Chapter 1: Returning as a Skeleton


It was a pitch-black space where not even a glimmer of light could enter.


Crouched down as if rolling on the pavement like a bug.
How much time had passed since I gritted my teeth and endured this? 


Just when I began to doubt if I had ever been alive, a faint sound from somewhere far away started to wake me up.


The sound gradually grew closer and now became distinct enough to hear clearly.




Yet, the reason I couldn't understand it was probably because it was truly a language I had never heard before.


That clear and pure voice, now that I was getting used to my crouched position, seemed like a somewhat annoying command.


However, contrary to my mind, my body was already creaking, and the things that had been contorted were beginning to straighten.


– Creak-!


'Huh?! My body…?'


The body that was fundamentally different from mine, with many things that should naturally be there omitted, was making a creaking sound as it walked forward.


'Since when…?'


Was this the body I had from the beginning?


Now, the fragmented memories that had been jumbled up shattered into pieces that couldn't be put together.


How long had it taken?


I arrived at a giant door faintly emitting a blue light.


Instinctively, I knew that taking a step forward here would lead me to the 'outside world.'


Although I should have considered it for a moment, without hesitation, I took a step forward.


The door, which looked heavy, opened strangely quickly, and my body was instantly sucked into that place.


* * *


'It's dazzling…'


That was my initial impression.


And I was deeply puzzled because I had a vague idea of what state my body was in.


'A skeleton being dazzled by light…'


As I was tilting my head, the clear voice that had raised me from the pitch-dark space came from behind me.


Oh, hello?”


I immediately turned around.
As if I had to, I began to bow deeply towards her.


Without even thinking about it, curiosity arose from the strange experience of my body moving on its own.


'Who is this child? Why does she seem familiar…?'


Although her face was obscured by her messy bangs, there was a familiar feeling about the girl.


It was the first time I had ever seen her.
She looked like she hadn't even reached the age of 20, and her short hair, which barely touched her shoulders, was as dark black as the space I was in.


Her round, wide-open eyes sparkled like starlight, even between the cover of her bangs.


She wore faded black track pants and a white t-shirt with a ragged collar.


From a distance of several steps away, she was hugging a pillow and scanning me up and down.


'I have no idea what is happening…?'


However, it didn't take long to organize my confused thoughts.
Could this be another change that occurred when I became a skeleton?


In a fleeting moment, I thought about what I should do first.
The girl in front of me greeted me, so I should respond.


'A while ago, I bowed my head without realizing it…
but I guess I'll have to formally say hello.'


After thinking about it, I spoke to the girl with short hair who was hesitant.






There was a brief silence between us, and she judged it to be a good sign.
She extended her eyes, peeking over the pillow pressed against her chest, and slowly approached me as she spoke.


I didn't know it would actually work…
No, of course, it has to because it’s my ability.
But still…
it's amazing!”


As she approached, lowering the pillow little by little, her cheeks were flushed, and in the narrow rectangular room, just a few steps brought us very close to each other.


Then, slowly spinning around me in a clockwise direction, she started pouring out words in an excited voice.


“I thought a small summon would come out for the first summoning, but a huge one came out! It seems like you're over 180 centimeters tall, right?”


“A skeletal soldier…
That's reassuring, isn't it? It feels like an old soldier is protecting me.


“But do I just give orders without needing to recite spells like during summoning? Since I have no information, I'll need time to figure things out one by one.”


Then suddenly she stopped spinning around and stood in front of me, staring at me with a serious expression.
Now that the restless child had stopped, her pupils became clear.


It was only then that I realized why this child was so familiar.


'The first summon…

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