{ Chapter 14 – The Chosen Protagonist and the Abandoned Protagonist }


A terrifying roar echoed through the streets.


The shock wave created by Ariel’s strike completely destroyed the barrier that had never been penetrated before while smashing the surrounding area.


“Now that's good…”


It was truly perfect.
For a moment, I thought that Justia had returned.


“Ha, this!… I can endure it!…”


After the attack, Ariel knelt down in front of me and murmured.


“…But why is it?”


Yes, it was an ability that was not normally controlled at all, so it was not normal for her to use it without backlash.


Originally, she should have had a terrible recoil in her body by now.


But to prevent that, I used a skill.


Alert: Skill: Physical Link (LV MAX) has been used.


Alert: The price for forced use of the skill has been paid.


As a result of my research over the past week, I found that there were a total of 13 skills in abilities that Justia passed on to me.


However, there were only two skills that could be used without restrictions, my original skills, ‘Detection’ and ‘Defense’.


Remaining 11 skills cost a lot when used because Justia had reached the maximum level.


Cost: The ability itself.


However, the ‘Physical Link’ I just activated was a little different.


It was the only non-combat type skill among the 11 skills Justia had maxed, but it was a very unusual one whose cost was the skill itself.


The essence of that ability was to share and receive the damage of the target.


In other words, now I could share and receive pain wherever and whenever Ariel was in pain or I wanted.
Of course, being able to recognize her danger at any time was a bonus.


‘Justia must have used it too.’


Justia once said that she was secretly paying for the recoil that occurred whenever her younger sister used her ability.


Because she was worried for her depressed younger sister who had to give up her dream of becoming a great hero and surpass her.


It seemed that now I could know the details of the story.


Just like the earnest desire to discover Lumia’s identity created the ‘Detection’ skill, I wondered if Justia’s desire to alleviate her sister’s pain created this skill.


‘…But, even though I earnestly prayed for it, the skill I wanted didn’t appear.’


Thinking about that, I fell into doubt for a moment, but then I shook my head.


No matter what, this skill was created for Ariel.


So I will also use this skill for her.


But as the result I was not in very good shape.


Just before being hit by Ariel’s blow, I summoned a small barrier in front of me and managed to avoid a direct hit, but the shock wave alone dealt considerable damage to my entire body.


In addition, Ariel’s burden was also shared.


But for me, it was rather a good thing.


There was an invincible combination that I found while checking all the abilities I could use over the past week.


Alert: Skill: Refining (LV MAX) has been activated.


Cost: Maximize the pain you feel.


When receiving damage from ‘Physical Link’, I found that activating the ‘Refining’ skill could permanently strengthen the body.


Truly a great power combination.


Because of this, I could rapidly train my body without spending time and effort.


Of course, there was a terrifying price of feeling the maximized pain had to be paid.


However, the concept that dweled in me was the ‘concept of hypnosis’, which was also rated as the highest among mental abilities.


With one self-hypnosis of not feeling ‘pain’, I was able to avoid the penalty brilliantly.


However, there was one small problem.


Since the body was strengthened but not healed, the damage was still piling up.


– Ah…


Still, perhaps because my body had gotten a little stronger, I still had the strength to get up from my seat while using a cane.




Fortunately, Ariel was just sitting there gnashing her teeth, as if she had used up all her strength from the blow she just used.


– Ugh…


But, someone sneaked up behind Ariel.




Ariel, who had been gnashing her teeth while glaring at me as if to kill me, was hit lightly on the back of the head and groaned.




It was Lumia who had been blocked by the barrier until now and couldn’t come.


“It’s not too late.”


She approached me with a look in her eyes that conveyed a sense of profound loss and despair as if the whole world had been stolen away from her.


Judging by that, it seemed that Lumia knew that I was Kang Ha-neul.


It was amazing that she didn't tell anyone about it.


“Lu, Lumia-san… no…”


As I was thinking like that, Ariel, who was beaten in the back of her head, and still did not faint unexpectedly, stretched out her hand, and said.


Apparently, she thought that Lumia was being manipulated by me.


