The bowl that hit my head and fell to the floor shattered into pieces.


The fragments of a broken bowl reflected the dimly lit room.


“Tell the boss to come out!” 


It seems like throwing a bowl of fish cake soup at a person doesn’t bother him at all. 


Still, it’s a relief that the fish cake soup is cold.
At least I didn’t get burned.




My clothes are soaked in fish cake soup. 


I tried to hold it in, but when I looked at the wet clothes, I let out a small sigh.


“Hey! Do you know who I am? Are you sighing shamelessly!?”


The drunk man yelled as if the heat was getting worse.
The fingers stretched out toward me are full of strength. 


I wonder if he wants to stab me like this. 


“Aigoo, Sir.
It’s because he doesn’t know.
Don’t be too mad—”


The store’s owner was inside when he heard the noise and ran out to help. 


He tries to calm the customer by smiling, but the drunken customer has long since lost focus in his eyes. 


“Do you have no parents? Did you not receive proper home education? I’m talking about this bastard part-timer, do they know you work rudely in a place like this?”


I gritted my teeth.


It’s crossing the line to touch my parents. 


My fingernails pierced my skin without realizing it because I clenched my fists too tightly.


…Be patient.


Because the student loan I have to pay back someday weighs heavily on my shoulders, and the chances of getting a job are slim. 


Even if I was hit by a customer or personally attacked, I had to endure it.


The drunk customer was somehow sent back by the boss. 


As I quietly brought a cleaning tool and tried to clean up the broken bowl, the boss tapped me on the shoulder. 


“Get some fresh air.”


I didn’t refuse. 


When I came out of the store, the air was quite chilly.
Blood dripped from my fingers when I touched my cheeks because they were cold. 


It looked like it was torn when it hit the bowl. 




I leaned on the telephone pole next to the store.


The cold air made the wet hem of my clothes feel even colder. 


“It’s like living in the world…” 


“That… I’m sorry, but until today…” 


As soon as I finished preparing to leave work, the boss apologized while holding out a paper bag for me with a sorry face. 


It may seem like a situation that could only occur in a drama, but in most cases, the reality is much more spectacular than the drama. 




I looked at the paper bag that the boss had given me.


After the store had closed, there were no signs of anyone being there. 


The only people in the bar, which is not very spacious, are the boss and me. 


A small bar with no other employees is normal, but there are flies everywhere.


“I know, boss.” 


It’s a bolt from the blue, but—I knew it would be like this in my heart. 


Since it gets dark, bars are so crowded that I can’t even sit down. 


However, over the past few weeks— even if the customers that came in on Fridays and weekends were added together, they fell short of a day’s worth of business.


The anxiety on the boss’ face became worse every day, and I saw him sigh more. 


Maybe because the moment I was expecting came, I was able to handle it in an unexpectedly calm way. 


You’ve been through a lot during that time.” 


“No, it’s not true.
It’s just the circumstances.” 


It won’t end with me alone. 


The boss’s face shows that he feels bad and sorry. 


Perhaps sooner or later, a new store will open on this site. 


I pulled the corners of my lips together and smiled as I swallowed the bitter taste. 


At such times, complaining and lamenting will not change anything. 


Thanks to that, it has been a long time since my bitter smile became a habit. 


Then the boss gave me a paper bag.


“I put in a little more.”


“…Thank you.”


It’s not the right thing to refuse it. 


Not to mention, many places suddenly fired me and only notified me via text message.
However, I could feel the warm heart of the boss, who took care of me until the end when we talked face-to-face.


“Thank you very much.


I bowed my head and left the store. 


The dark night sky, without even dim light, permeated between the buildings. 


When the bar closes late at night, there is no light in the city, no matter how it is.


At most, I think it’s all about the lights of street lights, vending machines, and claw machines that are placed in random places.


“When it’s bright, I’ll have to find another part-time job—” 


I don’t know if there are any other part-time jobs that are as good as that bar.


So I just went back to my place with a sigh. 


The 6-pyeong studio apartment was quite neat.
(평 (pyeong) meaning: a bound noun that serves as a unit for measuring an area of land.)


All the furniture here is a desk, a cheap bed, and a wardrobe. 


Even though the space is being used to its fullest, it was clear what the limits were because the old building was remodeled.


“As expected, it’s hard to do two part-time jobs…”


Even though one has disappeared today. 


I put the convenience store envelope down on the desk.
After washing and changing clothes, my body naturally sat down on the chair.




A pleasant sound rang out when I opened the can.


Even though it is difficult, I need to find a new part-time job—.
And I have to do it after the sun rises. 


Then the old monitor blinks.


Like the room, the wallpaper is also empty.


It’s natural because this computer is only supposed to be used for homework and games in the first place.
Moreover, there is only one game installed on this computer. 


‘Broken World’


It is an RPG that was released seven years ago.


Everyone talked about the game when Broken World’s trailer was first released. 


That’s right— looking at it now, the trailer for Broken World was amazing. 


Depending on the player’s creativity, various attacks are possible without a standardized attack.
The player can go anywhere in the huge open world and explore without waiting for the game to load. 


In addition, we can establish our own playstyle with the combination of numerous equipment and skills. 


The greatest graphics of the time and suspected of being created using alien technology—.


Once the game is released, they will be the winners of the Game of The Year Award!


…There was no such thing even in a dream. 


On the contrary, it was just the opposite.


A variety of possible strategies depending on the player’s creativity? 


Without all sorts of extraordinary attacks, it would have been impossible to proceed.


Freely explore the vast open world?



It was free to explore, but that’s all. 


It means that there was nothing special to do except walk around. 


When it comes to my own playstyle— numerous balance breaks and related bugs hit. 


Every day, new bugs were found, but the developers didn’t fix them.
So, in the end, while users were working together to fix bugs in mods, they all collapsed. 


