeling inside, but he knew that he wasn’t very happy.

Chu Qi’s voice continued, “After I finish today, I’ll send you a message.”

He still didn’t know where Yan Jiuge lived.
Fortunately, the two had already exchanged contact info, so it was very convenient for them to chat.

Hearing what Chu Qi said, a look of surprise flashed through Yan Jiuge’s eyes, and he quickly nodded, “Okay.”

At the side, Bai Xuan, who had witnessed the whole thing, was full of doubts, “?”

It had only been how long? She was really surprised that a sword cultivator wanted to get her shidi’s contact information.

She kept quiet until they were sat on the white Luan’s back and on their way to Zhongling Peak.

“Shidi, who was that sword cultivator just now? What’s he like?”

“He’s my… friend.” Chu Qi stopped himself from saying ‘elder brother’ in time, then continued, “He’s pretty nice.
He has a cold face, but he’s kind at heart.” It’s just that sometimes his words weren’t pleasant to listen to.

“So that’s how it is.
That’s good.” Bai Xuan felt relieved and warned him, “You must remember that you are a medical cultivator before you are a swordsman. Shijie won’t say too much, but be careful when making friends.
Don’t get involved with unruly people.”

“I understand.
Thank you, shijie, for your concern.”

“Don’t mention it.
If you have time in the future, you can also go to Wenjian Peak to learn the basic sword forms.
It will be useful when you go out to gain experience in the future.”

When the time comes, I will go to Wenjian Peak to learn swordsmanship.” Chu Qi nodded.
In fact, he already knew the basic sword forms of Tianxuan Sect, but if he wanted to use them, he would have to go to Wenjian Peak to ‘learn’ it.

Half an hour later, the white Luan arrived at Zhongling Peak.

To Chu Qi’s surprise, when they came back this time, there was a figure standing in front of the medical fields, waiting for them.

“Shifu! Our family’s old man is finally out of seclusion.” Bai Xuan’s eyes lit up as she stood next to Chu Qi.
She pulled him over and introduced, “This is our Zhongling Peak’s xiao-shidi, he came yesterday while you were in closed-door cultivation.”

“Shidi, this is our shifu, Elder Qingyue.”

“Disciple Chu Qi greets Elder Qingyue.” Chu Qi bowed in the direction of Elder Qingyue and saluted.
There was a rule in Tianxuan Sect that unless you were a direct disciple, you could not call an Elder shifu.

But in all of Tianxuan Sect, only Elder Qingyue taught the medical cultivators.
Bai Xuan had long accepted this point.

“If you don’t mind, you can just call me shifu like Bai Xuan does.
We really don’t have that many medical cultivators in Zhongling Peak.: Elder Qingyue said.

“This disciple greets shifu.” Chu Qi shouted in accordance to Elder Qingyue’s words.

“Come here.” Elder Qingyue waved his hand, signaling for the two of them to come closer.
“This Master will show you how to water the medicinal plants first, Bai Xuan will help.
Chu Qi, you can just watch from the side for now.
It’s a bit trivial.”

When he walked up closer to him, Chu Qi got a better look at Elder Qingyue’s appearance.
Though he had white hair and a white beard, there were no wrinkles on his skin.
If he were to shave his beard and dye his hair, he would appear to be quite young.
All cultivators were able to retain their youthful looks, so even those cultivators who seemed to be aging may not actually be all that old.

Their two mu of medicinal fields on Zhongling Peak were planted with various medicinal plants, some of which had a visible aura around them.
You could tell how precious they were just by looking.

Following Elder Qingyue’s instructions, Chu Qi chose a place to stand at the edge of the field.
The spiritual plants in front of him had white flower buds, which looked very cute even without being in full bloom.

“For watering, some of the spiritual plants need to be watered every day, while others only need to be watered every two or three days.
Wood spiritual roots are deeply loved by medicinal plants.
Chu Qi, if you feel bored just watching, you can try injecting some spiritual power into them.
They’ll be happy if you— wait, what’s that smell?”

The sound of Elder Qinyue explaining the principles of caring for the spiritual plants to Chu Qi came to an abrupt end.
The tip of his nose twitched, and his expression was full of doubt, “How can there be the aroma of the White Snow flowers?”

Although they had planted some White Snow seedlings in this medicinal field, there were still two or three more months before the flowers would bloom.
At this time of year, there shouldn’t be any of the flower’s fragrance.

Elder Qingyue paid very close attention to the growth of these spiritual plants every day, treating them like treasures.

“Oh, Heavens, ah! Shifu! All the White Snow flowers are blooming!”

Standing beside Elder Qingyue, Bai Xuan, who was carrying a jade pot of spiritual water, had also stopped because of the sudden aroma.
She had turned her head to look at her shidi, but she was met with the scene of flourishing White Snow flowers swaying gracefully at the edge of the medicinal field.


Elder Qingyue’s eyes widened.
In the blink of an eye, he appeared at the edge of the field, standing in front of the blooming White Snow flowers, carefully inspecting this wonderful scene.

“Ai! The White Snow flowers are blooming very well this time! Not to mention their abundance of spiritual power is twice as strong as usual!!! We must quickly pick them and lay them out to dry!”

As Elder Qingyue finished speaking excitedly, he turned around and was about to go to his yard to get the medicine basket to collect the flowers, but his eyes first caught a glimpse of the little disciple he had just taken in— slowly withdrawing his little hand that was transmitting spiritual power.

Four eyes met.

The little disciple’s eyes were full of innocence, and his demeanor was a little cute.

Under his shifu’s gaze, he said honestly, “Shifu, I just tried to inject a little spiritual energy into the plants, did I do it right?”

Elder Qingyue took in a deep breath filled with the fragrance of the White Snow flowers, and suddenly felt as if his spirit and soul were at ease.
He was now in a better mood than when he had last gone out to teach those sword cultivators a lesson.

After so many years, a Tianxuan Sect sword cultivator had finally done something that made him extremely satisfied.

Unbelievably, those sword cultivators were able to snatch back such a precious wood spiritual root disciple back from the immortal mountain!!!

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