“Seonbae, please choose me before it’s too late.”


But this made me sad.
She was not subjected to any mental manipulation.


“It’s me who stole your everything Seonbae, right?”


Of course, her words and actions seemed like a person whose mind had been manipulated and lost her reasoning.


“Come on, attack me now.
You must take revenge on the root of all evil.”




“It doesn’t matter if you handle me harshly.
Please trample me to death.”


Having said that, Lumia grabbed my hand and wrapped it around her neck.


“Do your best to deal with me.”


Her eyes were trembling like crazy.


“Assault, threat, confinement, kidnapping.
Anything is fine.”


As she said that, she bit her lip and began to give strength to my hand.


“Please leave your mark on me.”


As I stared at her who was holding my hand and strangling it, a smile came to my lips for some reason.


“You want to be attacked that much?”


“Yes… yes! I like this!”


I didn't think she was deceiving me.


There was no sign of lies at all.


“Ugh… Ugh…”


She was using my hand to strangle her neck to the point where her legs trembled.


Yes, if that was really what she wanted.


There was also one thing that must be done.






Whispering like that, I gently pulled my hand out of her grip.


“My archenemy is Justia’s younger sister.”


Then I quietly rubbed my hand on the cloak.


“She is my only identity.”


I took off my mask, showing my closed left eye, and whispered in a low voice.






“Remember it…”


“Hey, shut that mouth!!!” Then, suddenly Ariel’s voice came from behind.


As soon as Lumia heard my words, she started shouting something incomprehensible “Even if it risks your life…”


Despite being pushed to the limit due to the accumulated damage, Ariel continued to speak while glaring at me with burning eyes.


“You… I…”


However, in the end, she was unable to finish all the words and lost consciousness.


Alert: You have entered the Ariel route..


But at that moment, a message appeared in front of my eyes.


“Ah ah ah ah ah…..”


At the same time, Lumia sat down and made sounds as if trying to tell me something but her word seemed to be lost whwenevr she opened her mouth.


Prologue Ended


Notification of current relationships

Ariel Everray hates you.
Lumia Obse is obsessed with you.
Kang Maru hates you.
Minamoto Himari is ignoring you.
Lee Se-ah misses you slightly.







As I was looking down at Lumia, who was sitting on the floor, with an exhilarating heart, a number of messages suddenly appeared in front of my eyes.


At the end of the massage, there was the name of a childhood friend I haven’t seen in a long time, Se-ah.


But now was not the time to worry about her.


“Why, why…?”


To Lumia, who was sitting on the floor-


“You didn’t choose me…?”


-there was something I really wanted to say.


“It’s simple…”


After hearing that, Lumia looked at me with a blank expression.


“Because you are a man…”


And the stillness began to flow.




“…And I'm not gay.”


“Oh, that’s a misunderstanding.”


Lumia, who had a pale face, got up from her seat with an urgent expression on her face.


“It’s a misunderstanding, Seonbae! I, I…!”


'Are you planning to come back and reveal that you are a woman?'


'If you’re going to act, you have to do it till the end.'


She was truly a ruthless person.




With that thought in mind, I raised my middle finger and showed it to Lumia, but suddenly I felt the heat from behind.


– Bim!!!


Unsurprisingly, in less than a second, a splendid beam of light flew and hit me.




I didn’t even have time to activate the barrier, so I clenched my teeth and twisted my body to avoid the rays, and then I witnessed a surprising sight.


It was because I could clearly see the light that had passed me and directed towards Lumia, twisting slightly and deflecting.


‘By the way, what are Lumia’s abilities…?’


“Sorry! I didn’t know you were there!”






After thinking about that for a while, a clear voice began to resonate everywhere.


– Shaa…


Suddenly, a beam of star-shaped light shot out from behind us, landing squarely between me and Lumia, and causing a blinding flash that illuminated the area.


“But don’t worry too much! I’ll save you now!”


Eventually, as the flash came out and began to create a barrier of light separating me and Lumia, the all-too-familiar words came to my ears.


“With the power of stars and love.
Miracle Magic!”