“If my parents hadn’t bought it for me, I wouldn’t play it.”


That was the only reason to start such a failed game.


It was a small gift that was left with a note saying that I had worked hard taking the CSAT when I got home from my parents’ funeral.


So I started Broken World with quite a bit of affection.


However, it didn’t take long for that affection to turn into love and hate.


Still, it’s not like Broken World doesn’t have a good point.


The playtime alone was more than 3,000 hours, and there were parts I liked enough to get All Complete, an achievement no one else could have achieved. 


Also, the graphics shown in the trailer were real in-game graphics. 


Some people joked about how serious the graphics were by saying that the developer had used all their money and technology to cut polygons. 


Thanks to it, I finished it, but in the end, I didn’t complete it.
Instead, I’ve been walking around Broken World since I saw the main story’s ending.  


It was because since my parents died, I haven’t been on a trip because I’ve been so busy living my life to the fullest.
So instead, I looked around the world of Broken World, which is unrealistically beautiful. 


Contrary to the name of the Broken World, this world is full of beautiful scenery that can’t be seen in reality. 


I crossed the clouds and climbed the mountains that soared into the sky, strolled along the enormous coastline that stretched out to the end of the world, and wandered through ancient ruins under the lake where the stars lay. 


Even though it was a terrible game for everyone, the Broken World felt like my hometown to me for some reason.


Should I visit the ruins today? Or the sunrise will be nice. 


I sipped the beer again.


As the drunkenness slowly rose, a new window appeared on the main screen of Broken World.


[The 7th Anniversary of Broken World!]


[New DLC release!]




DLC for this failed game where I’m the only one who moves around the community?


“Is this real…?”


I can’t believe a developer who hasn’t even done bug fixes throws DLC suddenly.


I wonder if it’s a late April Fool’s joke, but— there really was a store page.


Broken World DLC, only 9,900 won.


Let’s see.
The components—.


“Addition of new playable character, Magic Swordsman Theo Agrit, and related quests and items—”


Magic Swordsman—.


Without realizing it, I swallowed my saliva.


The fast heartbeat is strangely clear in the eardrum.


New playable characters that have been released for the first time in 7 years, new items, and in some cases, new areas or places may be unlocked according to new quests. 


That’s more than enough.


Because new things to enjoy are increasing.


Honestly, it’s a lie to say I’m not attracted. 


At the same time, I’m sure I’ll make more money, so let’s try it or get a refund later.


Click, click.


When I clicked the mouse, I made the payment instantly, and the download started.


Looking at the spinning hourglass icon on the main screen, I emptied the first can of beer.


Shortly after eating the beef jerky, the hourglass stopped.


Instead of opening the second can of beer, I grabbed the mouse.


Let’s look at the new characters first—.




Contrary to my excitement, the screen turned black. 


“What is this—?”


I looked around, but the monitor was fine. 


Don’t tell me, did the game stop? Is it another bug? 


Even when I click the mouse, the screen remains dark.
And I can’t force the program to close or switch to another window.


Do I get a bug just for buying the DLC? 


Return my expectations and 9,900 won. 


When I sent hate to the developer, a phrase suddenly appeared on the black screen.




[You became the first buyer of Broken World DLC!] 


[The first-time buyer will get a bonus!] 


“What are the privileges, and once the game starts—” 


It was when I couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to complain. 


A strong light flowed backward from the monitor as if a flash bomb had exploded. 


That’s how my vision and mind became white.




 …Tuk tuk. (t/n : I don’t know how should I put it:”) )


I woke up to the sensation of something pricking my cheek. 


Did I… fall asleep?


My mind is blank—. 




What is this wet thing that was touching my cheek?


No way.
Did water start leaking from the ceiling again? 


Of course, the old-fashioned remodeled studio is like this—.




No, it’s different from when water leaks from the ceiling. 


It’s wet on my cheek, but for some reason, it’s hard. 


It’s more like a dog’s nose than water.


Sleep has completely escaped from me.
My mind is still cloudy, and my body feels out of place. 


The senses and the mind quickly became one as I focused my consciousness on my heavy eyelids. 


I slowly lifted my eyelids. 


I could only see the ceiling dimly because my eyes still weren’t focused. 


…How come I can see a ceiling?


…I was definitely sitting on a chair and playing Broken World until I fell asleep.


Broken World.


Imported beer and beef jerky.


No matter what I think, I should have slept at my desk.


No, more than that, what happened to the DLC I bought? 


What about the computer that had bugs? 


Even though it’s blurry, it’s clear that they also mentioned the privileges for first-time buyers—.


Tuk tuk! 


Again something pricked my cheek.


The focus of the eyes also returned.


My cheek wasn’t pricked by the water dripping from the ceiling since the ceiling was clean; therefore, the source of the prick was not the water.


Instead, there was dark brown fur on my stomach.


It has a long, cone-shaped snout, a small black nose, and black eyes that look like doll eyes.


Overall, the face had a lot of white hair, but around the eyes, there was black fur in a pattern like a panda.


The two ears that stick out from the top of the head are round and pretty big.


Was it that tiny nose that kept poking my cheek? 


Seeing that it is quite glossy, it definitely looks moist.


…But what are these fur balls doing on my stomach?


I’m dumbfounded because it’s ridiculous—but a famous meme floating around the Internet came to mind, and I barely got the name out of my mouth. 


“….Raccoon dog?”


As soon as I said that, a raccoon dog— no, a ball of fur that looked like a raccoon dog frowned and spread its small front paws.
(t/n: From what I understand, this meme was made about people who thought a raccoon was a raccoon dog.
Or, it can be used as a joke about a post on the internet with a clickbait title but just a picture of a raccoon.) 




It slaps my cheek hard and cleanly.

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