The moment that line was spoken, I knew exactly which hero had arrived on the scene.


“With everyone’s wishes, change up!”


Rank 2 Hero.
Holder of the highest number of monster kills.


Even at a young age, she was among the few remaining hopes of the current era that were showing potential which was comparable to other top-ranked heroes.


“Miracle Shine, you have arrived!”


Her hero name was Miracle Shine.


Also known as ‘Magical Girl’.


Caught in a dazzling flash, she had arrived at the scene.


“…Thank you.”


I was grateful to have removed the annoying Lumia from my presence, but that didn’t make things any better.


She may look childish, but the 2nd place in the rankings wasn’t something that could be achieved easily.


“Class A Villain Trauma.”




She was sweating slightly, raising her magic wand and proclaiming vigorously.


“Your evil has gone too far.”


It looked like she would start fighting with me right away.


“Many hostage killings.
Academy student threats.
And even the last terrorist incident.”




“I can’t even imagine what are you going to do next.”




Unfortunately, I had no intention of fighting with her.


“So, here and now…”


“Wait a minute!”




She shouted as much as she could and stretched out her hand in front of me, but she paused for a moment and then stopped talking.


“I have something to tell you, but would you like to listen?”


The perfect hero, Miracle Shine, whom Justia evaluated as the best hero united with justice and good intentions.


It seemed that the evaluation was not wrong either.




As of a week ago, among the 12 top-ranking heroes, there were 3 people who were not monsters, including Noona.


Miracle Shine, who was now looking at me with a very wary look, was one of those three.


In this age of lies and deception, there were few heroes who were not stained by the darkness.


“I don’t know if you will believe it or not.”


There would be no benefit to fighting with such a person.


In the first place, my ultimate goal was revenge.


There were only monsters, but no heroes.


“These people over there.”




“It’s actually monsters.”


Then there was one thing I had to do.




“Those are monsters, not people.”


It was, to tell the truth.


The reason I deceived Ariel was to make her grow, but there was no reason to deceive the heroes who had already stronge.


The more colleagues who knew the truth, the better it was.


“…Are you kidding me?”


“No, because it’s real.”


'Well then…'


'How do I convince her?'








Miracle Shine was a hero who was fervently supported by women in their teens and men in their 20s, the one who was called magical girl, was talking class A Villain Trauma.


“Why would I lie in a situation like this?”


“Hey, to deceive and distract me…”


“The reason I came here in the first place was to broadcast the scene where they will turn into monsters.”


When she heard the news that ‘Trauma’ she was particularly wary of had appeared, she went to the scene as soon as possible.


“No, that’s fine.
It’d be better to show it in person.”


She was quietly sweating in a cold sweat, facing the type of villain she had never experienced before.


“Wait a minute.”


Trauma approached the hostage that was scattered around him.


– Creak….


He stared at her and broke a hostage’s neck.


“Come on, look.
Can’t you see this?”


With hostage tattered neck thanks to Trauma, he pretended to grab something and then shook it wildly.




“This is really creepy.
It looks just like an octopus…”


She stared blankly at the scene and asked a question in a low voice to Trauma who was waving his hand.


“Are you crazy?”


“…Can’t you see this?”


Then he showed his both hands alternately to her and then shriveled his face.




“This makes me look like a crazy person…”


No matter how much she looked at it, the words that 'he seemed like a crazy person' right came out of his own mouth, but Miracle Shine, who had endured him while shaking her head, began to raise her magic wand carefully.


“In that case, we have no choice but to try another way.”




Then, after hearing Trauma who was grabbing the neck of the citizen next to him, she stopped showing hostility.


“Hey, show your identity on that Magic girl.”




If there were still live hostages, she could not engage in a war hastily.






Because of that, she wondered how to rescue the hostage by surprise.


– Bang!!


But, to their dismay, the hostage’s head exploded with a popping sound.


“Ha, again.


Trauma who had been pounding his chest as if frustrated by seeing that scene suddenly picked up a sharp piece of glass that had fallen around him.


“Well, if it life is in danger, it will transform itself.”


– Quajik, quajik, quajik…


Then, without saying a word, he started beating the dead hostage down.


“Hey, it hasn’t changed since then.”




“Prioritizing not to be found out over the desire for survival.
I think I can understand why you guys have been hiding without being discovered for so long.”


That madman-like appearance clearly showed the reason for her to be afraid of Trauma.


‘…Is it because I’m not feeling well?’


There was only one thing she didn't understand.


‘Why is my ability reacting?’


It was that the ability to detect people in need of their help was responding to such Trauma.


Raise your hands and surrender.”


Of course, she had no intention of helping with the madness of digging up and exploding corpses, so she slowly began to walk toward Trauma.


“If you move, we will immediately engage in combat.
Please be aware of that…”


Right at that moment.


– Degur…




Something slid on floor and appeared in front of her.




When Miracle Shine, who was tilting her head, picked it up, she heard the voice of Trauma in front of her.


“That’s my smartphone.
Thanks for picking it up.”


Then, Trauma gave orders by turning the cane.


“Then now, disarm all and come here.”




“Let’s go somewhere gloomy and talk for a while.”


But for some reason, Miracle Shine, who was standing still without moving, looked at Trauma and made an expression as if she pitted him.


“…is this an attack on the spirit world?”


Eventually, Miracle Shine started talking with her arms crossed.


“You must have thought that a head-to-head match was unreasonable.”


Then, she threw Trauma's smartphone at him again and declared.


“But, I’m sorry.”




“As a magical girl, any psychic abilities don’t work.”


For strong evil there is justice stronger than that.


Against a stronger force to use even more overwhelming force…
That was her fighting style.


It was her own winning routine, where she pretended to be hit by the opponent’s ability in part, and then overwhelms the opponent by showing that it didn’t work at all.


“Well, I can’t.”


Trauma started to retreat with a bewildered expression on whether it had worked or not.


‘He was injured.
After all, he’s in a state where he can’t compete head-to-head.’


After seeing him limp like that, she finished grasping the situation, then she quietly raised wand, and tried to end it.


‘So, on this occasion…’


“Hey, did it not work?”


Suddenly hearing a voice that seemed quite pitiful for some reason from Trauma, she hesitated once more and lowered her hand.


“That, it can’t be.
My hypnosis is invincible.”




“Now, look here.
Look at this.”


Trauma who staggered in front of her was desperately holding the hypnosis app in front of her face.


‘Was it the ability to brainwash others with a smartphone?’


Seeing that figure, she opened her eyes wide for a moment, then quickly began to roll her head.


‘Anyway, his ability doesn’t work.
But, if I pretend to be hypnotized here…’


“Damn, damn…”


‘His purpose, his base, which was wrapped in a veil… Maybe we can find out the whereabouts of his colleagues.’


Like that, she once again finished her judgment in an instant.


“Oh, um…?”


While staring at the smartphone with eyes wide open, she began to stagger with a dizzy expression.


“Why, why am I so sleepy…”


Then, after muttering that, she lowered her head.


“Oh, did it work?”




“Has it been successful?”


In her ears, the excited voice of Trauma was heard.


“Raise your right hand.”




“This time, raise your left hand.”




Afterward, after giving her orders several times, Trauma clenched his fists and muttered.


“…this is enough.”




Miracle Shine, who almost burst out laughing at the trivial appearance, forcibly blocked the laughter, recalling the seriousness of the situation.


“Okay then…”


After maintaining an immobile posture for a while, Trauma tapped on Miracle Shine’s shoulder and whispered.


“Let’s move places slowly.”


After saying those words, he turned back, glanced at her, and give a strange smiled.


‘You were completely fooled by my acting.’







As I walked forward with my back turned to Miracle Shine, I thought to myself with a smile on my lips.


‘As expected, this is a special drug for mental resistance.’


What I just used was hypnosis, which made her pretend to be hypnotized.


It was one of my special moves that work especially well against people with strong mental resistance.


‘Shouldn’t it be okay to kidnap first and then punch the truth into her head?’


That was how the magical girl abduction case that will cause a stir in the world, began.

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